Best and easy steps(ways) to reduce(lose) fat and obesity in 20 days

Today, Longow’s Lifestyle has become so bad that not only elders but also children have been complaining about obesity. The main reason for this is not to eat the right type of food, do not exercise, and other other habits which increase the fat around the stomach.

If you want to lose fat for the new year, then it will take longer because obesity is such a thing that will not get lost soon. Today we will tell you some easy ways to reduce fat and obesity comfortably.

1. Eat more and more fiber

Best tips to reduce fat

Those foods that are filled with fiber help in digesting food and keep the stomach full for a long time . This does not make you feel hungry and you avoid junk food and snack food. If you want fiber rich food then eat oatmeal, brown rice, bucket or canova etc.

 2. Eat less carb

Carb has a lot of calories which increase obesity and fat and there are no nutritants in them. If you eat more calories then your obesity will increase even further and then it will be difficult to reduce it.

3. Eat cabbage

Best and easy tips to reduce fat

By eating it, metabolism is fine and obesity is less. If you want, you can eat soup made of cabbage salad or cabbage in a diner for a week. It also contains fiber which helps in reducing obesity.

4. Eat olive oil

Best and easy ways to lose fat and obesity

Omega 3 fat is found in olive oil, which is a good medium of fat. After adding olive oil to the diet for a long time, it starts reducing the fat present in the body itself. This reduces your obesity, that too in a healthy way.

5. Drink green tea

Best tips to reduce fat

Green tea contains a compound that reduces the absorption of fat in the body and helps in reducing fat. Green tea contains vitamin C, zinc, selenium, chromium etc., which results in obesity soon. Drink three cups of green tea in the day to lose weight.

6. Eat lemon and honey

Tips to lose fat

Taking lemon and honey together is the best way to lose weight. If you drink lemon, honey and hot water every morning, your weight will decrease rapidly.

7. Drink lots of water

Tips to reduce fat

Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your body hydrated. By drinking water, it leads to weight loss.

8. Raise Weight

Best tips to reduce fat and obesity

Exercise only by cardio does not decrease the fat accumulated on the stomach, therefore it is also necessary to take weight training. Take the help of training for this and exercise special type of weight training for flat and thin stomach.



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