Thursday, July 29, 2021

Who we are

The team of Deasilex comprises of dedicated individuals who burn the midnight oil in order to present the reader with the best of the best movie reviews, tech updates and lifestyle trends.

Launched in 2020, the primary motive of the online platform is to create and nurture a community of avid readers. We plan to engage our audience with the most intriguing and trending news from all over the world.

The team of deasilex primarily focuses on helping the readers to learn new things. We do so by bringing different cultures and communities together.

Well if you wish to define how deasilex is different from other online informational platforms, let’s just leave it there- We know what you want!!!

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Meet our dedicated

Showcase Team

Lokesh Jaral

Project Lead

From being a movie buff who loves to binge watch all sorts of bewildering TV series and movies to handling the Ups and Downs in the SEO trends, Lokesh Jaral, takes care of Deasilex's statistical data with full vivacity with an experience of more than 4 years in the field of Digital Marketing and Networking

Jhanvi Sharma

Content Lead

Art and creativity, whether sketching or writing, has always made Jhanvi feel at home. Even when she was pursuing her masters in economics, She knew in her heart that writing about anything that adds value to life will bring her absolute joy and solace. This idea is what brings her to the team of deasilex.

Sayali Verma

Brand Partnerships Associate

Making the best use of her communication skills, Sayali proves to be an integral part of the DeasileX team looking after the brand partnership of deasilex. Her love for reading and the zeal to explore different walks of life helps her to bring a new perspective on board.

Shubham Attri

Associate Content Writer

Shubham is always on the path of discovering his capabilities. As a Content Writer, he loves to write about technology as it is something that connects him to the modern world. Being a believer in Smart work, Shubham loves to bring the essence of everything to his readers.

Ridhika Gupta

Associate Content Writer

Ridhika believes we are never too late to try something new! She's a passionate speaker who loves to observe and adapt the life happenings closely that reflects well in her writings. To find easy solutions for all your tangled thoughts, Ridhika invites you on a journey of exploring the latest trends with love! Life gets easier when you know where to approach!!

Nikhil Khajuria

Associate Content Writer

Nikhil strongly believes that the way you represent yourself is the same way you lead. Working as an Associate Content writer at Deasilex he is trying to figure out himself through his writings.