7 Best Trending Hairstyle Ideas for Baby Boy

If you are looking for the best trending hairstyle ideas for your baby boy, then you have come to the right place. Here, we have gathered a list of some of the best hairstyles for baby boys that will be trending in 2021.

Until your child grows and makes his own preferences, you have the right to choose the best hairstyle for him. This is the time when a baby boy starts gaining height and hair. In addition, his looks also start changing in due course of time.

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7 Best Trending Hairstyle Ideas for Baby Boy

1. The Faux Hawk Hairstyle

7 Best Trending Hairstyle Ideas for Baby Boy
Source: Pintrest.com

Also known as the Fohawk, the Faux Hawk hairstyle can be the coolest hairstyle for your baby boy. This particular haircut is very simple and looks stylish as well as modern. Along with the Faux Hawk, you can also change and try most of the hairstyles you like. This hairstyle will give your baby boy a different look.

2. Rocking Racing Stripes

One of the popular hairstyles is the Rocking Racing Stripes. This type of hair-cut can match up with almost every man whether he’s long or short, thin or fatty. Just tie the lengthy and short side together with a fun striped detail as shown in the above-mentioned picture. This haircut will definitely enhance the look of your child.

3. Spiky Hairstyles

7 Best Trending Hairstyle Ideas for Baby Boy
Source: Pintrest.com

This particular type of hairstyle can be done in different ways and in different directions. You can use the comb to move the hair in any way you want. With the help of your fingers, you can adjust the shape of your child’s hairstyle. If you don’t know which hairstyle would suit your baby boy, then with this trendy haircut, your child would definitely look more cooler and attractive. Also, this hairstyle doesn’t need much time to set.

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4. Modern Mullet

7 Best Trending Hairstyle Ideas for Baby Boy
Source: Pintrest.com

The modern mullet haircut can be defined in two ways, one is the back body of the head with lengthy hair and another one with short-side hair and medium size front and top hair. You can shape the hair of your baby boy with both comb and fingers.

5. Punk Rock Tot

Give your baby boy a trendy look with this type of hair-cut. Pairing a lengthy side bang along with shaved sides will give an instant edgy touch to your child. Slick it down with your hands or spike it up, your child’s look would definitely enhance.

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6. Short Spiky Crop Haircut

7 Best Trending Hairstyle Ideas for Baby Boy
Source: Pintrest.com

This type of hairstyle is the most common hairstyle and is also one of the trending hairstyles so far. To do this hairstyle, you don’t need any wax or gel as this cut is specially designed for the enhancement of the textures. If you are confused about the best haircut then the short spiky crop haircut will definitely suit your baby boy.

7. Slicked Back Hair

7 Best Trending Hairstyle Ideas for Baby Boy
Source: Pintrest.com

This type of hairstyle can be done very easily. If your baby boy has long hair, you just need to wet his hair, take a comb and groom his hair straight back. Most of the men, with this type of hair-cut, look very unique and handsome, especially baby boys.

There are many different ways to style this hair-cut. Just by clicking your child’s hair back, it will give an instant new look to your baby boy and he’ll look cooler than ever before. Apart from it, your baby boy will definitely look more mature. You’ll definitely love this type of hairstyle.

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This tutorial will help you to set your baby boy hair according to your own choice.


Hairstyles represent a lot of things about one’s personality. For instance, a person who has curly hair means that he is fun-loving and one who has thick or wavy hair is considered creative.

All these above hairstyles are the top hairstyle ideas for your baby boy. In order to do these hairstyles, you don’t need much time. Also, you can make any of these hairstyles for your child to make him good-looking and more attractive than ever before.

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