OMG Virat Anushka’s wedding spent so many millions of rupees that the Ambani family would never have spent so much money in marriage..How much money spend on Virat Anushka marriage????

Indian cricket team legendary captain Virat Kohli and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma got married. Virat Anushka, tied to each other’s perfectionist threads in Italy, were called to relatives and only very close friends were in this marriage.However, if you look at the wedding event in 2017, this year’s biggest wedding ceremony was arranged for Anushka and Virat, in which Destination Wedding is likely to spend millions of rupees.

Million rupees spent on Virat Anushka marriage

If reports are to be believed then Virat Kohli’s special friend and Sonakshi Sinha’s X-Bifefundant Bunty are being considered after handling the wedding ceremony of Virat Anushka. Apart from this, the expense of this great event is being considered around 50 crores.

How much money spend on Virat Anushka wedding

Gorgeous event at Borga Resorts

This event of marriage made at Borgo Resorts near Tuscany of Italy was tried very private. This place considered to be a safe place is far from the city, from where the media was kept quite a distance .

Guest hospitality

Let me tell you, the cost of calling this wedding in Italy comes close to one crore around one person after about a week’s stay. In such a way, the expenditure of about 45 to 50 crores is coming to stop the guests.

Indian Touch Attempt

Apart from this, the Shendi, Dhol Taas and Bhangra were also arranged to give Indian touch to the Vending Ceramani. In addition, a large container was filled with flowers, due to which it would not be wrong to say that the extra money was spent in this marriage.

Know who is the event organizer event

Money spend on Virat Anushka wedding

The largest handicap is being told to give a beautiful look to Viruska’s wedding, who is known for organizing many big parties. Apart from this, he knew Virat Kohli for a long time. In this case, Virat Anushka’s wedding ceremony was created for event Planner Bunty.





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