10 Incredible Upcoming TV Shows In 2022! What’s Coming Next?

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Where 2021 kept us all waiting for so many TV Shows and movies, delayed due to Covid-19, 2022 has already started with a bang!! If so, then which are the upcoming TV Shows in 2022 lined up for release? Well, there are plenty to keep you glued to your bed! So, while you plan to watch Netflix and Chill this year too, let’s see which shows have already set the hypes high?

Whether you were looking for an additional season to your favorite TV Shows like Trapped Season 3, Longmire Season 7, or waiting for a brand new Hollywood web series in 2022, here’s everything lined up for you! To make your streaming experience even better, there are so many online sites where you can watch these movies and TV Shows like Hulu, Prime, etc! 

Let’s not make you wait anymore and reveal the list of best Upcoming TV Shows In 2022! Horror, Drama, entertainment, fantasy, Sci-fi, and a lot more genres are waiting to make this new year’s eve a wonder blast for you! So, are you ready to hit the list?

Let go then…

Upcoming TV Shows In 2022

What’s next? 

What treat are the streaming sites planning to give to their users? 

Well, not just one, but here are the 10 most awaited upcoming TV Shows in 2022 that you must keep a track of!

1. Doctor Who – Eve Of The Daleks

upcoming TV Shows in 2022: Doctor Who - Eve Of The Daleks

Platform: BBC One

Doctor Who, one of the most dramatic and suspense science fiction TV Shows Like Black Mirror of all time is finally planning its end in 2022. BBC is starting with a joyful treat to its viewers by bringing this series on its platform. 

Do you know what’s more exciting? Oh my god! Its first episode has already been released on January 1st, 2022!

Before we bid goodbye to the show, there are three more episodes to go! Since you have met 13 doctors by far, the final episode will introduce you to the final character, “the 14th doctor”!!  

Do you know who this 14th doctor is? Guess! Guess! Or why not watch it?

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2. Anne

Upcoming TV Shows in 2022: Anne

Platform: ITV

One thing is clear from this list, that ITV is all set to release some superhit shows on its platform, like Anne! What a start for the year!

This story is based on the aftermath of Anne’s life! How the Hillsborough Disaster turns her life into a mess will be an interesting site to watch! Anne will come out as the powerhouse lady, who goes out on a mission to find out the background of all the disastrous happenings!

In search of justice, see what happens to Anne, who dedicated the whole of her life to discovering the cause of the horror disaster. All four episodes will leave you in awe!

3. How I Met Your Father

Platform: Hulu

How I Met Your Mother was truly nostalgic, heartfelt, and full of fun! But, what about a spin-off? Yeah, you read that right!

Biggest Sitcoms of 2022, How I Met Your Father will be released soon on Hulu! The set date for its release is January 18, 2022. The trailer for the show is out giving us all an idea of how crazy things are going to be this time!

All the cringy sitcom fans, here’s your take!

4. Trigger Point

Upcoming TV Shows in 2022: Trigger Point

Platform: ITV 

Good news for all the crime thriller fans as ITV collabs with Jed Mercurio, the producer of Line Of Duty, to come up with another super hit- “Trigger Point”.

The show revolves around the terror counterattacks in London. This creates a dangerous world vibe all around!

Though, the cast has revealed that Trigger point is nothing like Line Of Duty! Since Mercurio is involved with the show, you can expect another big suspicious surprise from the upcoming TV show in 2022!

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5. House Of The Dragon

Platform: HBO

Who isn’t a fan of Games Of Thrones? Yeah, we all are (Exceptions excluded!) This is in fact this is one of the most awaited upcoming TV Shows in 2022!

Finally, the wait seems to be getting over for the fans out there! House of the Dragon, the most awaited prequel of Games Of Thrones is heading towards its release! You can expect the show anytime soon in March 2022!

Earlier we saw outer rulers fighting for the Throne, but this time the story is more twisted and jaw-dropping! In-house conflict is more controversial and destructive than fighting the outer world!

Watch out who wins against whom! So, let the game begin!!

6. Pistol

Upcoming TV Shows in 2022: Pistol

Platform: FX

Once again the wonderful cast will come up together for Pistol! It includes Anso Boon, Louis Partridge, Emma Appleton, Toby Wallace, and others. As controversial as their chemistry and the story runs on screen, it’s the same off-screen too!

It’s a tale of drugs, sex, and rock and roll on the go! What will happen when things will start falling off the table? What price will these punk sensations have to pay?

All we could do is to Wait for all the drama and fun!! 

7. Bridgerton Season 2

Platform: Netflix

Bridgerton, another most anticipated upcoming TV Show in 2022 finally sparks out with the rays of release anytime soon! When? Well, that is yet to be confirmed!

As Lady Whistledown told about the scandals and drama, the fans can’t wait to watch what happens next?

Also, the upcoming season will focus more on Anthony Bridgerton (Daphne’s younger sister) and his wife’s hunt! 

Will Kate Sharma become Anthony’s dream match? Hopes on for season 2!

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8. Peaky Blinders Season 6

Platform: BBC One

What happens when the roots of your family are shaken? That’s what we got to see after Peaky Blinders Season 5 ended, as last year Poly Grey died! 

What will happen now? 

How will the family manage to stay united?  Will there be a replacement for Aunt Polly?  Or, will season 6 continue without her? There’s a lot of drama and politics that fans can expect from the upcoming season of Peaky Blinders.

Thomas Shelby will be up with another master mystery plan! Watch out for what it is? The release date of season 6 is yet to be announced. But you can expect it anytime soon in the coming months!

Get ready to witness one of the most awaited Upcoming TV Shows in 2022!

9. Pam And Tommy

Pam And Tommy

Platform: Disney+/Hulu

The biggest celebrity sex tape featuring Pam and Tommy created lot of mess in their lives. However, it will be interesting to see how Pam and Tommy manage to come out of this scam, irrespective of the responses they have been receiving lately!

Pam and Tommy will release on February 2, 2022. The TV show features modes of different societal reactions like slut shaming, etc.

Now, it’s time to wait and see what happens next?

10. The Walking Dead Final Season

Platform: Disney+/ Star

Finally, an era comes to an end with the Walking Dead Final Season! Although, there are no confirmed dates as of when the show will be out with the final season. You can expect it anytime soon this year.

A lot of fans are waiting for Rick Grimes. Wait! You too are curious to know as to what the hell happened to him? Will he be returning in the final season?

Let’s wait and watch! 

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Wrapping Up:

Wow!! This list has already made me feel like jumping on my seat. Just can’t wait to watch these upcoming TV Shows in 2022! Tell us which is your favorite TV Show from the list above? Or is there any other movie or show that you have been longing for? We’ll keep you updated!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What Are The Upcoming TV Shows On Netflix in 2022?

1. Agent King

2. All The Light We Cannot See

3. Archive 81

4. Assassin’s Creed

5. Avatar: The Last Airbender

Q. What Are The Upcoming TV Shows On Hulu in 2022?

1. How I Met Your Father

2. The Bachelor: Season 26 Premiere

3. Abbot Elementary: Season 1

4. I’m Your Man

5. My Best Friend’s Girl

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