109 complaints filed against AmeriGas since Nov., NC attorney general says

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The North Carolina Attorney General’s Office says 109 consumers have filed a complaint with their office against AmeriGas since Nov. 2020.

The attorney general said that 72 complaints against AmeriGas have been resolved and 37 are pending.

A letter the office sent to AmeriGas after our original story aired in January, says the problem “impacts not only residential customers, but also restaurants, retail stores, churches and volunteer fire departments.”

On Jan. 1, CBS 17 profiled Amber Nottingham who contacted us saying she paid more than $600 for propane that Amerigas was supposed to deliver to her son’s Moore County home on Dec. 19, 2020.

When we started looking into Nottingham’s complaint, we learned the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office received 28 complaints against AmeriGas in 2020.

“We’ve seen an uptick in complaints against Amerigas,” North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein said at the time. “We’ve been in contact with the company and they assure us they will work to address people’s issues – we hope they will.”

He says Amerigas told his office they experienced issues because of a new computer system.

“My concern isn’t what caused it, it’s that they fix it and that they do right by their customers,” Stein said. “My sincere hope is that Amerigas gets its act together, but that’s why we really do need to hear from its customers because the only way we know if things are working right is if people let us know.”

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The Better Business Bureau reports more than 900 complaints were filed from people around the country against Amerigas in the past three years.

The company is not BBB accredited, but they do respond to customer complaints on the BBB’s website.

In the most recent letter sent to AmeriGas, Stein’s office said that AmeriGas has helped resolve “a number” of issues from consumers.

But the letter added: “But we also know from experience that the complaints and reports we receive from consumers often only represent the tip of the iceberg; therefore, due to the serious impact this problem has caused consumers, it is important that AmeriGas fully address all the resource-related issues or other issues that created this problem, and that AmeriGas solves the entire problem for all of its North Carolina customers on the whole, as opposed to just dealing with individual

The letter also said that Stein’s office had been communicating with the attorney for AmeriGas and that the company “is in the process of taking constructive steps to fix the problem.”

But, the letter also said: “But I want to impress upon you the need for AmeriGas to stay on top of this problem and to make sure it is fixed promptly and effectively.”

Here is the original response from AmeriGas to the CBS 17 story in January:

“AmeriGas takes great pride in customer satisfaction and the quality of our service. Providing propane to our customers so they can heat their homes, cook for their families, and run their business is our highest priority. To deliver on this priority, we have been centralizing the structure of our customer service team. Unfortunately, we had some growing pains during this process while also managing the effects of the pandemic.

We are currently experiencing high call volume and our propane deliveries have been delayed in certain areas. We apologize to these customers who have experienced a delay in service. We know this can be frustrating and we are working hard to make necessary adjustments. In the last few weeks, we more than doubled our customer service staff. We have also expanded customer-service hours to now include Saturdays from 8-5pm EST. In areas needing additional delivery support, we’ve expanded services an extra day (6 days a week) and two extra hours each day (from 8 to 10 hours). We are continuing to hire and train delivery and service representatives and have shifted our field resources to assist in specific areas that require assistance.

For the fastest possible service, we encourage customers to visit www.myamerigas.com [myamerigas.com] where you can order fuel, pay your bill, and update usage information. For our Will-Call delivery customers, we encourage them to call for a delivery when their tank is at 30% to ensure a timely delivery and avoid an out of gas situation. We are committed to continually improving the ability to address all of our customers’ needs.”


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