CONDOM:Benefits , Risk And Uses Of Condoms

Benefits of Condoms

Condoms are utilized for preventing against undesirable pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Although some are made from animal skin, they’re generally made from latex. Irrespective of the advantages that were excellent condoms have to provide like protection, the effects can’t be ignored. Know them to be ready for avoiding the complications. Latex allergy – In compliance with the American Academy of Asthma Allergy and Immunology, a few people could have an allergy to a protein that’s found in the latex rubber in making condoms used. This side effect of condom usage leads to symptoms such as runny nose, dizziness, itching, sneezing, wheezing and lightheaded feeling.

These allergies occur at not more than 2 individuals in a hundred. These allergies occur in more than 2 those who’ve Synthetic rubber condom is suggested for. Risk of pregnancy – using a condom does not mean you may get complacent. Condoms, when used correctly’s success rate is 98%. When it’s a condom does not mean you. People don’t pay heed to condom’s expiry date and utilize condoms. These become brittle and may rupture throughout the sexual act. Using oil or petroleum jelly in condoms may cause them since these compounds used incorrectly, 15 out of 100 women become pregnant.

Risk – Condoms are very efficient in protection against HIV and they decrease the risk of different diseases, such as HPV, Chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhoea. These are ailments that affects the internal organs or the immunity system. Condoms are relatively inefficient decrease the risk of different diseases, such as. Scabies infection and contagious mollusc are two such infections. American Social Health Association has stated that threat of contracting sex organ herpes during sexual intercourse is reduced by using condoms, but all the portions of the skin can’t be protected. The virus of this disease may be asymptomatically released in the uninfected partners skin. People who use capsules made from animal skin should know that it’s not effective at preventing transfer of STDs. Not effective at preventing transfer of STDs several men who don’t want to use the capsules since it tends to bring down the thrill.



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