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Best affordable wedding gift ideas

Whenever we have to attend a wedding function, the first and foremost thing that strikes our mind is choosing the right gifts for the couples. To get you out of this confusion, we are here with a list of affordable wedding gift ideas.

The list we have disclosed in this article contains the best gift ideas that you’ll love to give anyone you want. Apart from it, we have chosen only those gifts that are affordable and can be bought by anyone. It will not cost you much money to buy these gifts.

The best affordable wedding gift ideas are

  1. Lovely Canvas Paintings
  2. Recipe Journal
  3. Towel Set
  4. Personalized Keychains
  5. Fleece Blanket
  6. Rainbow Mugs
  7. Jewelry Dish
  8. Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  9. Set of Bowls
  10. Personalized Cutting Board

This was a little overview of the gifts. However, you’ll know more about these gift ideas as you scroll down.

10 Best Affordable Wedding Gift Ideas for Bride and Groom

You can also consider these as last-minute wedding gift ideas because each one can be easily found at the nearby stores.

Best affordable wedding gift ideas
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Lovely Canvas Paintings

If you are running out of ideas on what to gift couples at their wedding, then there can be nothing better than giving them lovely canvas paintings. You can either buy a readymade painting from your nearby art and gallery store or ask a painter to create one.

Recipe Journal

Believe it or not, a good Recipe Journal will help both the bride and groom in preparing the best dishes. You can give your own recipes and it will be one of the best affordable wedding gift ideas.

Towel Set

A towel set usually contains three types of bathroom towels including a bath towel, a washcloth, and a hand towel. Gifting a towel set is affordable and handy.

Personalized Keychains

A lot of people prefer to give costly keychains as a gift. But if you want to give something unique, then make a personalized keychain and gift it to the couple. A personalized keychain can cost between $7 to $10.

Fleece Blanket

The fleece blanket is the best gift you can give to a newly married couple. It will help to keep them warm during chilly nights as these blankets are made of soft and cozy material.

Rainbow Mugs

Rainbow Mugs will brighten the home of couples with bold and vibrant colors. So, it is also one of the best affordable wedding gift ideas for Bride and Groom. These mugs will work great for both hot or cold beverages.

Jewelry Dish

You can help keep your girl’s wedding rings safe with a jewelry dish. Whenever she will take off her new ring, she will definitely remember and miss you. You can also get a jewelry dish from the shop and DIY it.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

You can also gift an affordable portable BlueTooth speaker to a newly married couple. It will make them feel good whenever they go out for a picnic or honeymoon and listen to the songs. A good portable Bluetooth can range from $10-$30.

Set of Bowls

Gifting a set of bowls to a couple in their marriage is also a good option. Whenever they’ll prepare anything in their house, they are going to remember the times you’ve spent together.

Personalized Cutting Board

A good personalized cutting board is easy to maintain and is durable. While going to buy a cutting board, you can get a variety of options but make sure you choose the right one and personalize it properly.


All these are thoughtful wedding gift ideas for married couples. You can also consider giving these items to the couple already living together.

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What is the best gift for a newly married wife?

Personalized Keychains, jewelry dishes, watches, perfumes, flowers, photo frames, lamps, etc are the perfect gift for a newly married wife.

What is a thoughtful wedding gift?

There are plenty of gift options available on the internet. You can select any of them, but in order to add a special effect or emotion, make sure you gift only personalized items.

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