6 Most Relevant Reasons to Watch Attack On Titan

Reasons To Watch Attack On Titan

Anime is one giant advertisement. The point of these shows is just to make you love the show to the extent that you can go. And Attack on Titan did that for me. I was overjoyed. It’s a high feeling to watch your favorite scenes and characters get animated(just anime lover things). In this post, I have disclosed the most relevant reasons to watch Attack On Titan.

Attack on Titan is a breathtaking and awe-inspiring animation show. The mystery, so many vibrant genres, the clues makes it one of the best show out there. It’s not just hyped up like that only, there are reasons for the tremendous love it received. I have discussed the 6 most relevant reasons to watch Attack on Titan.

Although there are so many reasons you can watch this anime show, the most relevant reasons to watch Attack on Titan are The Basement Suspense, The story, the animation, Great characters, and the music of course.

Doesn’t matter you’re an anime fan or not, Attack on Titan is for all. Everything in this anime is so well woven that you get knit so smoothly.

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6 Most Relevant Reasons to Watch Attack On Titan

Let’s end your wait and show you the 6 most relevant reasons to watch Attack on Titan that stoop up for me.

The Basement Suspense

Reasons to Watch Attack On Titan; The Basement Suspense
Source: Multiversity Comics

If you watched Attack on Titan or even started a couple of episodes, you know that the basement is such a great deal. It’s like the last piece of hope that Aaron carries with him because his father gave him a key to the basement and told him to check it when he was ready. 

The thing is he hasn’t checked it yet, he can’t. His home was behind so many walls where there are still so many titans in it and to this day in the anime, we don’t know what’s in the basement. It’s the biggest kept secret in this anime right now. That’s what keeps its audience waiting and wanting to find out what’s in the basement.

The Story

Reasons to Watch Attack On Titan; The Story
Source: The Courier Daily

To give you shock value, Attack on Titan never fails. The storyline is just phenomenal and full of suspense. The storyline in the show differs from time to time. Like season one felt like an action-packed show, season two gave the thoughts of mystery-horror and suspenseful at times. Season three was more philosophical. All the transitions in these genres happen so smoothly. While watching this show you will realize that something so mediocre at the start can be so big later on.

Insane Animation

Reasons to Watch Attack On Titan Insane Animation
Source: Monsters and Critics

The most favorite aspect of an anime show, its animation. The animation in Attack on Titan is just phenomenal. The creators of Attack on Titan must be extremely talented to have animated this type of stuff and it’s just a big round of applause for the animation that becomes one of the reasons to watch Attack on Titan. Not just the animation but the opening is also astonishing for the show. The hard lines, dark colors, heavy shadows, and fast-paced, high-flying sequences are amazing.

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Great Characters

Reasons to Watch Attack On Titan; Great Characters
Source: Screen Rant

The whole cast of Attack On Titan is great. I personally love Air and Mikasa, as they are just great. And then Armand is so calm and composed even in disastrous situations, which is great to watch. Who doesn’t love Levi? He is the most badass character ever created in any type of pop-culture meet. He is so cool and impossible to not love. Dialogue delivery plays a very important role in anime and Attack on Titan is a heavy dialogue show.

The Women Representation

Reasons to Watch Attack On Titan, The Women Representation
Source: Pinterest

The female representation in an anime adds a huge value to it. This is not just to be politically correct or anything else but because of the soccer conundrum. A lot of female characters in anime receive a lot of hate just because they are introduced as the main character. But they are super powerful. Talking about the fan character in Attack on Titan right now is Mikasa. She is a fan favorite. Before season three it was Annie, no doubt. 


Reasons to Watch Attack On Titan; Music
Source: The Review Monster

You haven’t noticed music is a huge deal for people when it comes to rating an anime. It has such an impact on the scene that the right song choice can elevate a moment, while a bad one can ruin it. Talking about Attack on Titan, the first opening even though “Very Young”, is already an iconic and one of the most memorable songs in anime history while the rest of the openings are just as good. Especially season three with all the symbolism it has. The song that gives me chills every time I listen is “Reluctant heroes”.

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Now that you’ve explored all the six reasons to watch Attack of Titans, I hope you are all set to watch it if you haven’t watched it yet. Let me remind you again that it’s a fantastic anime creation. Do watch it and be amazed.

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