15 Amazing Matte Maroon Nails Creativity Ideas!! Outstanding Matte Nail Designs!!

Life is not perfect, but your nails can be!! Nothing can improve your mood more than a new perfect manicure. Your nails say a lot about your personality. So next time while getting your manicure and pedicure done, choose the coolest fit of nail designs that match your vibes. To help you narrow down the right choices, here are the perfect matte maroon nails that you can think of curating.

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Life is too short to have naked nails!! Go Paint them, Girl! Matte doesn’t mean boring and dull. Matte shades can be fun and creative. Maroon and burgundy are the two most royal colors to fill your nails. Getting ready for your birthday bash, going out to a pub, hitting a bachelorette, or planning a goofy Halloween theme party at home, matte maroon nails fit in with every mood and occasion.

Want those edgy stiletto nails, bloody Valentine coffin nails, matte maroon and golden glitter, or the bold ombre style, here’s a pick for every nail addict. Choose any matte nail designs, bring out your nail art accessories and start painting.

Hope you get the perfect sexy nails that get you lots of compliments. You can’t change the world, but you can surely change your nails though. Duh!! Let’s get started!

15 Amazing Matte Maroon Nails

Ahh! Love is in the air. Oh, wait it’s just the smell of the nail polish! A new set of nails gives you so much confidence to carry along. It can even make your boring outfits look more lively. You just need the right set of colors and some good nail designs. Try your hands on some of these outstanding maroon matte beauties!!

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1. My Bloody Valentine – Matte Red Nails

Matte Maroon Nails; My Bloody Valentine - Matte Red Nails
Source: Pinterest

Valentines is all about red!! Make this valentine’s eve even more exotic by wearing these sassy Bloody Valentine Matte Red Nails. You can try hearts and bow designs on your nails. You can even add a glittery touch if you want.

2. Matte Maroon Birthday Nails

Matte Maroon Nails; Matte Maroon Birthday Nails
Source: Pinterest

Ah, the birthday nails!!! Feel like a princess carrying this super stunning matte maroon birthday nail design with rhinestones. Put matte maroon nails on, cover the center or the edges with glittery rhinestones. You can curate the birthday look by sticking a stoned bow at the upper edges. Looks just wow!!

3. Matte Maroon Coffin Long Press On Nails

Matte Maroon Nails; Matte Maroon Coffin Long Press On Nails
Source: Amazon.com

Long Coffin nails are pretty much everywhere these days. If you do not have time to get your nails done, then try this quick hack. Use these amazing Matte Maroon Coffin Long press on nails and you are ready to hit the party. These are super easy to stick and remove.

4. Matte Maroon And Gold Nails

Matte Maroon Nails; Matte Maroon And Gold Nails
Source: Doobsy Nails

Maroon and gold is such a classy pairing. You should try these outstanding matte maroon nails with golden glitter. Everything looks better with a little glitter on it. Simply apply any of your favorite maroon shades and sprinkle them with gold glitter. Looks fab!!

5. Matte Maroon Almond Nails

Matte Maroon Nails; Matte Maroon Almond Nails
Source: Pinterest

Almond nails are just the right choice for every occasion. Not too short, not too long, just perfect!! You can replicate this matte maroon almond nail look easily. Just shape your nails round like almonds or stick on artificial nails. Paint them maroon in matte color, and you are going to carry that simple sober look!

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6. Matte Maroon And Black Halloween Nails

Matte Maroon Nails; Matte Maroon And Black Halloween Nails
Source: Pinterest

Halloween is around the corner. I am sure you are in search of some scary, Halloween-themed nails for sure. Try these matte maroon and black Halloween nails and be ready to flaunt that evil look. You can try different Halloween ideas like spider webs, laughing pumpkins, or some scary bats on your nails. The matte maroon and black combination goes just right with the theme and the mood!!

7. Matte Maroon Acrylic Nails

Matte Maroon Nails; Matte Maroon Acrylic Nails
Source: Pinterest

Tired of glossy, glittery nails? Do check out this ultra classy design of matte maroon acrylic nails. Acrylics are the best choice for those who prefer subtle colors. Also, acrylic nails need less maintenance, so you can easily carry them off with ease.

8. Matte Maroon With Silver Glitter Nails

Matte Maroon Nails; Matte Maroon With Silver Glitter Nails
Source: Pinterest

Matte maroon can be played along with a silver glitter accent. All you need to do is use a rich maroon shade in matte. Paint the nails with a maroon shade and cover the tips or inner edges with silver glitter. Looks elegant!!

9. Matte Maroon Stiletto Nails

Matte Maroon Nails; Matte Maroon Stiletto Nails
Source: Nails By Georgia

Ready to flaunt those long pointed stiletto nails? Well, then do try the rich matte maroon stiletto nails. Maroon is such a royal color that suits every professional and casual mood. To add an extra element you can try a hint of rose gold glitter to your stiletto nails. 

10. Bold Maroon Matte Ombre Nails

Matte Maroon Nails; Bold Maroon Matte Ombre Nails
Source: yve style.com

Ombre styling is pretty much everywhere these days, be it hair color or nail designs. Who said you can’t be playful with matte colors. Check out this bold ombre matte maroon nails design that looks super elegant. People mostly try the burgundy and maroon mix to create the perfect ombre look. This is worth a shot.

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11. Maroon Lace Nail Art

Matte Maroon Nails; Maroon Lace Nail Art
Source: Pinterest

Lace is a popular artwork in clothing and now in nail colors too. Do try these super cute maroon lace nail designs and be the heart of the party. Pick out a thin brush and draw a white lace pattern on your nails. Cover the rest of the area with matte maroon and you’re ready to flaunt the look. 

12. Matte Maroon Velvet Nails

Matte Maroon Nails; Matte Maroon Velvet Nails
Source: Nailery.net

Velvet nails are my favorite. Aren’t they super sexy and classy at the same time? The rich velvety texture of the nails feels so good. It goes well with all the shades and colors. Do try the matte maroon velvet nails, they look super royal. This matte maroon nail idea goes with both long and short nails pretty well.

13. Maroon Grey Matte Glitter Nails

Matte Maroon Nails; Maroon Grey Matte Glitter N
Source: Pinterest

Try a unique combination of matte maroon and grey this time. You can either go for a grey and maroon ombre design or try the “divide it half” style. Sprinkle some glitter at the inner edges and the nails are ready to show off.

14. Matte Maroon And Red Christmas Nails

Matte Maroon Nails; Matte Maroon And Red Christmas Nails
Source: Pinterest

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, oh what fun it is to style your matte maroon and red Christmas nails!! Lol! The poem was not so great, but this design for sure is. Do try this winter blush matte maroon nail design to vibe with Christmas eve. You can either draw some snowflakes, a cute Santa, or the jingle bells to complete the look.

15. Matte Maroon Animal Print Nails

Matte Maroon Nails; Matte Maroon Animal Print Nails
Source: The Nailzstudio

Last but not the least, animal prints are never out of trend. Go all maroon with a dabber animal print to make your nails stand out in the crowd. It’s a nice experiment to try. The tiger print is very much in trend. Looks super cool!!

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Wrapping Up

So many colors, so much fun! Don’t let your creativity sleep while designing your nails. You can be as creative as any of the famous nail artists, all you need is the right inspiration and some excellent ideas, to begin with.

Hope your search for matte maroon nails ideas joyfully ends here. The list above contained some of the brilliant nail arts inspired by celeb looks. You can easily curate those looks. Matte is a versatile shade. And matte maroon is just too royal. For more trending fashion updates, stay tuned. Until then, happy coloring!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Matte Maroon Nails:

Are matte nails better than glossy?

That totally depends on your choice. Some people love glossy gel nails, while others prefer acrylic matte nails. Both are great choices.

Are matte nails in trend?

Yes, pretty much. Matte nails are rocking the 2021 nail trends.

How to make matte nails at home?

You can easily create a matte nail polish at home. All you need to do is try this simple hack. Use some chalk powder and mix it with any nail polish you wish to turn into matte. This will balance the glossy texture of the nail paint and turn it into solid and acrylic. Now apply the color on your nails and ket it dry. See the magic as it turns out complete matte!

Featured Image Credits: Nail Design Studio

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