ENFP And INFJ Relationship | The Bond That Makes Everyone Jealous!

enfp and infj relationship

An ENFP and INFJ relationship is enduring and people with such personality types are highly compatible. They share NF traits with each other which is commendable as the intuitive trait that these two share makes them form a closer bond with each other. It is vital to share some of the “personality functions” with your partner when it comes to dating to make sure that it lasts longer. ENFP and INFJ couples stand up to such facts.

Should anyone marry a twin flame or...
Should anyone marry a twin flame or soulmate

“Opposites attract!!” This theory is widely professed when it comes to love and romance. However, it gets restricted to that alone, i.e. a moment of infatuation. This is certainly not an enduring factor when it comes to forming a relationship with a person who is widely different from you. Unless you discover one excellent trait that you both share, there’s no hope for a lasting bond! It’s like rowing a wrecked ship no matter how hard both of you try.

Inherently ENFP and INFJ are different in certain regards. But that doesn’t stop them from forming a connection! The ENFP and INFJ relationship compatibility is based on how well they try to deal with such differences. The key to the ENFP and INFJ relationship lies in understanding and valuing if not completely believing in their fellow differences. 

Although they both have an entirely different stand when it comes to core values, nevertheless, they know how to respect such differences. But sadly, not many people believe in such personality tests as “Myers-Briggs” that reveal hidden psychological tendencies of a human and their true personalities. However, not believing doesn’t equate to being untrue. Let’s encrypt such personality types today, especially ENFP and INFJ!

Decrypting ENFP And INFJ Personality, Romance And Friendship

enfp and infp relationship, friendship and personality
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Do you believe in soulmates? Even if you don’t, ENFP and INFJ folks do! They find their soulmates in one another where they want to spend their life with each other. This isn’t an exaggeration about how deep their connection runs. If you think this is an overstatement, then keep reading! 

ENFP and INFJ make really good friends and couples. Their differences can be offset and they balance each other out! One disagreement isn’t enough to break them apart even if they do encounter some problems ahead.

Most answers to ENFP and INFJ relationship compatibility are hidden in their personality traits. If we get to know what these two humans are, then we can successfully analyze how perfectly suited they are for one another. Thus, to analyze their relationship, let’s uncover everything about their personalities first. 

ENFP Personality

Good TraitsBad Traits
Inquisitive Disorganized

ENFP aka Campaigner in the Myers-Briggs personality is a person whose most prominent traits are – “Extraverted”, “Intuitive”, “Prospecting” and “Feeling”.  ENFP personality type is one of the most commonly found personality types and it is believed that there are more ENFP women than men. In the US alone, 8% of the population has an ENFP personality type. 

People with this personality like to be around others and thus, they are extroverted in nature. 

These are the harbingers of happiness and joy. People with ENFP traits are the life of the party but they aren’t shallow people who are motivated by the crowd and happy smiles alone. 

ENFP people long for a deeper emotional connection than superficial small talks. They strive to find the true meaning of life with every step they take and not realizing their ideals can make them restless even. If you’re into astrology then you could understand an ENFP person through the zodiac “Leo”. 

ENFP’s are the Leos of “Myers-Brigs” with their warm-hearted personalities who are always striving and looking for something new to try. Their big hearts can accommodate the world and that also at times makes them a victim of being “people-pleasers”. 

However, their positive traits outweigh their negative ones. People with ENFP personalities are kind-hearted, optimistic, passionate, hard-working, and radiate positive energy.

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Famous ENFP People

  • Bill Clinton
  • Robin Williams
  • Julie Andrews
  • Will Rogers
  • Dr. Seuss
  • Mark Twain
  • Edith Wharton

ENFP Compatibility 

enfp compatibility

When it comes to romance, ENFP people are drawn to those who are warm-hearted and respect their individual values. They long for a relationship where they can be themselves and can communicate their ideas freely with their partner. 

ENFPs want to share a deeper connection with their partner who helps them grow and brings balance to their life. 

As they are much more open to ideas than facts, intuitive personality types are best for them. ENFP personality types find other idealists like INFP, ENTP, ENFP, ENFJ, INFJ quite intriguing. 

ENFP compatibility with intuitive personality types opens a room for communication that is otherworldly. The differences and similarities leave space for adventure and growth. Thus, they are best suited with them. 

The differences in values that INFJ brings in the life of an ENFP are highly appreciated and cherished. ENFP people are quite versatile and flexible when it comes to these differences and hence there’s little to no room for conflict. Hence, ENFP and INFJ compatibility is based on balance and understanding

INFJ Personality

Good TraitsBad Traits
Hard-workingSensitive to criticism

INFJ aka Advocate in the Myers-Briggs personality is a person whose most prominent traits are- “Introverted”, “Intuitive”, “Feeling” and “Judging”. These are the people who are mysterious and seek their goals with passion. The mysterious aura that surrounds an INFJ person attracts people toward them and even if they are “Introverted”, they don’t shy away from speaking their mind. 

INFJ people are inherently guided by their principles and imagination. They are very imaginative people who work hard to bring their desires into reality. They are practical in seeking their goals but somewhat idealistic in their beliefs. However, this doesn’t mean they have their heads in the clouds.

People with INFJ personality traits are practical in setting and realizing their goals. Moreover, their goals aren’t petty as they want to leave their wonderful mark on this planet. They believe that there’s something bigger meaning in life and that’s what they constantly do. INFJ people persistently work to find the real objective of life and never rest once they realize what that is.

Their hard work and determination come at the price of their own health! INFJ people are prone to self-neglect and this is the root cause of their many problems. Moreover, their goals and bigger worldview make them highly perceptive of others’ intentions and motivations which makes it hard for them to open up to others.

Reading so far, what zodiac would you attribute to an INFJ personality type? Aren’t they too similar to Scorpios? The mystery, aloofness, passion, and hardworking nature make INFJ similar to Scorpios.

INFJ personality types are insightful and principled beings who are sensitive to criticism. They are the rarest personality types which makes them seek rare and unique in their real-life too. These traits of INFJs can be as good as they can be bad. They need to tone down their values and learn to accommodate when it comes to being in a relationship.

Famous INFJ People

  • Emily Bronte
  • Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Carl Jung
  • Jimmy Carter
  • Shirley MacLaine
  • Florence Nightingale
  • Jane Goodall

INFJ Compatibility 

infj compatibility

In a relationship, INFJ sought after qualities that make them comfortable to speak their actual minds. They are instantly drawn towards humble beings who are as respectful of different human tendencies and values as they are. 

INFJ people are highly supportive in a relationship where they strive for emotional and deep intimacy with their partners. They want a deep bond just like an ENFP and value their partner’s opinions. 

Even in love, they can never compromise when it comes to their true beliefs and this at times brings differences in their love life. However, this is where most compatible personalities with INFJ come in! People with ISTJ, INFP, INFJ, ENFJ, ENFP personality types are most suitable and compatible with INFJ people. 

Out of all these kindred personality types with INFJs, ENFPs are the most important as they complement and balance each other well. The balance in life that an INFJ works hard for can be found with a warm-hearted ENFP partner. Hence, they are most compatible! 

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ENFP And INFJ Relationship

enfp and infj relationship
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ENFP and INFJ are ideally complementary to each other. Although different, once they get to know each other, they find many similarities between them. These commonalities initially draw them together and it takes time for an ENFP to instantly make an INFJ comfortable to share their true self.

As ENFPs are naturally jubilant and INFJs are more homely, they at first feel quite withdrawn from each other. However, this is the beauty of their relationship. Once they get to know each other, they know that there’s nothing more interesting than discovering life together! 

An ENFP and INFJ relationship is built on mutual trust, communication, and deeper love. The enthusiasm of ENFP makes INFJ feel more connected to life than they already are. ENFP and INFJ are attracted to each other due to their own differences and similarities. 

They balance each other out. In an ENFP, an INFJ finds a companion with whom they can communicate their thoughts and goals without any hesitation. And an INFJ gives a balance and teaches focus to an ENFP which they severely lack.

ENFP and INFJ couples know that differences are bound to occur when it comes to their own perceptions and ideals, hence they don’t let these differences break them apart. They work through their troubles not by prioritizing their own thoughts but rather by looking from their partner’s point of view.

Thus, no matter what problem arises in their relationship, INFJ and ENFP people are not going to give up on each other. They know communication is the key and if they follow this key, nothing in this world can break them apart! However, how they both communicate, DIFFERS! 

The different communication patterns that ENFPs and INFJs follow become the root cause of their relationship problems at times and thus, they need to be on the lookout for minute changes in their partner and behavior. However, as abstract as these folks are, they rarely pay attention to minute details or old events. As these attributes are shared by both of them, they can’t blame each other!

ENFP And INFJ Relationship Problems 

enfp and infj relationship problems
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ENFP and INFJ couples value harmony and thus, this factor makes relationship problems quite unlikely. Both ENFP and INFJ people know that differences are there and hence if they can find a common ground in everything, then there’s no area of conflict to begin with.

However, at times, some serious problems do occur and we can’t paint happy smiles all along. The problems here in ENFP and INFJ relationships are their values, beliefs, and opinions. You both can’t just nod heads when all you both want to do is deny. Values matter to both of them and hence at times, it becomes quite difficult to find a common ground.

Moreover, as ENFP people are led by feelings rather than plans, this trait can tick their INFJ partners off. This is due to the fact that INFJ people like to work in a planned out manner rather than randomly deciding things. Another area of conflict can be in the communication style as previously mentioned.

ENFP people like to resolve any dispute that occurs as soon as possible, unlike their INFJ counterparts who try to hide from confrontations. This is mostly because INFJ despises sticky situations where they have to speak their absolute mind. Also, as they like to be in a harmonious environment, INFJ tends to believe that running away from small disputes at times is for the best. However, their ENFP partner certainly does not think that way!

ENFP and INFJ do not face many relationship problems. As long as they communicate well, there’s nothing that can actually break them apart!

ENFP And INFJ Friendship

Enfp and infj friendship
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ENFP and INFJ friendship is the most fascinating of any friendships in the Myers-Briggs personality. These two personality types make for each other’s shortcomings and complement each other well. They assess numerous possibilities of a thing and deal with problems in their own way.

Sometimes an ENFPs way of looking and approaching things makes an INFJ look at possibilities it never thought of and the same goes for ENFP individuals. 

ENFP and INFJ are a dream team that makes everyone jealous! They make up for each other’s differences where ENFP outwardly looks at the bigger picture of things while an INFJ carefully analyzes minute details. 

These factors make their bond stronger and make them the best of friends!

Famous ENFP And INFJ Fictional Couples

The chemistry of ENFP and INFJ is undeniable whether in a relationship or in a friendship. The proof can be seen from the below mentioned famous ENFP and INFJ couples list who are the definition of cute, sweet, and loving couples!

To make the list more interesting, I’ve added famous ENFP and INFJ couples too!

  1. Harry Potter– Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks
  2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind– Clementine and Joel
  3. Penny Dreadfall– Dorian Gray and Vanessa Ives
  4. Almost Famous– Penny and William
  5. How I Met Your Mother– Ted and Tracy
  6. The 100– Monty and Harper
  7. Doctor Who– Sarah Smith and Rose Tyler
  8. Community– Britta Perry and Troy Barnes
  9. Constantine– Manny and Zed Martin
  10. Isshukan Friends– Yuki and Kaori
  11. Tokyo Mew Mew– Ichigo and Aoyama
  12. Hotarubi No Mori E– Hotaru and Gin

Wrapping Up

ENFP and INFJ personality types are best suited for each other. May it be a business relationship, friendship, or even romantic relationship, these two enjoy a lasting bond in all spheres of life. They balance each other out while making up for each other’s differences.

Where an extroverted ENFP can help an introverted INFJ, an INFJ can, in turn, humble down an ENFP. An INFJ makes an ENFP look inwards as the latter tends to focus on the big picture alone while missing out on the minute details. Thus an ENFP and INFJ always complete one another and are perfect for each other!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is INFJ And ENFP Compatible?

INFJ and ENFP are more than compatible in a relationship. Both of them look for a lasting and deeper emotional connection in a relationship and they find that in one another. They both share the NF intuitive traits that make them connect with each other even if they are different in certain regards. These differences make them intrigued to know more about their partners which only helps a relationship grow!

Q. Why Are ENFPs Attracted To INFJ?

An INFJ person always carries a mysterious aura that intrigues an ENFP. ENFP people are always attracted to a mystery that they want to unfold and this is the trait of INFJ that initially draws them towards INFJ. However, as they get to know each other, ENFP finds that they share many qualities with an INFJ which makes them even more attracted to them!

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