Amazon v/s Walmart – The Race To The E-Commerce Table-Top

Amazon v/s Walmart

Online shopping has become a kind of fashion these days. From the buyers to sellers everyone wants to sell and buy online. If we are thinking of shopping online the first name we all think of is Amazon and the second on the list is Walmart, the facts say it. So, here is an article that will compare both the table-toppers Amazon v/s Walmart and tell you which one is best for you as a buyer or as a seller.

Research shows that Amazon accounts the 40 percent of the US online retail. Well, that a huge number but the second on the list, Walmart is doing its best to push its position to number one but the gap is huge to cover. Although Amazon is sitting at number one, a sense of competition can still be felt in both companies. Amazon is doing its best to attract more customers. So, Ladies and Gentlemen fasten your seat belts as you are now going to witness the rivalry of the decade Amazon v/s Walmart.

Well, the comparison between Amazon v/s Walmart will be done based on the marketplace, the strategy followed by both, the challenges both the tycoons are facing, and the pros and cons of one over the other. 

It was difficult to jump to the direct conclusion and tell you which one would be better for you. So, we have categorized and compared both the online retail shops on basis of different categories.

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Amazon v/s Walmart

We have tried to write this comparison on “Amazon v/s Walmart” keeping in mind the perspective of both the buyers and the sellers. There are chances that the conclusion you draw might be different from ours. So, let’s read the points together and device out the conclusion.

Difference Between The Marketplace

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We all are aware of the fact that Amazon is the most visited online shopping site in the US. How many of us know that Walmart is second. 

Although Walmart is way behind and there is a huge gap between the two. The fact cannot be denied that Amazon started as an online shopping website and Walmart has stepped into online shopping a few years back and the growth is immense as compared to other online shopping sites.

If we talk about the growth of Walmart in the first two years after establishing a business online. It has 100 million unique visitors per month and a 207 percent growth rate. That’s quite fast.

If we consider all the facts and figures, Amazon is still ahead but the promising numbers displayed by Walmart make it safe for the investors to invest. 

Cons Of Amazon and Walmart

Cons Of Amazon and Walmart
Source: Forbes

If we are in the fight “Amazon v/s Walmart” then considering the pros and cons of both companies is a must. So, let’s start with the cons of both.

If you wish to be a retailer at Walmart then you need to be specific with the customer review numbers. That is you should have an on-time shipment rate of 99 percent or above, less than 2 percent defective item defect rate, and provide the correct shipments tracking record. In a nutshell, you need to have an impeccable seller’s record.

Getting the products in the Walmart marketplace is troublesome, you could be called to any of the retail stores for two-four weeks for selling. But, once you are through this everything is easy.

Moving on to Amazon, entry as a seller is comparatively easy. Amazon caters to around 2 million merchants from around the globe. Although it is easier to get in there the competition is high as several merchants are selling the same product. 

You can survive this competition either by building your reputation or offering the perfect deals that attract the customer.

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Pros of Amazon and Walmart

Amazon v/s Walmart Pros
Source: Dice Insights

We had discussed the cons of both the shopping companies. Now, let’s have a look at the pros of both of them.

Starting with Walmart first although it is difficult to get the online retailer tag as you get in, there will be low competition as compared to amazon. There is also less ad placement competition on Walmart.

Although there is no more competition so becoming the merchant of Amazon is quite easy.

It seems like one competitor’s weakness is the strength of the other. 

Comparing The Amazon And Walmart as Physical Stores

Amazon v/s Walmart as Physical Stores

Now, this is the place where Walmart has to outshine Amazon.

Walmart has a well-established network of physical stores that makes the highest revenue generator in the US when it comes to retailing on the physical stores.

On the other hand, Amazon is well established online but it is facing tough competition from Walmart for establishing the stores on the Ground.

YouTube Video On Amazon v/s Walmart

Amazon v/s Walmart – Who is the Winner?

Well, I would repeat the line, ”One competitor’s weakness is the strength of the other”. 

Amazon dominates the apparel store due to the high number of merchants whereas Walmart believes in delivering quality and on-time products.

Competition is high for sellers on Amazon but it is comparatively very low on Walmart. You can have an idea by looking at the stats Walmart has 50,000 third-party sellers but Amazon, on the other hand, has 2.4 million third-party sellers.

We can also not deny the fact that this high number provides the consumer with more options to choose from.

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Well, if we talk of the Annual revenue generated. Walmart is ahead of Amazon, Walmart generated $524 billion last year whereas amazon generated $347 billion in total.

So, what we concluded for “Amazon v/s Walmart“ is Amazon is great as an online shopping website and Walmart is doing great as physical stores. But, if you look at the rapid growth of both of them then you can’t be sure what happens in the near future.

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