8 Adorable Pink Nails Design From Hot Pink To Nude Shades!!

Adorable Pink Nails Design

“Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink.” Say goodbye to boring bland nails and check out these adorable and trending Pink Nails designs. Hot pink, light pink, nude shades, or the glossy touch, you can experiment with different pink shades.

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Looking for nail art ideas for freshers, bachelorette, Christmas, or simply want a change in your regular nail designs, then do try these amazing pink nails designs. Here we have gathered the best nail designs to match the mood of the occasion and to compliment your personality. Whether you want pink and glitter nails or want to try hot pink neon shades, we have a design inspired by the latest trends.

Some of the best picks are pink pop-art nails, pink ombre nails, pink and glitter nails, and the list goes on and on. To get those glossy, celebrities like nails, read along and choose the best pink nails designs for yourself. Some nail designs are even specified to portray your feelings. 

Curious to know the best version of pink nails? Let’s not make you wait longer then. Read the post till last to know various bright and nude pink nail art designs!

8 Best Pink Nails Design

Set the party mood right with the brightest shades of pink. Try these amazing pink and glittery shades to curate the best designs for your nails. Here are the top 8 collections!!

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1. Pink Pop Art Nails

Pink Nails Design; Pink Pop Art Nails
Source: Pinterest

Say goodbye to boring bland nail colors. Choose something funky and fun. Like this one, the pink pop-art nails!! You can create anything from cartoons to candy designs on your nails. I love the candy lush colors. Pink can be fun and cool too. All you need to do is decide what character or candy you want on your nails, visit any nail artists and tell them to replicate that design. Or why not try this at home? I got my nails done with bubble gum design. You can also try your favorite candies!!

2. Shades Of Pink

Pink Nails Design; Shades Of Pink
Source: The Cuddl

We have heard about shades of grey, now here comes the shades of pink. From dark, bright to nudes and glitters, you can try a mix-match of various pink shades to create this nail design. You can either go all glossy with your nails or you can choose matte shades. The best way to carry this pink nail design is by applying a shade lighter than the previous one on each nail. Enjoy the elegant look!

3. Pink Ombre Nails

Pink Nails Design; pink ombre nails
Source: Pinterest

Ombres are never out of trend, whether it’s hair color or pink nail designs. Ombre is a mix of two color shades, basically one light and another one darker. You can use a pink nude shade at the inner corner and use a darker pink shade at the outer corners. Dab the nail paint with a small sponge or cotton ball to blend the two colors nicely. Wow!! This looks elegant. You can either choose gel nails or go for acrylics. Those dark-to-light transitions go well with every occasion and mood!

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4. Emoticons Nail Art

Pink Nails Design; Emoticons Nail Art
Source: Pinterest

Speak out your emotions through your nail art. This popular pink nail art design is admired so much among youngsters. You can get your nails painted with smiles when you feel happy, go for sad and gloomy smiles when you’re not so well, or add some funky winking smiles to add the fun factor. Nail art can be fun and creative when you have the best ideas like these. Do try this emoticon nail art and carry the vibe along!!

5. Pink Cloud Nails

Pink Nails Design; Pink Cloud Nails
Source: Pinterest

Cloud designs are pretty much everywhere these days, whether it’s clothing or nail art. You can create this amazing pink could design for your big nails that look super cool and beautiful. To do this you need a pink nude shade and use it as a base for nails. Now using a darker pink shade draw clouds at the edges and center. Do not forget to coat the nails with a glossy transparent polish. Look, how stunning your nails have turned out!!

6. Pink and Gold Glitter Nails

Pink Nails Design; Pink and Gold Glitter Nails
Source: love Ambie

Pink and glitter nails are also taking the top spot in nail art trends recently. Everything looks good with a little glitter on it, like this one. Cover the inner corners of your nails with golden glitter and cover the rest of the part with bright pink color. Ah, looks so adorable. Nothing can beat this bright pink and glitter nail combination. You can also create a more dramatic look by using some glittery stickers on pink nails. It looks great!

7. Modern French Pink Nails

Pink Nails Design; Modern French Pink Nails
Source: ITakeYou

Step up from regular french nail art and try these cute and adorable modern french pink nails. It’s done in the same way as the regular white french manicure, just instead of white, a bright pink shade is used at the tips. The best way to do this is to coat the nails with a nude pink shade. Now use a hot pink shade to cover the outer edges/tips of the nails. It’s simple, subtle, and elegant at the same time. Don’t forget to overcoat the nails with a glossy transparent polish to complete the look.

8. Pink Gift Wrap Design

Pink Nails Design; Pink Gift Wrap Design
Source: Pinterest

This one is the cutest of all. Whether it’s your birthday, you are going out with friends, attending a party, or just going to college, these pink gift wrap designs are super cute and amazing. Here baby pink shades are used to curate this look. Everything looks even more adorable with the baby pink color. Coat your nails with a light baby pink shade as a base. Now draw different gift wrap patterns on your nails using white or black colors. Like polka dots, mini hearts, stripes, or bows. The pastel colors go pretty well for this design. You can also use either shade of pink!

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To Sum Up

Hope your search for elegant pink nails designs joyfully ends here. To give a quick recap, these nail ideas were inspired by the latest trend in 2021. We talked about emoticon pink nails, pop style pink nails, ombre pink nails, french pink manicure, pink and gold glitters, and many others.

Which is your favorite pink nail design, do mention it in the comments section below. You can also share your own creative nail art ideas with us. For more fashion and lifestyle updates, stay tuned. Until then Paint It Pink!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Nail Designs:

What are the 5 popular types of nail designs?

The five popular types of nail designs are:
1. Oval
2. Square
3. Almond
4. Stiletto
5. Round

How can I make my nails grow faster?

To speed up the growth of your nails you can use Biotin as it’s a rich source of vitamin B that’s good for nail growth. You should also avoid using glue nails/stick-on nails, as the toxic polish used in the glue can harm your nails. Also, do proper grooming of your nails every few days.

Are French manicures still in style?

Yes, they are. Although nowadays Ombre and rainbow colors have taken over the nail art world, french manicures still remain in trend. From plain white to bright pink and yellow, you can try different versions of french manicures.

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