Top Countries With The Most Beautiful Women In The World

Many countries are famous all over the world because of their strength, economic prosperity, state of the art technology.But these countries are famous for the beauty of the women of their country.

In the recent years, in different online surveys, more than 2 dozen countries have come across the world, where women were considered the most beautiful in the whole world. But interestingly here is that in this list women of powerful countries like America, China and France have not got any place.

These are the countries – where women are famous for their beauty and the whole world of their beauty is convincing.

1 – Turkish

Turkey accounts for half of Europe and half of it in Asia. But talk about the beauty of women in this country, in most of the surveys it has been claimed that women in Turkey are the most beautiful in the world. It is said that in the year 2001 Turkey had been victim of financial crisis, despite its women being world famous for their beauty.

2 – Syria

Women living in Syria are known not only for their beauty but also for their beauty in the whole world. Most recently Syrian actresses got the top spot in the Arab list of Arab countries released by Forbes. It is being told that the country is facing tremendous economic crisis and due to the war, there is an additional $ 30 billion in additional debt to Syria, but in the case of beautiful women, this country is the top.

3 – Venezuela

Country of Latin America Venezuela has given Miss World and Universe the most by now. However, due to the falling crude prices in the current period, this country has had full economy collapses. Less for the creaking economy but for the beauty of women, this country has its own identity in the world.

4 – Argentina

In almost every survey of the world, women in Argentina have been placed in Top 5 in terms of beauty. This is why Argentina is known for the beautiful women all over the world. It is said that between 1998 and 2002, there was a terrible economic crisis in this country, due to which half the country’s population had fallen below the poverty line, but in the case of beautiful women, Argentina often remains in top-5.

5 – Brazil

Even though women in Turkey are at the top in terms of beauty, but in many surveys, Brazilian women have been ranked first in the world in terms of beauty. From Paris, Milan to New York and London, Brazilian models are known for their beauty. Although this country has been constantly facing the economic crisis since 2014.


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