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10+ Best Tattoo Ideas For Men And Women That Are Meaningful And Stylish

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Getting inked is a kind of fashion these days. Every third person you meet is either inked or thinking about getting inked. Well, the problem that many face is the right tattoo and right part of the body to get it on. So, here is an article that will tell you about the best tattoo ideas for men and women.

You should find a tattoo that matches your personality, a tattoo that symbolizes something strong. After all, you are going to wear the tattoo for the rest of your life unless you get it lasered. Finding the perfect tattoo can be difficult. So, here are some suggestions that you can consider before getting the tattoos inked.

The best tattoo Ideas for man and women in 2021 are

  1. Tribal Tattoos
  2. Simple Tattoos
  3. Animal Tattoos
  4. Small Tattoos
  5. Japanese Snake Tattoos
  6. Portrait Tattoos
  7. Crown Tattoos

Next, in the article, you will read about the best tattoo ideas for men and women. We have also mentioned the right spots to get the tattoos inked along with the significance and the meaning of the tattoos.

Best Tattoos Ideas

Further, we have categorized the article into two different categories that are Best Tattoo Ideas for Men and Best Tattoo Ideas for Women. We suggest you read both and pick your best.

Best Tattoo Ideas For Men

Getting a tattoo on the body can be challenging for men as it would reflect your personality. So, it has to be unique, and special here are the best tattoo ideas for men.

Small tattoos

Best Tattoo Ideas - Small Tattoos
Source: Pinterest

Small tattoos are the talk of the town nowadays. There are various reasons why tattoos like these are gaining so much popularity now. The main reason is that you always have the space for small tattoos. You can get them on your chest, behind your neck, or in between your fingers.

Another reason for them to be popular is that they appeal more to the people who wish to hide their tattoos from someone. If you are getting inked for the first time, then it is a great way to start.

Tribal Tattoos

Best Tattoo Ideas - Tribal Tattoos
Source: Next Luxury

You can have a variety of tribal tattoos on your body. These tattoos are majorly drawn on the chest or the biceps and represent the culture of the tribe. These tattoos are symbols of social status in the past. The best thing about these tattoos is the beautiful interpretation of the symbol they carry.

Simple Tattoos

Best Tattoo Ideas - Simple tattoos
Source: Men’s Hairstyles Now

Simple tattoos are best for people who possess a simple formal personality. These tattoos are free from colors and shades. Just a meaningful line or name written in the simple text.

Animal Tattoos

Best Tattoo Ideas - Animals tattoos
Source: Next Luxury

This one is for animal lovers. If you are fond of any extinct species, you can get them inked on your body. The best suggestions for the purpose are an eagle or an elephant. You can get them on your back or starting from your chest and moving down towards your abs.

Portrait Tattoos

Best Tattoo Ideas - potrait tattoos
Source: Trending Tattoos

These are the tattoos that usually fans get on their body. You can get them on your biceps or the left side of the chest. Go for the person who you think has a significant role in your life.

You need to take care that you go to a specialized tattoo maker for the purpose. The portrait shouldn’t look cartoony.

Best Tattoo Ideas For Women

Choosing the perfect tattoo and the right body part to be inked can be difficult. So, here are the best tattoo ideas for women to help you out.

Butterfly Tattoos

Best Tattoo Ideas - Butterfly Tattoos
Source: Tattooton

Butterfly Tattoos have ruled the tattoo industries for women for ages. There is a deep message behind the butterfly tattoos. Butterflies are sweet and delicate and they also represent hope, love, and transformation. You can have the butterflies of various shapes and styles inked on your arm, wrist, or lower back.

Dragon Tattoos

Best Tattoo Ideas - Dragon Tattoos
Source: Pinterest

A dragon represents a character that should be respected and feared. If you feel you carry a personality similar to it then go ahead with the dragon tattoos. They look great on the arm and side legs.

Lion Tattoos

Best Tattoo Ideas - Lion Tattoos
Source: Tattoosme

A tattoo with the lion inked can be considered for men but you can be creative here and give the final touch to your lion with the flowers and leaves. This will make the tattoo look feminine. Talking about the significance of the tattoo lion is the king; it represents royalty, bravery, and someone who should be respected.

Japanese Snake Tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas
Source: IMPFashion

A Japanese Snake tattoo represents good luck, strength, and protection. It looks great on the ankle. They also symbolize change, fertility, and danger. If you want other people to live in your fear then go ahead with the tattoo.

Crown Tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas - Crown Tattoos
Source: Cuded | Art and Design|

A princess always wears a crown. If not the real one then get it inked. A feminine crown looks great on the shoulder, forearm, or thigh. It signifies authority, self-control, and victory. The crown tattoo on the woman’s body tells that she demands equality and respect plus you are a strong woman.


If you are planning to get inked this year then do consider these options before going to a tattoo artist. Share these best tattoo ideas with your friends who wish to get inked this year.

Note – Tattoos have the harmful effect too

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