20 Most Popular Indian Food YouTube Channels

20 Most popular Indian food YouTube channels

In the pandemic, where everything seemed lifeless, online businesses got good hype. From showcasing our talents to creating our own business ideas, the pandemic really gave us all a push towards our dreams. In the meanwhile, YouTubers gained so much popularity as they were entertaining audiences with creative and relatable content throughout. Then whether it be cooking, singing, dancing, crafting, or education.

Cooking is something that we all tried doing during lockdowns. We watched different recipes, learned how to cook them by watching YouTube videos and many of us even mastered our cooking skills. Do you know which are the top Indian food YouTubers? If not, don’t worry. You will get to know them by the end of the article.

Nisha Madhulika is the top Indian food YouTube channel right now with over 11 million subscribers to the channel. Narayana Reddy, Kabita Singh, Bharat Bhadwa, Sanjeev Kapoor, Parul Gupta, Archana Hebbar, Yaman Aggarwal are the few best food Youtubers having the most popular Indian Food Youtube Channels. There are many more on the list, read till the end to know them all.

Get to know the best Food Youtubers of all time along with their youtube subscribers and their journeys of getting into this profession.

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20 Most Popular Indian Food YouTube channels

What makes a person the best? Is it their luck, hard work, or patience that keeps them going? Find out yourself by reading about these top YouTubers from India.

Nisha Madhulika – 11.2 Million Subscribers

Nisha Madhulika is an Indian lady who started her channel as a food Youtuber on 2nd August 2009. She is one of the most famous Indian Food Youtubers. She was passionate about cooking since her childhood and turned her passion into a career through YouTube. She has been awarded many recognitions for her awesome content creation. Her forte is mainly Indian cuisine.

Kabita Singh – Kabita’s Kitchen – 10.1 Million subscribers

Kabita Singh, a happy soul who has been distributing smiles through his YouTube channel since  7th October 2014. She mainly cooks Indian Cuisine, with easily available ingredients at home. You can see a variety of Indian dishes on her channel. Apart from Indian, she posts recipes of other cuisines too. Learn how to cook difficult recipes in an easy way from the channel. 

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Jeya Bashkaran – Village Cooking Channel – 8.58 Million Subscribers

The channel was started on 25th April 2018. In this channel, you will get a chance to relive the delightful dishes from your childhood. The traditional village food, Modern food, and food that children love all are available on this channel. 

Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana – 6.44 Million Subscribers 

Who doesn’t know this amazing personality, an Indian chef who has achieved great heights in cooking and inspiring millions out there? Sanjeev Kapoor is an international and Indian chef who has great working experience with top hotels, restaurants, and shows. He started the food Youtube channel, Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana, on 29th July 2009 and is now on the list of most popular Indian Food Youtube channels.

Archana Hebbar – Hebbars Kitchen – 5.29 Million Subscribers

The channel was joined on 10th October 2015. Here you can find all the veg recipes and learn them to try at home. Your one-stop destination for vegan alternatives is this channel. Hebbar in Kannada means big brahmin. Now you may get clarity that this channel will provide purely vegetarian dishes that are so delicious to try. This is one of the most popular Indian Food Youtube channels.

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Parul Gupta – Cook With Parul – 5.13 Millon Subscribers

Parul Gupta is the host and chef of this cooking channel. She joined this channel on 5th March 2017. This channel showcases delicious recipes that a modern twist of simple dishes. The ingredients used are easily available. Enjoy delightful vegan dishes at home watching Parul’s channel.

Madhura Bachal – Madhuras Recipe Marathi – 4.94 Million Subscribers

This is a Marathi cooking channel started on 26th August 2016 by Madhura Bachal. She started her cooking journey after marriage. She is a businesswoman who started this youtube cooking career in the free hours of her working schedule. Isn’t it great to see someone managing multiple things at once?  The channel is touching new heights now with 4.94 Million subscribers.

Ram Kumar & Valarmati – Veg Village Food – 4.53 Million Subscribers

The channel was started on 16th August 2014. The specialty of this channel is its giant meal cooking system. You will see recipes cooked in larger quantities with easy village recipes. After cooking and posting the recipes on the youtube channel, the whole village gets to enjoy those dishes. Watch how the husband-wife duo rocks their recipes and win million hearts.

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Yaman Aggarwal – Cooking Shooking – 4.13 Million Subscribers

I personally love this food channel. Yaman a young chef and host of the channel are so amazing at what he does. I remember seeing only a few thousand subscribers on his channel and look now where the number has reached, making it one of the best Indian Food Youtube channels. He started his youtube on 23rd June 2012. The way he explains every minor detail about his recipes is amazing. Go watch the videos today and cook something yummy.

A Gopinaths – Village Food Factory – 4.4 Million Subscribers

If you are a street food lover who loves to travel to different places and try the best street food there, then you must watch this and try those yummy recipes at home. This channel was started on 21st May 2015 by A Gopinath. The starting of this channel has an interesting story behind it, it’s the passion of somebody that made him quit a reputed job at Infosys. Meet A Gopinath, a famous Indian Food Youtuber.

Boban Almazan – Almazan Kitchen-3.69 Million Subscribers

This is different from other food Youtube channels. Unlike other cooking channels, this channel cooks various dishes on fire, using homemade ingredients, and with the help of organic methods. The channel was started on 20th May 2015 by Boban Almazan and Aleksandar, who is a Serbian uncle and nephew pair.

Ben Ebbrell-Sortedfood – 2.47 Million subscribers

This channel will teach you how to cook more in less. The channel was started on 14th March 2010 by a group of junkie friends who shared a common interest in cooking delicious recipes and planned to share them with the world through this youtube channel. Along with cooking recipes, they tell you different cooking techniques also which is really helpful for every cooking enthusiast. One of the best and growing Indian Food Youtube channels.

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4 You Recipes – 3.52 Million Subscribers

The channel was started on 22nd May 2016. Along with cooking tips and recipes this channel is a multi-host for various skincare and DIY videos. This channel has everything from your sweet tooth cravings to spicy cravings. Also, the channel completed its 3.52 Million subscribers last month.

Shri Tarachand Barjatya – Rajshri Food – 2.78 Million Subscribers

Try a wide variety of cuisines all at one place with the simplest of recipes. This is a 100% vegetarian stop for all the vegans out there. Learn and cook some enticing recipes sitting at home. The channel was started on 12th October, and hosted by Tarachand Barjatya lovingly called Sethji. Reaching 2.78 million subscribers

Sonia Barton – 3.52 Million Subscribers

The host and owner of this best youtube channel are Sonia Barton and the channel is named on her own mane. The channel was started on 28th December 2010. Learn how to cook complicated dishes in an easy manner using the simplest ingredients.

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Nisha Madhulika – Cook with Nisha – 3.7 Million Subscribers

Food vlogs are so interesting to watch. It’s good to watch that how food specialists can also do silly mistakes like you and me. Also learn various kitchen hacks, flavourful recipes, and simple guidelines to make some delicious dishes at home. This channel was started on 18th January 2017 by Nisha Madhulika.

Ruby Kaur Bawa – Ruby Ka Kitchen – 3.93 Million Subscribers

The channel was started on 24th July 2017. You can watch exotic Indian, Pakistani dishes in both Hindi and Urdu on this channel. Ruby Kaur is such an inspiring lady who openly shares her disastrous cooking experience with everyone and how she managed to transform that into a delightful one. This channel is straight on the list of popular Indian Food Youtube channels.

Asad Memon- Food Fusion – 3.2 Million Subscribers

Last but not the least, Asad Memon stands 20th in the list of best Indian Food Youtube channels. This channel was started on 29th January 2016. He makes a normal dish and adds some fusion to it to make it extraordinary. Watch how simple food can be made fun and delicious like professionals.

Bharat Wadhwa – BharatzKitchen Hindi – 91. 5 Lakh subscribers

You will get to see different Indigenous dishes on this channel. The channel was started on 10th August 2016. Bharat is a young chef who is highly passionate about cooking. He has worked as a head chef at many places but finally found his calm at his own Youtube channel, Bharatzkitchen. And the success of the channel speaks everything about his efforts and passionate cooking.

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Narayana Reddy – Grandpa Kitchen  – 90.6 lakh Subscribers

Narayana Reddy, the main chef of the channel used local techniques to cook food instead of using modern technology. He passed away in 2019 after which this cooking Channel is taken care of by his grandsons. The specialty of this channel is that Narayana Reddy cooked some extraordinary dishes that made him popular worldwide. Most of his recipes were giant and oversized. The dishes made are distributed among orphans and needy people. The channel was started on 26th August 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Indian Food YouTube Channels:

Which Indian Cooking Channel has the most subscribers on YouTube?

1. Nisha Madhulika – 11.2 Million Subscribers
2. Kabita’s Kitchen – 10.1 Million Subscribers
3. Village Cooking Channel – 8.58 Million Subscribers

Who is the most famous Food Blogger?

1. Branden Matzed
2. Deb Perelman
3. Erin Neil
4. Erica Council
5. Jessie Snyder

Which is the best travel channel in India?

1. Himalayan Roads
2. Touring Travellers
3. Wandering Minds.
4. Bikat Adventures.
5. Prakriti Varshney


These were the top 20 Indian Food YouTube Channels to Learn delicious recipes from. Learn to cook authentic and epic food recipes from Indian culture watching these YouTube channels.

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