5 Best Old Movies to Watch on Christmas and in New Year 2021 – Story and Review

List of 5 Best Old Movies that You Should Watch This Christmas

Welcome to the best Christmas movies! We’ve reviewed all the movies that will get you in the festive spirit this Christmas. All those movies are listed below. We’ve also reviewed some nostalgic movies, which may not have a Christmas feel, but are associated with Christmas.

We all love Christmas eve. After all, Santa Claus is coming with gifts for us! The perfect snowy weather makes it even more enjoyable. Christmas carols, decorated trees, chocolate pie, and our favorite Christmas movies from the ’90s is the best way to enjoy with families.

While you sit together with your family enjoying the Christmas vibes, here are the Best Old Movies To Watch On Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

  1. Home Alone.
  2. The Polar Express Movie.
  3. The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  4. Elf Movie.
  5. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Movie.

All these movies are loved by every generation. Whether it’s your grandmom or your 12-year-old kid, everyone will enjoy these movies. We have reviewed each one for you.

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List of 5 Best Old Movies that You Should Watch This Christmas and in New Year 2021

All you have to do is turn the Christmas lights on, get a bowl full of popcorn and enjoy these amazing Christmas movies.


List of 5 Best Old Movies that You Should Watch This Christmas; HOME ALONE
Source: Empireonline.com

Home alone isn’t really a movie you’d necessarily watch or want to watch at any other time than Christmas. But when it comes to that time of year, and you want to get in the festive spirit, watch one of the best Christmas movies, home alone. It’s a pure oldie-but-goldie with a genius story. Always remember, Old is Gold.


The movie centers on 8-year-old Kevin McCallister, who, along with his numerous siblings and cousins, is getting ready to take a Christmas family vacation to Paris.

Kevin is ridiculed by his family, mostly for causing trouble – what 8 years old doesn’t get into some trouble! At the beginning of the film, he throws a tantrum because his older brother, Buzz, eats his cheese pizza – the sacrilege! But no one comes to his defense, and his mother sends him to bed early in the creepy loft to think about his behavior.

A large family and a freaky weather storm mean they all sleep in, causing everyone to rush around gathering their things in time for the flight the next morning. Unbeknownst to the McCallisters, Kevin sleeps peacefully throughout the chaos and gets left behind as the rest of his family goes on vacation. Yes, you got it, he is home alone!

Well, that’s perfect for Kevin! It’s his dream – No parents to tell him what to do. He’s always wanted to be on his own, in fact, he believes he made his family disappear as he shouts to his mother during their argument “I wish I never had a family!”

Kevin does what all young kids would do when left to their own devices – he does what he wants! He watches rubbish telly and eats ice cream for dinner; he “trespasses” into Buzz’s room (a danger in itself) to rifle through all his secret things. He orders a pizza just for himself!

But Kevin soon learns that you should be careful what you wish for when he suddenly finds himself up against two, pretty dumb, burglars! And not only that, but he also has his creepy next-door neighbor to watch out for, because rumor’s going around that the old man’s a murderer!


Home Alone is 25 years old now – and it truly stood the test of time, but each Christmas you can expect it to be played on televisions all over the country. Because of this, it is in the hall of fame for the best Christmas movie, It’s just an all-around, classic Christmas movie, only marginally made better by an equally entertaining second movie, Lost in New York.

Fun fact: Home Alone was the highest-grossing comedy movie of all time for 19 years! Surpassed only by The Hangover in 2009.

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List of 5 Best Old Movies that You Should Watch This Christmas; THE POLAR EXPRESS MOVIE (2004)
Source: horrornews.net


The Polar Express is based on the Chris Van Allsburg book of the same name. It is a cross between live-action and Allsburg’s artwork that gives the impression that it is taking place in its own world where unexpected, and potentially impossible things are in fact possible.

When A boy begins to have doubts about Santa so on Christmas Eve he lays awake waiting to hear Santa’s sleigh. He instead finds a train outside his window and the conductor (Tom Hanks) tells him that this is the “Polar Express” and that they are going to the North Pole.

The boy jumps on to find other boys and girls already aboard. Complications follow, but they eventually reach their destination. When they arrive at the North Pole Santa is waiting, and the boys and girls are greeted warmly by St. Nick himself. The boy who had been doubting Santa gets an extraordinary present.

The Polar Express touches on a common Christmas story trope – a child becoming skeptical of Santa as he or she grows older. But The Polar Express resolves the issue differently than most stories. He wants Santa to be real. He waits up, desperately hoping to hear reindeer and sleigh bells.

Most stories have the child already convinced Santa doesn’t exist. Also, the boy learns about the true magic and spirit of Christmas without any help from his family or friends. Instead, he ventures out by himself, and with the help of strangers, he stumbles upon what he’d hoped to be true.

Throughout the film, the characters narrowly escape disasters. Some near misses include decapitation, a frozen lake, and a steep plummet without any brakes. But all of this is in an effort to get to the North Pole.

When we get there, we see that it is more like a factory than the Santa’s Toy Shop we all visualize when we think about the North Pole. The elves are like an army, the toys are mass-produced, and machinery is used to speed up the process. Most of the movie seems to be building up to a magical meeting with Santa, yet when we get there he is a more sophisticated version than we had anticipated.

Maybe this is what Santa really always was and it just takes a little growing up to realize that. With all those kids to make toys for, of course, the elves can’t make them by hand!


This is a glorious adventure for anyone looking for some holiday cheer. It’s great to watch with the whole family. It has a little bit of everything from comedy to action to drama to feel-good warmth. The Polar Express should definitely go on your Christmas list this year.

3) The Nightmare Before Christmas

List of 5 Best Old Movies that You Should Watch This Christmas; The Nightmare Before Christmas
Source: encorespotlight.com


Directed by Henry Selick, a stop-motion animated musical dark fantasy film, The Nightmare Before Christmas was released in 1993. This movie is also named Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.

It is a movie that tells the story of the King of Halloween Town, Jack Skellington who stumbles through a portal to Christmas Town and becomes obsessed with celebrating the Christmas vacation.

The movie was originated from a poem which was written by Burton in 1982 during the time he was working with Walt Disney Productions.

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Halloween town is filled with various supernatural beings. Jack Skellington as “Pumpkin King” leads the citizens in organizing the annual Halloween party. But behind the closed doors, he wants something new and has tired of the same routine every year.

Jack stumbles across six trees containing doors leading to other towns representing various holidays and enters the one shaped like a Christmas tree which leads him to the Christmas town.

He goes back to the Halloween town in order to tell the people of his town about his findings but the people of the Halloween town fail to get the idea of Christmas and compare everything to their ideas of Halloween.

Jack also tasks children to abduct Santa and bring him back to Halloween Town. He tells Santa that he will be bringing the Christmas festival to the world in his place this year and orders to keep Santa safe. Instead of respecting his orders, the children deliver Santa to a gambling bogeyman who plots to play a game with Santa’s life at stake.

Jack apologizes to Santa for his actions but Santa still remains disappointed with him for running Christmas and not listening to Sally’s warnings. However, Santa assures Jack that he can fix things and can take leave.After the people of Halloween town celebrated Jack's return, Santa brings snowfall for the people of the town so that they can play with snow. This fulfills Jack's original dream. The Santa shouts "Happy Halloween" when he flies away and Jack replies by Shouting "Merry Christmas".
In the end, both Jack and Sally declared their love for each other in the graveyard.


Though the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas was released in 1993, it is still worth watching in 2020. The best thing about this film is the use of music, ‘What’s This’ and ‘This Halloween’ is best. The characters are also very cool in the film.

4) ELF MOVIE (2003)

List of 5 Best Old Movies that You Should Watch This Christmas; ELF MOVIE (2003)
Source: Splatteronfilm.com


The Elf Movie has a Strangely executed plot along with festive cheer makes this Christmas comedy a success. Elf is a holiday movie that really entertains one a lot.

Elf (nothing to do with pixies) is a charming little Christmas movie that reminds all of us how we once viewed Christmas. A baby named Buddy (Will Ferrell) is raised at the North Pole by Papa Elf (Bob Newhart). Until adulthood, Buddy remains unaware that he is not a real elf.

Finally, he learns the truth. Papa Elf explains that Buddy’s mother put him up for adoption, but his father Walter (James Caan) had never known about him. Santa (Ed Asner), reveals that Buddy’s father is on the naughty list, but Buddy sets out to find his father nonetheless.

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It is Buddy’s first time in the real world and we watch him try to navigate New York City. His many naïve and humorous attempts keep the mood light even when his first encounter with his father doesn’t go well. Buddy continues to behave immaturely as he gets a job, mistakes department stores Santa’s for the real thing, and enjoys human culture for the first time.

It isn’t until one of his childish mistakes lands him in jail that we see Walter again. Walter bails Buddy out of jail and a DNA test proves they are father and son. After a few more snags in the ribbon, they begin to form a relationship. Buddy and Walter’s younger son Michael even form a friendship.

On Christmas Eve Santa’s sleigh crashes in New York City. Buddy, and the New York City community, must find their Christmas spirit in order to help Santa’s sleigh fly again.

The family element in the elf movie is well-rounded and very fun, yet the transition is a bit glossed over. Walter has an adult son from a previous relationship that shows up unexpectedly. His current family, a wife and younger son Michael embrace Buddy immediately. This could have to do with the fact that Buddy acts like a young boy. He is non-threatening, polite, and kind. However, some awkwardness is to be expected. Walter’s hesitant acceptance seemed more realistic.

The overall feel of the Elf Movie was very cheerful. While there are moments where you feel sad for Buddy, that wouldn’t happen if you didn’t care about the characters. In general, the elf movie is lighthearted and fun. It is definitely fun for the family. Will Ferrell plays as believable a human raised by elves as there could possibly be! And Buddy is just so sweet and caring that many of his missteps are easily forgiven. He’s like a little puppy who just doesn’t know right from wrong yet.


Elf is a great, feel-good holiday story. It doesn’t try to be serious when it shouldn’t be or funny where it isn’t. Instead, it embraces what it is and it does it well. It exceeds its expectation of being a silly Christmas movie and instead teaches us all a bit about what’s important in life.


List of 5 Best Old Movies that You Should Watch This Christmas; NATIONAL LAMPOON’S CHRISTMAS VACATION MOVIE
Source: Avalontheatregj.com

In the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, we meet Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) and his attempt to put a Christmas to remember for his family and relatives… The only problem is, Clark is having a run of bad luck and is very accident-prone.


Well, By now we’re familiar with the Griswolds from their other adventures, but even if this is your first experience with the Griswolds, you’ll be able to catch on. From the outset, you’ll know what kind of movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is when Clark, taking his family on the annual pilgrimage to get the Family Christmas tree, manages to scare his family half to death with his driven abilities. It's hilarious! Clark is that kind of dad that will pull out all the stops to make his family’s Christmas great, The kind that decides to light up the house with over 25,000 imported Italian twinkle lights.

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Clark and Ellen’s (Beverly D’Angelo) parents arrive for Christmas leading to a pretty full house. Clark sets to work decorating the house with his twinkle lights, and it goes about as well as you’d imagine. Several broken windows and staple gun mishaps later, he still hasn’t succeeded. Days later he finishes and it’s time for the big reveal. The house is beautifully lit and the family stares in awe. This causes a huge power surge that requires the city’s auxiliary power to be turned on. They’re now not too popular with the neighbors and their Cousin Eddie and his family arrive unexpectedly.

On Christmas Eve they have a family dinner with over 20 people and of course everything goes wrong. The tree dried up so Clark cut one down from his yard. He didn't know much that there was a live squirrel in it. Chaos is a mild word to describe what happens next. But it sure is funny! Not to mention the Chicago SWAT team and radioactive Santa.

The financial struggle that Eddie and Griswold face adds a human component to the story. Eddie reveals that he is broke and the family is living in an RV. Clark generously offers to buy some Christmas presents for Eddie’s kids who already fear that Santa won’t come for them. Not too long after, Clark is very dismayed to find out that he won’t be getting a Christmas bonus. He and his family had been counting on it, and when he found out on Christmas Eve it was the last straw. (Not long after the SWAT team gets involved).

In between sledding mishaps, twinkle lights, and flying Santa decorations, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation does manage to get in a few good messages. First and foremost, family is important. Even when Christmas dinner was an absolute disaster with dogs literally chasing rodents through the house, Clark was insistent that everybody sticks together. Clark also showed his belief that family was important when he offered to help Eddie with his financial situation.

All of this is done while keeping the audience laughing. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is truly one of the best Christmas movies out there. Its struggles are timeless (will there ever be a day when stringing lights isn’t maddening?) and its laughs are endless.

If you're looking for a good few laughs, lots of festive cheer, watch National Lampoons this Christmas Vacation.

Best Old Movies to Watch on Christmas and in New Year 2021 Youtube Video

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Conclusion about 5 Best Old Movies to Watch on Christmas

All these above-mentioned 5 movies are the best movies to watch this Christmas. We know that all these are old movies, however, it is still worth watching these movies to get yourself into a festive feel. All these 5 movies are available on the internet and each movie has an above 8.0 rating out of 10.

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