All-Time Best and Worst American Horror Story Seasons Ranked in Order!

American Horror Story Seasons

You can’t call yourself a horror movie fan if you haven’t watched American Horror Story. The rollercoaster ride involves new chunks of insanity and bloodshed in every 9 of its seasons. Which according to you was the best American Horror Story Season?

American Horror Story is an anthology series that involves different sets of horror instincts like the haunted house, a coven of witches, a haunted hotel, the insane asylum, and many more mysteries that you’ll enjoy watching. In this post, we have made a distinction between the best and the worst American Horror Story Season.

After taking a short survey about the liking and disliking of American Horror Story Seasons, here is the list of American Horror Story Season Best to Worst rankings.

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  1. Murder House
  2. 1984
  3. Asylum
  4. Cult
  5. Coven
  6. Hotel
  7. Freak Show
  8. Roanoke
  9. Apocalypse

American Horror Story is the greatest horror franchise that covers 9 different seasons with a different story to tell. Starting from the very first season of American Horror Story, it has created an impact on the viewers. Here is the listing of the best and worst AHS seasons ranked by the viewers.

Best American Horror Story Season

Murder! Horror! Bloodshed! 

How can you sleep peacefully watching supernatural horror stories? Well, watching these best American Horror Story Seasons will definitely haunt you!

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Murder House: The One That Started It All – Season 1

Best American Horror Story Seasons; Murder House: The One That Started It All - Season 1
Source: Screen Rant

Murder House is the first season of American Horror Story, How can You Expect it to be any less than a supernatural thriller. 

Why is Murder House the Best AHS season ever?

Do we need any explanation for this question? Murder House centers around a haunted house owned by a mother-son duo. How can we not talk about the main element of the series when Violet realizes that she’s dead for weeks. Damn! It was horrifying. 

Murder House definitely set the bars high for other AHS seasons. 

1984 – Season 9

Best American Horror Story Season; 1984 - Season 9
Source: Den Of Geek

Ready for some horror slash? 1984 is the scariest Horror American Story with spooky haunting vibes. Watch this at your own risk!

What makes 1984 Season 9 the best AHS season?

The story is centered around a woman who is attacked by a serial killer leaving her restless. To get out of this trauma she goes out camping with Redwood Camp. The twist is that the Redwood Camp was shut down due to serial killer attacks more than decades ago. 

This means the Camp that Brooke Thompson is attending is managed by mysterious powers. 

Watch the camping experience turn into a haunted site with ghosts, murders, and horror flashbacks. 

As we know, American Horror Story has every part filled with these three elements but rarely do we find all these three together as perfectly as they are in 1984.

Asylum: The One With Bloody Face – Season 2

Best American Horror Story Season; Asylum
Source: Gaming Age

American Horror Story never fails to give goosebumps. And season 2 of AHS is bloody dark and horrifying ever. 

Why is it the best AHS Season? What’s the special element in this season that hooks the audiences? 

Like other serial killer stories, Asylum focuses on a serial killer named Bloody Face. His mental state turned him into a serial killer. And now his spirit haunts the mental hospital. 

Asylum starts with a couple who explores new buildings as part of their project. This time the building they are involved with is a mental hospital that is believed to be haunted by Bloody Face and other accused murderers who were tortured by the asylum. 

What happens to the couple when they enter that haunted building is jaw-dropping. Watching this story leaves you sleepless for nights. 

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Cult – Season 7

Best American Horror Story Season; Cult
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Horror stories can be fascinating too, I mean look at this one. Cult is the 7th season of American Horror Story that is damn scary and impeccable. 

It’s the story of a puppet and murderous clowns that are controlled by a cult leader. Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters played fantastic roles in the series. 

After Asylum if something matches the level of AHS, then it is Cult. The horror, humor, and screenplay were all commendable and terrifying. Horror Story fans will really enjoy the scary puppet murderous drama! 

Coven – Season 3

Best American Horror Story Season; Coven
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

What do you imagine thinking of a horror story? Some scary bloodthirsty zombies or ghosts! 

Coven has both to scare the hell out of you. The reason why Coven is listed in the best AHS season is the extra amount of zeal and drama that’s missing in the other seasons somewhat. What stood out in this series was the witchy girl performance by Lily Rabe and the addition of Angela Bassett with some heavy hitters. 

You won’t realize the horrifying beauty of Coven until you watch the recap of this series in Apocalypse. 

Worst American Horror Story Season

It’s not appropriate to term any season as worst but since these seasons skipped out the beat and the level of other seasons, that’s why they fall in the list of worst American Horror Story Seasons.

Hotel – Season 5

worst American Horror Story Season; Hotel
Source: CinemaBlend

Hotel as the name suggests shows the story of a hotel that has past records for being involved in mischievous happenings like being the hostage for serial killers like AKA the Night Stalker and Richard Ramirez. 

Though many characters from this particular season got nominated for many awards and even won them. But somehow it failed to match the level of other AHF Seasons.

What makes Hotel the worst AHS season? 

According to fans and critics, the storytelling of this season lacked the hold. Also, the hotel theme was a little off the beat. 

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Freak Show – Season 4

Worst American Horror Story Season; Freak Show
Source: Cosmopolitan

Hey! The freak show can’t be the worst AHS season as Sister Mary Eunice played by Lily Rabe was the highlight for the show. Then what makes it the worst AHS season? 

The series might have started with an interesting hook but it lost track on the way to the finale. It was disheartening to see that in spite of the cast’s awesome work in the series, the unfocused plot made it fall in the disliked AHS seasons. 

Roanoke – Season 6

Worst American Horror Story Season;  Roanoke
Source: PopSugar

As we saw a fresh cast in every AHS season but this one was made cleverly by taking the same cast in a nightmare as well. This stunt might have flopped the show.

Why is Roanoke the worst season in AHS? 

Although Roanoke had a great plot the epilogue finale dripped the excitement away. Fans were quite disappointed with the middle twists. All the horror tension created at the beginning was interrupted at the end.

Apocalypse – Season 8

Worst American Horror Story Season; Apocalypse
Source: Nightmare On Film Street

It was so much thrill to watch the scary murderous part revisited from Murder House and Coven’s witches. Apocalypse was fun and magical, no doubt.

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Apocalypse was a mix of three different seasons which made it a blunder. At one point when the series looks high on horrifying excitement, at another point, it goes totally offbeat making it a disliked season of AHS. This season makes you cry and laugh at the same time.

To Sum Up:

All the above-mentioned rankings of American Horror Story season were purely based on fans’ and critics’ reviews. Tell us which one’s your favorite season and why? We would love to hear back from you.

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