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APP’s executive members, Tahira Blanchard (r) and Sharon Vidal

Dominica’s youngest political party, The Alternative Peoples’ Party (APP), is celebrating one year since its formation.

As part of its celebration under the theme ‘Moving Onward to Progress’, the party, which was founded on January 12, 2020, held its first press conference on Tuesday and pointed to the Dominica Labour Party’s (DLP) fifth consecutive general election win on December 6, 2019, as the “springboard” which launched its existence.

“We see our emergence as a significant milestone in Dominica’s politics. We recognize the enormity of the challenge, but APP stands ready to help build a team of like-minded individuals in response to the peoples’ demand for a fresh approach to politics,” stated Interim President Tahira Blanchard.

Blanchard said that data collected suggest that the people have grown weary of the same old tactics, and as such, their foundation was built on a different way of doing politics.

“APP’s approach is in line with what the people demand. Our party also subscribes to the good adage that it is never a good thing for one party to dominate the political landscape of any democracy for such an extended period as is the case in Dominica,” she remarked.

Blanchard is also of the view that a strong coalition is needed to break away from the emerging trend of incumbency stalemate, and labeled her party as “that coalition builder.”

“APP will always serve as an alternative force for good and decency in Dominica politics, both in and out of government. This is where the ‘alternative’ in our name comes in. The ‘Peoples’ in our party’s name suggests that we seek to represent all the peoples with their varied backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, beliefs, and affiliations. In short, we are the party for all, with no prejudices,” the party’s interim head disclosed.

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APP reiterate that their approach begins with a lowering of the political noise decibel, by moving away from the “tit-for-tat and seemingly angry or unsavory partisan rhetoric.” The party says it also also intends to fill the gap between the political sides in Dominica, by addressing the people and relating or responding to their needs.

Exactly twelve months after its formation, the party says it is strengthened by the “people’s pride, determination, and confidence” and see the road ahead as a promising one, with great certainties.

“We see our people repositioning themselves along different paths to success and progress as they continue to reconstruct their lives. We see an opportunity for families to get close because of COVID-19. We see the Dominican community maturing with our 42nd anniversary of Independence under our belt. Irrespective of our many trials, Dominicans have held our heads high, and we have shown that our resolve is stronger than the many challenges we face,” Blanchard affirmed.

She noted that APP has embraced the people and has been on the ground over the past year, surveying the entire nation,  taking stock of the citizens’ insecurities, wants, and needs.

According to Blanchard, the government has not taken the people seriously by helping to put them in a position where they can take care of themselves.

“…This is where APP comes in. We take the people seriously and we pledge, most honestly, to stand with the people,” Blanchard proclaimed. “We know it is possible for us to progress, and that to merely survive is not good enough. People would like to progress past their present difficulties, but the playing field is uneven on the people’s side. We see an opportunity to help our people.”

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They claim that their remit is to pick up the slack and focus on the people’s desires and dreams. To continue to work with the people, be with the people, help the people and build a coalition of Dominicans who are willing to work towards progress for all Dominicans.

In a plea for support from the electorate to help APP transform Dominica, Blanchard declared, “APP has the plan, the toolbox, and the vision to align Dominica with the new global realities. The same old political rhetoric will not work in this new geopolitical environment. We are better when we work together, so let us embrace the new Dominica as one people with diverse ideas.”

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