17 Trending Acrylic Purple Nails | Cute Purple Nail Ideas From Dark To Light Purple Hues!!

Acrylic Purple Nails

When in doubt, paint it purple!! Purple is that one dynamic shade that fits every mood and occasion. Whether you wish to rock a DJ night, or a Bachelorette, a Halloween party, planning big for new year’s eve, or simply need a change in your manicure and pedicure design, these trending acrylic purple nails are ready to accompany your desired nail cravings!!

It’s time for you to add little glitter and shimmer, stones and cones, fruits and jellies, ombre clouds, and many other trending nail designs to your next manicure session!! Searching from the best of the best designs, we are finally up with some amazing purple hues, inspired by your favorite celebrity nail art, festive vibes, and bold life choices.

To fill you up with some details, purple ombre nails are top of the list. Other than that Halloween acrylic purple nails, star constellations, and even the nude shades carry forward the list with some vicious nail art designs. Yeah, sure you are getting excited to know all the trendy candy designs mentioned below!!

So, let’s not make you wait further. Be ready with your favorite purple shades, nail brushes, and other nail tools like nail shapers, and let’s replicate these beautiful purple acrylic nails!!

Stunning Acrylic Purple Nails Designs That Are Full Of Fun!

It’s a fact that before getting your nails done, one thing that always leaves us in confusion is which nails to go for? Should I choose gel nails or should I go for acrylics? I mean what is the difference between the two?

Well!! Gel and Acrylics both are incredibly good and have their own qualities but if you want to try something out of the box and less glossy, then these purple acrylics are what you should be trusting right now! Check out these amazing acrylic purple nail designs full of dynamic ideas. 

The list goes like this…

1. Purple Pastel Ombre Nails

Acrylic Purple Nails; purple girl power nails

Ombre designs are ruling the trend game be it’s hairstyles or nail designs. When painted with pastel colors, the design looks even more modified and cute.

Aren’t these pastel ombre nails just what you needed? Fun, feminine, classy, and a blend of playful shades.

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2. Purple Girl Power Nails

Acrylic Purple Nails; purple power girl nails

Celebrate your womanly existence by flaunting these purple girl power nails. These look so adorable and speak up for your bold personality. 

This design is so amazing that you use minimalist colors to create an empowering nail design. Just paint your nails purple with “GIRLS” written in bold with red color. 

Ready to flaunt!!

3. Unique French Manicure With Purple Twist

Acrylic Purple Nails

If you are looking for something colorful and vibrant other than the classic French Manicure, then this unique french manicure design is perfect for you.

It’s a fun way to be creative and playful with different color shades. 

4. Spooky Halloween Nails

Acrylic Purple Nails; Spooky Halloween Nails

Halloween is around the corner!! Wuhu!! Add some spookiness to your nails just like you’ll be carrying with your scary pumpkin dresses!!

This is an amazing Halloween nail design with a dark web on it. All you need to do is paint your nails with a deep purple shade. Using black nail paint, draw a spider web to add the Halloween touch. See it’s ready!!

5. Purple Kidcore Nail Art

Acrylic Purple Nails; Purple Kidcore Nail Art

Want to relive the kiddish vibes? Try this purple kid core nail art that will surely earn your endless compliments for bold, playful, and glittery shades.

It’s the best way to showcase your bubbly side. Also, this manicure feels so refreshing and detoxifying with the vibrant color shades.

6. Purple Fluorescent Nail Art

purple acrylic nails: Purple Fluorescent Nail Art

Fluorescent nails are the best nail designs as they fit in every mood and vibe. Be it your friends’ wedding, your fresher’s party, Christmas party or even a vacation, they go perfectly fine with the occasion.

Also, this design gives you the liberty to play with different colors and expressions.

7. Watercolor Effect Patel Nails

nails acrylic purple: Watercolor Effect Patel Nails

Ahh!! The watercolor beauty!! Watercolor nail designs look so pretty and are very much in trend these days. The nails look like you have freshly pointed something on canvas that’s so intriguing to the eyes.

You can play with different shades from neutral to dark ones. The final results are sure to amaze you!!

8. Sweet Tooth Nail Design With Purple Candies

Sweet Tooth Nail Design With Purple Candies

Show your love for candies and sweets on your nail designs as well. Try this amazing sweet tooth nail design embedded with candies, macaroons, and stones.

You can create this nail design either in 3D printed design or using the ombre technique. The choice is yours. Let your cravings reflect clearly through what you wear.

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9. Strawberry And Daisies Nail Art

17 Trending Acrylic Purple Nails | Cute Purple Nail Ideas From Dark To Light Purple Hues!!

It’s time to add a little fruity effect to your nails. Check out this amazing strawberry and daisy nail art. The purple color adds more grace to the design. 

These purple daisies look so adorable. Trust me on this, these nails look killer and tempting that you can’t help but stare at them all the time.

10. Star Constellations

 Star Constellations

Create your own galaxy with these wonderful star constellation beauties!! This design looks stunning, and gives you an option to be playful with colors like blue, pink, white, purple, and many more!

The milky way galaxy created on nails is just adorable!!

11. Purple Pastel Clouds And Stars

Purple Pastel Clouds And Stars

Cloud designs rock the nail game with their simplicity and elegance. These amazing purple pastel clouds and stars just create the happy vibe that you’ll love to carry along.

What’s so special about this style is its blend of ombre, pastel touch, and creamy clouds! 

12. Purple Pastel Checks

Purple Pastel Checks

Check designs are the most subtle yet alluring designs. Be it in clothing, or simply in your nail art, it looks fab! This purple pastel check design is just perfect if you want to flaunt something simple and sober.

Paint the nails purple with a nice pastel nail paint and draw the check design on them. Be creative!!

13. Nude And Purple Fluorescent Swirls

 Nude And Purple Fluorescent Swirls

Ahh!! The nudes! Nude shades are so classy and elegant that anything and everything looks just on point just like this beautiful nail art made of nude and purple-fluorescent swirls.

Apply any beige, pink, peachy, or other nude shade on your nails. Now using purple hues draw fluorescent swirls at the upper and the lower edges of your nails. Looks amazing right!!

14. Purple Nails With Bananas

Purple Nails With Bananas

Fruit designs are quite a trend these days. And if you love going with the trends then here’s a punky banana nail art that you should give a try.

It’s perfect for holidays, summer break, freshmen year, and other fun occasions. Just coat your nails with purple hues and be creative with your bananas drawn on the nails. It’s so quirky but I love it!!

15. Purple Matte Fake Nails

15. Purple Matte Fake Nails

Fake nails are an easy pull when in a hurry! You just have to pick up the right size, with the right shades and you are good to stick them on.

Less work, better results!! These purple matte fake nails look simply elegant. You can wear them to a business meeting, a friend’s get-together or anywhere you wish to.

16. Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

Marking its inspiration from the most loved season of the year, the spring season, here’s an alluring nail design covered with cherry bosom!!

Ahh!! This looks so damn adorable, I just can’t take my eyes off! Try this design and begin your spring season with fun and excitement.

17. Purple Passion With Rhinestones

Purple Passion With Rhinestones

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year are approaching and you gotta be prepared for that. Well!! Here is an amazing nail design to stand out for your thanksgiving or new year outfit.

Enjoy these purple Christmas nails embedded with rhinestones that look so stunning. Be ready for dozens of praises!

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To Wrap Up:

That’s it for now!! All these trending purple acrylic nails designs are cheerful!! I personally love the purple clouds and stars design so much. Which one do you find the best, do comment down below!

Share this piece of purple trends with your loved ones who are obsessed with their nails! For more nail art inspirations, do check out our watermelon nail ideas, and many similar posts!!

Stay updated as we fill you with yet another trending nail hues! Until then Happy Coloring!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Purple Nail Designs:

Q: Which are the best dark purple nails to try right now?

The best dark purple nail ideas include:
1. Dark purple nails with glitter
2. Purple galaxy nail design
3. Jewed bold coffin nails.
4. Cute Lilac purple Ombre nails.
5. Deep purple and black nails.
6. Spooky purple Christmas nails

Q: Which are the best light purple nails designs trending right now?

The best light purple nails creating a style statement are:
1. Sea-inspired light purple nails.
2. Purple spring nails.
3. Purple butterfly nails.
4. Violet and blues!
5. Purple marine nails.
6. Ombre nails.

Q: Which purple nail designs are trending on Instagram?

1. Pastel tips
2. Purple jelly.
3. Purple haze.
4. Ombre tips.
5, Straight out of the ’80s.
6. Muted mattes
7. Purple candy stripes.
8. Purple skittles
9. Colour blocking

Q. How to prevent the damage caused by acrylic nails?

To prevent acrylic nail damage, cut your nails regularly, keep them hydrated, use a nail hardener and be aware of hyponychium.

Q. Where to buy the purple acrylic nail art supplies?

You can shop for purple acrylic nail supplies easily from any online store like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Ocean Nail Supply, and many others.

Q. Which shades of purple are in trend for acrylic nails?

Both dark and light purple shades are in trend right now. If you wish to go bold and royal, then use a deep purple acrylic nail color, and if you are looking for something light and elegant, then lavender shade is pretty popular these days.

Featured Image Credits: Kiara Nails

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