Small startups suitable for an individual entrepreneurship

The small startup suitable for entrepreneurship

Since you are an Individual entrepreneur with no staff, office or any office overhead on you, you very well qualify to be called as a “Laptop Entrepreneur” or entrepreneurship.

Let’s try and explore some business options for you:

  • Consulting : I hope you have the experience, wisdom, smartness to sell yourself as a consultant in any area that falls under your area of “expertise”.
  • E-commerce : My wife buys stuff from vendors (home decor stuff) and sells it on platforms like amazon. She works from home and buys/sells on internet. One of our bathrooms at home doubles up as a warehouse 🙂 I hope you have a spare room/bathroom/kitchen/garage to help your store what you buy for this business model.
  • Laptop Based Business: Web development, article writing, virtual assistant, etc, etc. You name it and the websites like upwork, freelancer, etc have it. Go and setup a profile there and start bidding. These platforms gave me a good start and still send a decent amount of business for our company. Again, you have to be good at what you do.
  • Stock Trading : I dont know why i am mentioning this scary field here but one of my relatives recently started doing it and the guy is making good bucks. Bulls have been kind to him and have been giving his portfolio the right push. (note : another relative has lost lakhs here. So know your game, before you decide to take the plunge and blame me for your losses).

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