Scientists Discovered 100 new Planets Outside Of Our Solar System: Know full information about These 100 new planets

Scientists discovered 100 new planets outside of our solar system.Here in this post i will give somr information about the discovery of these 100 new planets outside of our solar system.

Scientists Discovered 100 new Planets Information

Most of us grew up learning that there are nine planets in our solar system. Back in 2006 that all changed, when Pluto was demoted from being labeled a proper planet to its new classification as a dwarf planet, leaving just eight true planets in our celestial neighborhood. Now, a group of scientists says Pluto should definitely be added back to the planet list. And that there are over 100 other objects in our solar system that should also be called planets.Now let us know how Scientists discovered 100 new planets.

How Scientists discovered 100 new Planets Information on the pl

How Scientists discovered 100 new Planets

They were discovered using research from National Space Institute (DTU Space) at the Technical University of Denmark. Out of 275 candidate planets, scientists confirmed 95 were exoplanets.The research worked well and Scientists discovered 100 new planets.

The spacecraft, which is on the K2 mission to discover new exoplanets, has uncovered thousands of candidates since it was launched almost a decade ago.

Scientists discovered 100 new Planets Information about the new Planets

Andrew Mayo, lead author of the study and PhD student, said: “We started out analysing 275 candidates of which 149 were validated as real exoplanets. In turn, 95 of these planets have proved to be new discoveries.”

“It’s probing different types of planets [than the original Kepler mission],” says Tom Barclay of NASA’s Ames Research Center. “We’re focusing on stars that are much brighter, stars that are nearer by, stars that are more easy to understand and observe from the Earth. The idea here is to find the best systems, the most interesting systems.”

It has found a system with 3 planets that are bigger than Earth spotted a planet in the Hyades star cluster—the nearest open star cluster to Earth—and discovered a planet being ripped apart as orbits a white dwarf star.

Scientists have also found 234 possible planets that are awaiting confirmation, said Andrew Vandenberg of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

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