Nita Ambani new car price will shock Everyone

Want to know Nita Ambani new car price? After knowing the price of the car you will definitely get shocked.This news is one of the trending news in India that what is the price of Anita Ambani’s new car.Everyone wants to know the price of the Anita Ambani new car.Here in this post i will give you the details about Nita Ambani new car price.

Nita Ambani New Car Price

Nita Ambani new car price will shock Everyone -

For your information, let we tell you that the Anita Ambani new car price in the USĀ  is 90 crores, and after importing it to India, its value has increased to 100 crores in the country. You will also be surprised to know that Nita Ambani has bought this special car to visit her office.

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About The Anita Ambani New Car

Nita Ambani new car price will shock Everyone -

Nita Ambani has bought Audi’s Special Edition AUDI A9 Chameleon. It is a special edition car of the company whose few units have been launched in the market. The special thing is that this car is not available in India and for Nita Ambani this car has been imported from USA due to which its price has increased even more.

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