Top 5 illegal jobs But Will Pay You in Millions

Today, We’re going to be talking about some illegal jobs that we really don’t want any of you to choose. You won’t hear about these in school and there are no college courses for them because they are outlawed. These are the illegal jobs to make money and you can even get prison for that. So, we suggest you be aware and don’t get into any kind of serious trouble.

5 Illegal Jobs are:

* Assassins illegal jobs

I know it sounds like something straight out of a video game, but the hit man industry is a very real thing. Professional assassins work as contract killers and they are hired by a person to kill a target. More dangerous or difficult the job is, the higher the contract fee. A 13-year study by the Australian Institute of Criminology found that the average payout for a hit job was 13600 US dollars and the lowest amount was just 50 dollars. That’s pretty mental.This is the first illegal jobs from my side.

* Con Artists illegal jobs

Confidence tricksters are the people who make illegal money by gaining the trust of someone earning good. Then, they steal something valuable from them. Way back in human history, this may have been with simple magic tricks but modern con artists have fried a lot bigger fish. Examples include Frank Abagnale as he made 2.5 million dollars forging checks, he posed as a pilot to get the free flight.



It’s no secret that they call it the oldest illegal profession in the world and it has a lot of money involved. If you don’t know what prostitution is? you probably shouldn’t be watching this video. But for the rest of you, this job could be legal depending on where you’re living. But, in America, it’s not legal at all. A lady who was involved in high-end prostitution company said that in New York her top model wanted 12500$ just to be seen by a client and there were a lot of women that made at least 10000$.

* The Smugglers are also doing illegal jobs

If you guys have ever traveled to different countries before, you’ll know how strict the regulations are on what you can or cannot bring into certain countries. There are full-body scans, luggage x-rays, sniffer dogs and chemical swabs. This makes it very difficult for criminals to get things across the border unless a smuggler is willing to do it for them. Depending on the countries involved and the illegal product that’s being smuggled, smugglers can earn a lot of money. Now for them, they need all that money for the risk they are taking on their lives. For example, in Thailand, there’s death penalty for drug smuggling.

* Hackers

I’m not talking about the hackers from 80’s movies who can get into any computer system by simply typing quickly. I mean modern hackers who use malware and viruses to infect the computers of innocent people. Then, they may have access to their financial details to steal money from them or they may have personal information and then use it to blackmail the target. Keeping this in mind, Business Insider once calculated that the average hacker could earn around 3000 dollars a day.

These were the illegal jobs f my opinion but gives million of rupees is someone does.


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