20+ Best Easter Party Ideas- Make Your Easter Fun

Easter Party Ideas

Easter is around the corner so are the Easter vacations. The most enjoyed part of Easter is the Easter parties. If you are surfing for the best Easter Party Ideas then go through this article once.

Easter to the  Resurrection Sunday is on 4 April this year. The day is a festival and holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, described in the New Testament as having occurred on the third day after his burial following his crucifixion by the Romans at Calvary 30 AD. It is celebrated every year and people pay around with their family members and friends. We have given a few easter party ideas in the article below.

The Best Easter Party Ideas are coloring, Decoration, Egg Hunt, Desserts, Drinks, music and dance, and many more.

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Bridal shower ideas: decor, party favors, food and more

Further in the article, you will be reading about the best Easter Ideas for Kids, Adults, Boys, and Girls.

Easter Party Ideas For Kids

Easter vacations are a source of enjoyment and fun for kids. There is a lot that we can do on Easter vacations. We have present you with our Easter ideas that you can do and enjoy with your kids.

Easter Coloring

Easter Party Ideas- easter coloring
Source: Crazy Little Projects

Children will be able to give free door to their imagination with Easter coloring Drawings. With the help of markers and colored pencils let kids draw and color. This will be a lot of fun for them.

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Easter Party Ideas- decoration
Source: Good Housekeeping

Get your kids a few things for decoration and let them decorate their own room. You can get garlands, stickers, Paintbrushes, and let their imagination come out. This would be one of the best easter party ideas.

Easter Desserts

Easter Party Ideas- dessert
Source: Food Network

No Easter party is complete without sweet delicacies. Make chocolate cakes or sweet puddings for the young ones that are the thing they will like the most.

Easter Party

Easter Party Ideas- easter party
Source: Unique Industries

Organize a party at your home and prepare beautiful dishes. Invite your kid’s little buddies for the party at home.

Egg Hunt

Easter Party Ideas- egg hunt
Source: The Daily Meal

Egg Hunt is the favorite part of the Easter Celebration. You can decorate the eggs and hide them. Ask your children to search for them and reward them for their find. This will make Easter even more interesting.

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Easter Party Ideas For Adults

Easter was was so much fun when we were kids, Our parents use to prepare surprises and parties for us. The charm of easter somewhat faded up as we grew up. Here we have come up with the easter party ideas for adults that will help you enjoy your easter again.

Easter Shots

Easter Party Ideas- easter shots
Source: Pinterest

The idea is simply to enjoy your easter with jello Vodka shots. You can redesign the vodka party by using Egg-shaped cups and give the party an easter-looking theme. Drinking will always be one of the best easter party ideas.

Egg Hunt

Easter Party Ideas- egg hunt
Source: Holidappy

The egg hunt was the most loving thing we use to do as kids. The idea is the same with a little difference. In spite of scattering the eggs here and there in the backyard. You can place hide eggs somewhere and give hunts to find them. This would be fun.

The Easter JellyBean Game

easter party ideas- jelly beans
Source: Stylecraze

The game is simple and is best to play on Easter day. The game is played by getting beans. Some of these are sweet while some are Yakkk! to taste. We found this game to be played at Easter parties.

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Egg Decorating Contest

easter party ideas- jelly beans
Source: Country living Magazine

You can organize an egg decorating contest at your place at the Easter party. The idea is simply to boil few eggs and give these to guests. They will decorate them and you choose the best-decorated egg. To make the game more interesting, you can put up a gift for the winner.

Egg Toss

easter party ideas- egg toss
Source: WordPress.com

Go to your backyard with your guest and play catch! Catch! with the eggs. You can boil the eggs first to make them hard but we suggest I you want to enjoy more keep them raw.

Eater Party Ideas For Girls

Celebrating Easter with your Girls! Confused about what to do at the easter parties? Worry Not, Here we have bought you the best ideas for the easter parties for girls.

Hair Colouring

easter party ideas- hair coloring
Source: Amazom

All you need is some pastel colors and few brushes, keep them on the table. These colors must be temporary and removable. Ask your Girls to help them with the coloring. This will also help in clicking the cool pictures for Instagram.

Nail Art Station

easter party ideas- nail art station
Source: LifestyleExpert

This is another idea that your girls will love. Girls are ever ready for makeup. All you need to do is get few cool nail paints and turn your house into a nail art station. 

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Jello Shots Easter Style

easter party ideas- jello shorts
Source: Pinterest

If it’s an all-girl night, you can arrange few vodka jello shots. You can be a little creative with the theme. Get the Egg-shaped shot glasses to give it a vintage Easter look. Drinking will always be one of the best easter party ideas.

Easter Egg Recipe Contest

easter party ideas- egg recepie
Source: Brit + Co

If your girls love to cook, you can organize an Easter Egg Recipe Contest. All you need to do is get a few eggs and bread, ask your guests to bake something, and choose the best pudding for the gift.

Blind Taste

easter party ideas- blind Taste
Source: iStock

Blind taste is a game that can be played at the Easter party. The game is played by blindfolding the person and you put a cookie in the mouth. The blindfolded person will have to guess the flavor of the cookie in the mouth. Sounds Funnnn!!

Easter Party Ideas For Boys

Easter party was so much fun we were kids. The meaning of enjoyment changed when we grew from boys to men. If you are organizing an all Boys Easter party and want few party ideas then read below.

Easter Jello Shots

easter party ideas- blind Taste
Source: Lords Of the drinks

You can organic a vodka jello shots party on Easter night. You can get an Easter theme by getting the egg-shaped shots glasses. Drinking will always be one of the best easter party ideas.

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Music and Dance

easter party ideas- music and dance
Source: iStock

A party is incomplete without music and dance. Explore your talent as DJ and mix some real music. Get the dance floor broken and enjoy to the fullest.

Egg Catch

easter party ideas- egg catch
Source: Ashrita Furman

Go to your backyard with the basket full of raw eggs. Make teams and play catch! catch! let the eggs break on you, That will be fun. If you are not convinced with the raw eggs you can boil the eggs and play.

Scavenger Hunt

easter party ideas- scavenger hunt
Source: Made With Happy

Egg Hunt can be improvised by making it like a treasure hunt. Think of some riddles place them inside them and let your boys hunt for the final egg. You can organize a gift for the winner.

Buffet Dinner

easter party ideas- buffet dinner
Source: Tripoto

You can plan a buffet dinner on easter night. You can call over your boys for a dinner dance, play, and drink. This is too much to ask for on an easter evening. A small get-together would more than enough in this busy lifestyle. food will always be one of the best easter party ideas.

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You should try these Easter party Ideas this easter. We have tried to categorize these ideas among all age groups. Pick your category and enjoy your Easter evening.

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