The hemorrhoids(Bbasir) will end with Best precautions that should be taken during Hemorrhoids(Bbasir) disease ! Best and easy tips(ways) to get relief from Hemorrhoids

Nowadays many people are suffering from piles, ie hemorrhoids disease. Due to this there is a problem of headache, nerves, inflammation, intolerable pain and urine bleeding around the rectum. People get relief from medicines or operations to get rid of this disease, but with some domestic remedies this disease can be eliminated from the root.

Keep these Precautions in hemorrhoids disease specially:

# Use hot water while bathing and always sit and bat. Also, clean the hemorrhoid spots with cotton cloth well.

# To reduce inflammation and pain, sink ice pack for a while. Place the petroleum jelly on the wounds to remove itching on the wounds.

# Always wear cotton underwear in the hemorrhoids disease Cotton underwear does not stick on the flow of blood or blood.

# Drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water a day provides relief from hemorrhoid pain. In addition, relax more and more in this disease.

Cure to Household Methods:

#Alovera: After cooling the aloe vera gel in the fridge, massage slowly on the wounds of hemorrhoids. By doing daily massage, you will get rid of hemorrhoids disease and its wounds.


# Golden Rod Plant: Boil 1/4 cup Golden Rod in 2 cups water for 15 minutes. Mixing it in bath water and bathing with water daily will expel piles in two weeks.

Best tips to get rid from hemorrhoids

#Witch Hedge: Apply cotton to wart soak in wet water and gradually over the mice. After applying it regularly the hemorrhoids will end with the root.

Best tips to get rid of homorrhoids

# Yarrow Plant: Boil it in water and take bath with its water every day. This will get you rid of hemorrhoids disease.Easy tips to reduce pain from homorrhoids diseaseease.


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