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Giving something to someone who cannot pay you back gives happiness and release the adrenaline in the body that cannot be taken with injections. The simplest way to make yourself happy and worthwhile for others is by making charities.

Many of us are broken this pandemic but many have made a lot during this time. Now, donating something who are financially broken or to some organization that stands for the cause of your interest can help you save a lot of tax. If you are concerned about stray animals or the campaign ”Black Lives Matter” you can donate money to the organizations that stand for the cause. 

The New Rules for the charity that will surely help you save a lot of tax are New $300 charitable deduction for non-itemizers, Bunching contributions and donor-advised funds, A double tax break from giving appreciated stock, Make a tax-free transfer from your IRA.

The new rules for charity giving are introduced this year so that you can save a lot on your taxes and can donate them to charities without worrying about the tax system.

New Rules For Charitable Giving

Let’s start with the new charitable laws introduced recently. They are explained below in detail.

New $300 charitable deduction for non-itemizers

The US government came up with the policy for the citizens of the state. The citizens of the state can now donate money up to $300 to the charities or the organizations of their choice and they not have to necessarily itemize the deduction to their tax sheets.

Any individual who has not elected to itemize the deduction for 2020 under section 62(f)(1) can claim the deduction. Regardless of the filling status per unit fillings of $300 applies. 

The charity must be made to a qualified charitable trust. A qualified charitable trust fulfills all the requirements of the public trust under Sec. 170(b)(1)(A) (Sec. 62(f)(2)(C)(i)).

Bunching contributions and donor-advised funds

Bunching to the charity funds is another way of maximizing the tax savings. Let’s get this term clear with an example, You are paying on three eligible deductions these are the State and Local Taxes, Motarage Interest, and charitable giving. You are donating $10,000, $5000 and $10,000 respectively. Calculating the total deductions you cross exceeds the standard deductions by $100 that will make you save $350 per year. But bunching will help you save more if you bunch all the deductions for 3 years you will exceed the standard deduction by $2100 which will help you save $7,350.

You can also make you of donor-advised funds to take immediate advantage of the charitable funds.

 A double tax break from giving appreciated stock

We always talk of making charity in money but not many of us are aware of the fact that we also donate to charity with the appreciated stocks. The appreciated stock you wanted to donate to the qualifying charity must be a long-term stock. That is you must have possessed that stock for more than a year. This will help you get double benefits over the cash charity.

  1. The itemized deduction would be on the fair market value of the stock at the time of charity.
  2. If you sold the stock you will be free from the capital gains tax.

Make a tax-free transfer from your IRA

Now you can make a direct transfer from your IRA to the charities without the 10 percent deduction on the amount but you need to be a senior citizen for the purpose.

If you are willing to make charity to any of the qualifying charity then you must follow the steps below- 

  • The QCD requirements- You must be 70.5 years old
  • Minimum distributions must be satisfied
  • Calculate  the QCD tax Break
  • The transfer must be direct to the charity
  • The charity you are willing to send the money must be a Qualified Charity.

Now that you are aware of all the savings on the deductions possible. You need to be more careful while choosing the right charity organization. There are various fraudsters in the market. Make full conviction of the organization before making the payment. 

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