23+ Movies And Shows Like Yellowstone | Your Remarkable Costner Guide!

shows like Yellowstone

Kevin Costner has mesmerized us with his remarkable acting in Yellowstone and hence here we are looking for more shows like Yellowstone that will fill in the gaps before season 4 actually gets premiered! 

Yellowstone premiered on June 20, 2018, on Paramount Network and has a total of three seasons so far! Before the third season of Yellowstone hit the screens on June 21, 2020, season 4 had already been renewed! Yeah, you heard that right! Before season 3 was even premiered, season 4 of Yellowstone was already a HOT TOPIC and is about to premiere on November 7! However, the gap between September and November is too much for those dying to see more cowboy hats, and family FEUDS!

Yellowstone is about family, struggle, and the corrupted world. But that’s not all! The scenic beauty of Montana and the Ranch is beautifully captured and portrayed on our TV screens! So for those who want to have more of Yellowstone, here’s a list of a few TV shows that will make you go JOHN DUTTON!

What Movies To Watch On Netflix?
What Movies To Watch On Netflix?
  1. Longmire
  2. Wynonna Earp
  3. Big Sky
  4. Succession
  5. Tin Star
  6. Godless
  7. Bloodline
  8. The Young Rider
  9. Dances With Wolves
  10. Badland
  11. Westworld
  12. Wind River
  13. The Son
  14. Let Him Go
  15. 68 Whiskey
  16. Dallas
  17. Sons Of Anarchy
  18. Ozark
  19. Breaking Bad
  20. Those Who Wish Me Bad
  21. Justified
  22. Hatfields & McCoys
  23. Deputy
  24. Damnation

Shows like Dallas and Longmire are a must-watch among the list as they will surely remind you of Yellowstone! Not only shows, but this is also a full-blown list of films too that will certainly remind you of Yellowstone Ranch and its story!

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Yellowstone: Shows Like Yellowstone

Taylor Sheridan and John Linson created the American TV series that first premiered in June 2018 and has been widely accepted by the fans world over! From 2018 to 2021, Yellowstone has gained a wider fanbase with each passing year which can be guessed by the high ratings it carries! Yellowstone has 8.6 and 80% ratings on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes, respectively. Additionally, about 92% of Google users have a favorable impression of the show!

Yellowstone also has other spin-offs coming up like 1883 and 6666, which only indicate how well-liked and popular the series is!

Starring Kevin Costner as John Dutton, Yellowstone has already shown how high its standards are! Kevin is an Oscar and Emmy winner and it’s pretty understandable why the show is so hyped up! Let’s know more about Yellowstone and the shows that are like Yellowstone ahead! Happy Reading!

PLOT: The story of Yellowstone revolves around a family protecting their ranch from encroachers. Normal media outlets do not capture what happens in the lives of those surrounded by power-hungry people! Corrupted people trying to manipulate others for their own profit. Isn’t this what happens in a cliche story? Well, Yellowstone isn’t all about that. The plot is so complex that once you get into it, the cobweb surrounds you completely! 

CAST: Many well-known stars have made recurring appearances on the show while the Oscar winner, Kevin Costner serves as the Male Lead! Let’s look at the list of cast of Yellowstone!

yellowstone cast
Source: The Teal Mango
  • Kevin Costner plays the role of John Dutton, serving as the Patriarch of the Dutton family and is the prime operator of the Yellowstone Ranch.
  • Luke Grimes plays the role of Kayce Dutton who is a former US Navy SEAL. He is the youngest son of John and Evelyn.
  • Kelly Reilly plays the role of Beth Dutton, the daughter of John and Evelyn, and is a Financier by profession.
  • Wes Bentley plays the role of Jamie Dutton, who is one of the sons of John. He is an Attorney by profession and aspires to be a politician.
  • Cole Hauser plays the role of Rip Wheeler, who is the right-hand of John. He is the foreman at Yellowstone ranch.
  • Kelsey Asbille plays the role of Monica Long Dutton, who is the daughter-in-law of John Dutton and is the wife of Kayce.
  • Brecken Merrill plays the role of Tate Dutton, John’s grandchild (the son of Monica and Kayce).
  • Jefferson Whit plays the role of Jimmy Hurdstrom, who is a ranch hand at Yellowstone.
  • Danny Huston plays the role of Dan Jenkins, a land developer who wants to encroach upon Yellowstone ranch.
  • Gil Birmingham plays the role of Chief Thomas Rainwater, the tribal chief who wants to reclaim the land where the Yellowstone ranch is built upon!
  • Ian Bohen plays the role of Ryan, who is the livestock agent of Yellowstone.
  • Denim Richards plays the role of Coly, a ranch hand man.
  • Forrie J. Smith plays the role of Llyod Pierce, a senior at Yellowstone ranch.
  • This is a list of the main cast of Yellowstone, while there are many recurring characters too. Like- Moses Brings, Wendy Moniz, Atticus Todd, Timothy Carhart, etc!

More About Movies And Shows Like Yellowstone

Shows like Longmire and Dallas would perfectly suit the palate of those who are fans of Yellowstone! There are many more shows that will make you remember John Dutton and his wit! Here’s a list of 24 of them!


shows like yellowstone
Source: Amazon

Genre: Western, Drama, Crime film, Action

Seasons: 6 (Episodes- 63)

Ratings: IMDb- 8.3/10 Rotten Tomatoes- 88%

Longmire is a crime-drama series marked by action and lots of mystery. This series is a Yellowstone recommendation due to the strong characters and the wonderful storyline! If you are interested in shows that depict contemporary issues hidden from the world, then you will surely like Longmoire too! The series has a total of six seasons and is a good series to binge-watch while waiting for Yellowstone season 4!

Wynonna Earp

shows like Yellowstone
Source: Rotten Tomatoes

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Drama, Weird West, Supernatural

Number Of Seasons: 4 (Episodes- 49)

Ratings: IMDb- 7.5/10 Rotten Tomatoes- 92%

Wynonna Earp, a supernatural Western horror series based on a comic by Beau Smith! The story revolves around a girl who has special powers to return the outlaws of the world who have reincarnated, back to hell! now you would’ve already guessed why this one is a Yellowstone recommendation right!

Big Sky

shows like yellowstone
Source: Deadline

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Seasons: 1 (Episodes 16)

Ratings: IMDb- 6.7/10 Rotten Tomatoes- 61%

Big Sky is an American crime drama series where two private detectives solve murder mysteries and look for disappeared women. With justice, wit and drama, this series is a Yellowstone recommendation! Why? Well, all these three factors are what make up the whole Yellowstone! Additionally, you will find so much more in this crime drama series!


movies and shows like yellowstone
Source: Telegraph India

Genre: Comedy-drama, Black comedy, Satire

Seasons: 2 (Episodes- 20), season 3 upcoming

Ratings: IMDb- 8.6/10

Succession is a family feud series and that’s what makes it resemble Yellowstone! The family dilemma as the patriarch falls ill over their company, Waystar RoyCo leads to a series of disputes and drama! This series is a must-watch if you love such kinds of stories!

Tin Star

shows like yellowstone
Source: Amazon

Genre: Crime drama

Seasons: 3 (Episodes- 25)

Ratings: IMDb- 7.3/10 Rotten Tomatoes- 57%

Tin Star is a British TV series that is all about fighting bad guys with a subtle twist! The main lead has an alter ego which is a tidal opposite of his gentle-calm self! This alter ego helps him to get out of tricky situations and webs created by a Big Oil company! The detective fights the oil company which dominates the whole of the town and thus resembles John’s fight to save his ranch! So, now you know why Tin Star is among Yellowstone’s recommendations!


shows like yellowstone
Source: Netflix

Genre: Western, Drama

Seasons: 1 (Episodes- 7)

Ratings: IMDb- 8.3/10 Rotten Tomatoes- 83%

Godless, although a seven-episode series, has won great credibility in the media circle! The series was included in the 10 series by The Washington Post and Vanity Fair! The series is set in the 80s where an outlaw is on the run from his mentor and tries to find an escape in New Mexico! The storyline resembles Yellowstone because of its fight against evil and unity and brotherhood!


shows like yellowstone
Source: Amazon

Genre: Thriller, Drama

Seasons: 3 (Episodes- 33)

Ratings: IMDb- 7.9/10 Rotten Tomatoes- 62%

Bloodline, as the name suggests, is a drama series based on a family and their underlying disputes! This is a Netflix Original drama series surrounding a family whose “Blacksheep” returns home and hence starts the drama! Some hidden secrets that the family has been trying hard to hide get revealed and thus, become a Yellowstone recommendation!

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The Young Rider

Shows like yellowstone
Source: Amazon

Genre: Western, Romance

Seasons: 3 (Episodes- 68)

Ratings: IMDb- 7.8/10

With cowboy hats and a bunch of horses, this American series becomes a Yellowstone must-watch recommendation! The story revolves around years that lead up to “The American Civil War”. The story is all about adventure, thrill, and drama which resembles Yellowstone and hence, becoming a recommendation!

Dances With Wolves

shows like yellowstone
Source: Eskipaper.com

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Western

Ratings: IMDb- 8/10 Rotten Tomatoes- 83%

Wanting to see more of Kevin Kostner’s epic acting? Well, this is the film for you! Costner plays the role of an Army Lieutenant who is too brave to die in a war and is awarded a number of medals! The story follows his journey in a new post where his fellow colleagues are not so welcoming of him.


shows like yellowstone
Source: YouTube

Genre: Western

Ratings: IMDb- 5.5/10 Rotten Tomatoes-  50%

This western film will leave you in awe with mystery, and action! The story revolves around a detective whose main job is to deal with war criminals until he meets with a woman who is holding some secrets that she won’t give off! The resilience of the detective will match Dutton and hence it becomes one of the Yellowstone recommendations!


shows like yellowstone
Source: Amazon

Genre: Sci-fi, Dystopian, Drama, Western

Seasons: 3 (Episodes- 28)

Ratings: IMDb- 8.6/10 Rotten Tomatoes- 81%

This sci-fi series revolves around a theme park full of android hosts! Everything seems to be going well until the robots of the park start malfunctioning and hence start ACTION! This story reminds us of Yellowstone because the AI who wants to dominate humans and looks down on them seems like the billionaires from Yellowstone who want to destroy the ranch!

Wind River

movies and shows like yellowstone
Source: Nouveau Film En Ligne Gratuit

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Ratings: IMDb- 7.7/10 Rotten Tomatoes- 87%

This murder mystery film surrounds an FBI agent and the US Fish and Wildlife Service Tracker who tries to solve a heinous murder crime! The complexities of this movie remind us of Yellowstone in a way, and hence serves as a recommendation!

The Son

shows like yellowstone
Source: Amazon

Genre: Drama, Western

Seasons: 2 (Episodes- 20)

Ratings: IMDb- 7.5/10, Rotten Tomatoes- 52%

This Western American TV series is up to par with Yellowstone in terms of DRAMA! The plot of The Son is somewhat like Yellowstone, marked with uncertainties and threats! The Son revolves around Eli, a ruthless businessman that can deal with any uncertainty in the capitalistic world but finds it hard to connect with his only son and daughter!

Let Him Go

Shows like yellowstone
Source: Apple TV

Genre: Thriller, Drama

Ratings: IMDb- 6.7/10 Rotten Tomatoes- 84%

Let Him Go, an American Drama film revolves around a couple who tries to save their grandson from the clutches of a very dangerous and powerful family! The story brings out power, injustice, and other contemporary issues which makes it resemble Yellowstone!

68 Whiskey

movies and shows like yellowstone
Source: Digit

Genre: Comedy-drama, 

Seasons: 1 (Episodes- 10)

Ratings: IMDb- 5.7 Rotten Tomatoes- 88%

68 Whiskey is a military TV series married with comedy and drama, and is another Paramount hit! The series describes the uncertainties of military life and its intense environment, hence, reminding us of Yellowstone!

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shows like yellowstone
Source: Art&Seek

Genre: Drama, Romance

Seasons: 14 (Episodes- 357)

Ratings: IMDb- 7/10

Dallas is a classic American series having a total of 14 seasons! The series revolves around a rich oil baron who is too clever for his own good! The series throws light on the life of the wealthy and their cunning ways! 

Sons Of Anarchy

shows like anarchy
Source: Teahub

Genre: Action, Crime Drama, Tragedy, Neo-Western

Seasons: 7 (Episodes- 92)

Ratings: IMDb- 8.5/10, Rotten Tomatoes- 87%

This action and crime-laden drama have a total of 7 seasons and revolve around a guy who is divided on “how to balance his family and his other life!” The other life he lives is of an outlaw which is putting him at odds with his family and other members of the supposed motorcycle club! 


shows like yellowstone
Source: Blank Newspaper

Genre: Drama, Crime, Thriller

Seasons: 3 ( Episodes- 30)

Ratings: IMDb- 8.4/10 Rotten Tomatoes- 81%

The family, drama, and action of Ozark make it one of the most recommended series for those who are fond of Yellowstone! Drugs, Mafia, and money laundering has made the simple life of Marty a living hell from which he needs to save his family and eventually, his life!

Breaking Bad

shows like yellowstone
Source: DesktopBackground.org

Genre: Serial Drama, Crime Drama, Thriller, Neo-Western, Black Comedy, Tragedy

Seasons: 5 (Episodes- 62)

Ratings: IMDb- 9.4/10 Rotten Tomatoes- 96%

I am sure everyone reading this recommendation list must have seen this epic series! Breaking bad revolves around an amazing Chemistry teacher who is simply a GENIUS! However, his life is thrown upside down when he gets to know of his stage three lung cancer and hence, starts the hustle! I am sure Yellowstone watchers will surely like Breaking Bad!

Those Who Wish Me Bad

series like yellowstone
Source: Goggler

Genre: Action, Thriller, 

Ratings: IMDb- 6/10 Rotten Tomatoes- 59%

Those Who Wish Me Dead is an American Thriller movie that revolves around the guy who watches his father being murdered and thus, starts his ESCAPE! The murderers of Finn’s father are now after him and hence, starts this thrilling journey! 


series like yellowstone
Source: Amazon

Genre: Drama, Action, Crime, Western

Seasons: 6 (Episode- 78)

Ratings: IMDb- 8.6/10 Rotten Tomatoes- 97%

Justified is an American crime-thriller series where a Marshal (Raylan) returns to his hometown after some disciplinary action is taken on him! After his return, he has to look after a delinquent and thus kick starts the story!

Hatfields & McCoys

shows like yellowstone
Source: Fanart

Genre: Western, Docudrama

Seasons: 1 (Episodes-3)

Ratings: IMDb- 5.7/10 Rotten Tomatoes- 71%

Hatfields & McCoys is an American miniseries based on a feud that was aired on the History Channel! The feud between two families after the Civil War will slightly remind you of Yellowstone as it gets bloody and more severe over time!


shows like yellowstone
Source: FOX

Genre: Crime Drama, Police Procedural

Seasons: 1 (Episodes- 13)

Ratings: IMDb- 6.3/10 Rotten Tomatoes- 40%

This is a perfect Action-Crime drama where the man whose soul breathes justice will put all the bad guys behind bars, with No priorities whatsoever! Bill Hollister, a lawman becomes a sheriff when the current one dies and thus starts his journey of dealing with bad peeps! The storyline of Deputy will surely remind you of Yellowstone!


shows like yellowstone
Source: Netflix

Genre: Drama

Seasons: 1 (Episodes- 10)

Ratings: IMDb- 7.7/10 Rotten Tomatoes- 64%

This American Period drama will certainly remind you of Yellowstone with its power-hungry and greedy industrialists and corruption! The drama is set in the period of 1931, laden with labor wars and the aftermath of the Great Depression!

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The world doesn’t know what happens behind the scenes and no media outlet is good enough to publish the everyday struggles of many! Everything is defined by wealth and power and those who can change it, SHOULD! This list of movies and shows will surely remind you of this and hence, making them perfect to watch if you like Yellowstone!

Featured Image Credits: The Salt Lake Tribune

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