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List of 10 Most Popular Robinhood Stocks that you Should Buy for Passive Income

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 Popular Robinhood Stocks: Crowd wisdom provides invaluable insight into marketplace trends, but it’s most useful when tempered through the lens of analysis.

While mobile stock trading platform Robinhood breaks out its 100 most popular stocks, it’s not meant to be a “point-and-shoot” investment guide. Add in some analysis, however, and we’ve got ourselves a list of Robinhood stocks to buy for passive income.

By using Robinhood’s stock list as our jumping-off point, we begin with a glimpse into the 100 companies young investors actively trade. But, since popularity is not a fundamental trait you can pin your investments on, not every stock on Robinhood’s top 100 list is a buy.

Some of these ultra-popular stocks, however, do double as strong stocks to buy right now. Which ones make the cut? Let’s take a deeper look at the top 10 most popular Robinhood stocks that you should buy.

List of 10 Most Popular Robinhood Stocks that you Should Buy

List of 10 Most Popular Robinhood Stocks that you Should Buy for Passive Income

Trading app Robinhood has become extremely popular for the younger generation of investors. In fact, the typical age of Robinhood users is about 30. By looking at which stocks Robinhood users are buying and selling, investors can gain insight into where millennial and Gen Z investors see the economy heading. Here are the 10 most popular Robinhood Stocks that you should buy for passive income.

1. Ford (ticker: F)

While the media often talks about electric vehicle maker Tesla (TSLA) as the darling of the younger generation, Ford is the most popular stock in June among Robinhood users. Whether they see the stock as undervalued relative to Tesla or simply find Ford’s $7 share price as much more affordable, nearly 890,000 Robinhood users hold shares of Ford in their accounts. For reference, Robinhood claims to have more than 10 million accounts. Ford has also been one of the most popular stocks to buy among Robinhood users in the last month, as nearly 16,500 new users have purchased Ford shares.

2. General Electric

General Electric was the second most popular stock on Robinhood in May.

The industrial conglomerate was owned by 778,146 users at the end of May, compared to 686,309 users in the prior month.
The 13% jump in Robinhood accounts that own the stock was accompanied by a 3% decline in General Electric’s stock price in May, signaling that investors are buying the dip in price in General Electric.

3. American Airlines (AAL)

Robinhood financial specialists unmistakably considered the to be carrier interruption as a purchasing opportunity. American was the most mainstream stock among the 10 stocks referenced among Robinhood clients in the most recent month. Around 634,000 clients presently own American. American offers soar early this month when the organization reported it will be flying 55% of its full local calendar in July, up from only 20% in May. Among the 10 most-possessed Robinhood stocks, American was the top entertainer in May, as well, picking up generally 109% in general since this time a month ago.

4. Aurora (ACB)

The sixth most popular stock on Robinhood, Canadian cannabis producer Aurora, is breaking out in a big way on huge volume.

Less than two weeks ago, this was a $5 stock. Today, Aurora’s stock price sits above $15. Why the big rally? A strong earnings report confirmed that this company is taking all the right steps to unlock significant long-term value.

Long story short, Aurora spent big on future growth opportunities in the wake of Canada legalizing cannabis. But early demand trends in Canada’s legal cannabis market were hampered by a lack of products and limited distribution. So, Aurora was left with huge expenses on limited revenues, which led to enormous losses and significant pressure on the balance sheet.

But, in early 2020, Aurora laid out a plan to cut expenses, curtail production and expansion, and increase organic growth through new product launches and broader distribution. Those changes are working wonders. In the third quarter, volumes and revenues grew by over 30% sequentially. Gross margins stabilized. And adjusted loss narrowed significantly.

5. Apple (AAPL)

The last stock among the 10 most well known Robinhood speculations is Microsoft’s greatest contender in the race to a $2 trillion market top: Apple. Evercore, a venture banking warning firm, as of late anticipated that Apple will contact the $2 trillion market top level inside the following four years on the quality of blasting administrations and wearables income development.

Evercore said Apple gives the best hazard reward balance among all enormous top innovation stocks. Apple’s stock and market top climbed over 14% in the most recent month, permitting it to outperform Microsoft’s valuation. In excess of 399,000 Robinhood clients own Apple, which is an expansion of more than 13,000 contrasted and May’s clients.

6. Disney

Disney was the sixth most popular stock on Robinhood in May. The house of the mouse was owned by 573,781 users at the end of May, compared to 509,091 users in the prior month. The 13% jump in Robinhood accounts that own the stock was accompanied by an 8% increase in Disney’s stock price in May, signaling that investors continue to add shares as the stock price moves higher.

7. Microsoft (MSFT)

Software and cloud services giant Microsoft is one of the lowest-risk stocks among the 10 most popular Robinhood investments. Microsoft shares have gained just 7% over the last month, lagging the overall S&P 500 and generating the lowest returns among the 10 stocks mentioned.

Despite the stock’s lackluster performance lately, Wells Fargo predicts that Microsoft will soon become the world’s first $2 trillion company thanks to growth from its Azure Business Cloud. More than 453,000 Robinhood users own MSFT stock, which represents a one-month increase of more than 3,000 users with the stock in their portfolio.

8. Facebook

There are two big reasons to buy and hold Facebook stock for the next several years.

First, this company will only become more dominant in the digital advertising space in 2025. That’s because the company is tapping into only about half of its total ad real estate potential, with WhatsApp and Messenger left largely “unadvertised.”

Over the next several years, the company will figure out how to optimally increase ad real estate on those communications platforms, thereby increasing the company’s presence in the global digital ad market.

Second, with Shops, Facebook finally has an end-to-end, native shopping tool that can help the company crack the social commerce code and turn into an online retail behemoth.

In sum, Facebook has huge growth prospects in both digital advertising and e-commerce verticals. Those huge growth prospects will help keep FB stock on a winning path for the foreseeable future.

9. GoPro (GPRO)

Among all the prominent stocks in the tech part, it’s somewhat amazing that GoPro is the best one for more youthful Robinhood clients. GoPro’s stock cost increased 42% in the most recent month yet stays about $5 per share and is down 92% over the most recent five years.

The stock got a lift in May after GoPro decreased its working expenses and helped its advanced deals in the primary quarter. GoPro additionally reported record online camera unit deals over Memorial Day weekend. Almost 480,000 Robinhood clients own GoPro, which is about a 5% expansion from a month back.

10. Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines was the fifth most well-known stock on Robinhood in May. The carrier administrator was possessed by 540,543 clients toward the finish of May, contrasted with 426,267 clients in the earlier month.

The 27% bounce in Robinhood accounts that own the stock was joined by a 3% decrease in Delta’s stock cost in May flagging that financial specialists are purchasing the plunge in Delta.

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Trading app Robinhood has become extremely popular for the younger generation of investors. In fact, the typical age of Robinhood users is about 30 and many people were searching for popular Robinhood stocks in May and June for passive income. From the different sources, we have mentioned the list of top 10 most popular Robinhood stocks that you should buy especially for youngsters. What do you think about these popular Robinhood stocks? Will you buy them?

If you think about a stock that is not mentioned above let us know about it in the comments and subscribe to us so you don’t miss out on our latest top 10 marketing related stuff here.

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