5 Online Classes That You Might Never Have Thought Of

5 Online Classes That You Might Never Have Thought Of

Yes, it’s great that we can use the internet for things like shopping, streaming games, and watching funny videos about cats. But too often we forget that the internet is the greatest educational resource ever known to humankind.

You’ll find a plethora of classes on the web, from ones that are simply good fun to ones that teach helpful skills.

Here are five classes that you might never have thought of but which you might like to try.

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5 Online Classes That You Might Never Have Thought Of

Virtual Mixology

You don’t have to attend bartending classes in a brick-and-mortar bar to learn how to shake, stir, and mix cocktails.

Instead, you can take part in a virtual mixology class in which you learn how to mix a wide variety of cocktails and learn interesting facts along the way, such as the history of certain spirits.

Also, there are lots of virtual courses that ship the ingredients and tools that you need to your front door.

And once you have learned your new skills, if you want to have fun with friends, consider hosting a virtual mixology class with a theme, like a 1920s speakeasy theme or a Las Vegas theme.

The great thing about participating in an online mixology class is you can either simply do it for fun or take it more seriously and gain actual bartender skills.

Rocket Making

If you think science is boring, you need to think again. There are many online classes that teach you how to build your very own rocket!

While you won’t be able to fly to the moon, you can have lots of fun launching your own small rockets made out of items you probably already have at home.

Not only are rocket-making classes great fun. They are also very educational. You’ll learn useful physics and math skills.

Rocket-making can be fun to do with your kids. But quite honestly, it’s also a joy to do by yourself.

Circus Skills

You don’t need to be under a Big Top to learn circus skills. Instead, you can join an online class to learn things like juggling, diablo, hula-hooping, and even close-up magic.

You’ll need to buy some items, like a diablo or hula hoop, but you can get started with things like juggling lessons, as you only need a few tennis balls or apples.

You’ll find numerous courses to suit different levels of expertise, from circus-skills beginners to veterans.

With helpful instructional videos to assist you in your learning, you could be impressing your friends with your new abilities in no time.

You can also learn things like how to make your own juggling balls and how to become better at balancing. And if you’re a joker, you could develop your skills by learning the art of clowning.

Biohacking Your Brain’s Health

If you’re looking for a virtual class that can benefit and revolutionize your life, consider going with a Biohacking Your Brain’s Health course.

The carefully curated curriculum focuses on methods that maximize your brain’s fitness. The primary methods used to achieve results are meditation, exercise, nutrition, and proper sleep.

Most online classes will help to keep your brain active, but if you really want to improve your brain’s health and improve your quality of life, enroll in a Biohacking Your Brain’s Health class.

Zombie Apocalypse Survival

One class you probably have never thought of is a zombie apocalypse survival course. After all, zombies are fictional, right?

Actually, the world has become so weird lately, maybe you should be prepared for a zombie attack, just in case.

In truth, a zombie survival class is a fantastic way to learn actual helpful survival skills, like how to safely forage for food, build shelters, and make fire. You might even learn how to treat zombie bites too.

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