Animal Kingdom Season 5: Things To Know and Where To Watch For Free

Animal Kingdom Season 5

Cody Boys are all set to rock your TV screens with their action again. The first episode of Animal Kingdom Season 5 has been released and many of us have seen it. While those who haven’t, I don’t know what they are waiting for? Christmas? Well, here is an article that will remind you of the things that you need to know before watching Animal Kingdom Season 5.

Talking a little about the show, it is an American drama crime show that was developed by Jonathan Lisco. The show revolves around a strong lady and her struggle to the top of the Cody clan. Well, four seasons of the tv series have been released and the fifth has released its first episode. Here, we are with an article with the things to know before watching Animal Kingdom Season 5. We have also mentioned the apps and websites to watch the tv series.

For the people of the United States, it’s bad news that you cannot watch Animal Planet Season 5 on Netflix. But, the Netflix circle of Australia and Canada will stream Animal Kingdom on its platform. The good news for the US people is that they can stream the tv series on the TNT application or the cable channel.

We have provided more options in the article below that will help you in streaming Animal Kingdom Season 5 for free online. Let us start with the things to know before watching Animal Kingdom Season 5.

Things To Know Before Watching Animal Kingdom Season 5

We all know that the whole Animal Kingdom or what they call it the Cody Household run by the mastermind Lady, Smurf. All the decisions made in the family are either direct or indirect orders by her. Her death has created a certain vacuum in the show and this is surely going to affect the Animal Kingdom Season 5 plot. So, here we are with the things to know before watching Animal Kingdom Season 5.

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Who Will Take The Smurf’s Position?

Animal Kingdom Season 5 - Smurf
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If you could recall Season 4, Smurf after being diagnosed with cancer decided to put herself in danger. So, that she could be dead. But, her all-time favorite son, Pope comes to rescue her and saves her. Smurf was angry at Pope and asked him to kill her which Pope obviously didn’t but J did.

Now, the Smurf was dead and J was eager to step up and take her position but Pope stood in between. Pope asked J to get out of the household but after being convinced by Angela (Pope’s Girlfriend) Pope changed his mind. Now, J and Pope will work together to steal the money back which Smurf cheated for the whole family.

Pope Will Be Insane

Animal Kingdom Season 5 - Pope
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It was the Smurf that had control over the Pope’s sanity. But, as she is dead now he is an open bull. Who do you think can control the Pope and his temper now? Is it J or his mother’s close friend, Angela? No, no one is there to control the Pope’s sanity now. It will be fun to see Pope without any control in Animal Kingdom Season 5 now.

You Will Witness Some Father-Son Bonding

Animal Kingdom Season 5
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During the end of Season 4, Billy was found in a club. Just a reminder, Billy showed up for the first time in season 3, where he told that he is the father of Deran. At the end of season 4, Billy told Deran that he is clean and wants to live with him in Oceanside. But, Deran had other plans. He had planned to leave the country with his boyfriend, Adrian. He changed his plans of leaving the country after hearing about the Smurf’s death.

Not only Deran’s but also Craig’s father, Jake, arrived at the end of the season. Jake was threatened by Smurf, that if he ever tries to get close to Craig, he will be dead. But Smurf is dead now. He has got his chance to slip into the family.

Although, both the dads cannot be trusted and there is a very good chance that they are back to take the empire that the Strong Women Smurf has built.

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Cody’s Show That They Are Weak Now

Animal Kingdom Season 5 - Pope and J
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No matter what is the relation between the J and Pope, they have to stick together to tell people that they are still strong and united. Angela will be playing a key role in keeping both the brothers together. Cody’s have to counterattack to retain their position in the market and they have to counterattack those who are willing to take the Smurf’s position.

The Mystery Woman Pam

Before you start watching Animal Kingdom Season 5, you must know about this mystery woman named Pam. Smurf has left the house and most of her money in the name of Pam. Well, there must be a certain twist in the story of the Animal Kingdom Season 5 with this Young Woman, Pam. Be ready for it.

Where To Watch Animal Kingdom Season 5?

Animal Kingdom Season 5

To watch Animal Kingdom Season 5, you have to get the Subscription to the TNT application or if you have a Cable connection you can also call your cable operator for the TNT viewership. The Season 5 episodes are streaming live on TNT. Other than these you can also purchase the Animal Kingdom Season Episodes from the online website. Applications like Apple TV, Vudu, YouTube, and Google Play are also offering the purchased version.

If you wish to watch Animal Kingdom’s season 1 to season 4, you can watch them on Amazon Prime but you need to have the subscription first.

Is Animal Kingdom Available On Netflix?

If you are living in the United States then there is bad news for you, The US circle of Netflix doesn’t offer Animal Kingdom Season 5 on its streaming platform. But, if you are living in Canada or Australia then you can surely enjoy the Animal Kingdom TV series.

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Where To Watch Animal Kingdom Season 5 For Free?

Yes, it is possible to watch Animal Kingdom Season 5 for free.

You can directly download the whole season from various Telegram Movies and Web Series channels.

You can visit online tv series streaming sites. These sites stream the online tv series for free.

Or, here we have the list of the websites like 123movies, you can download your tv series from here as well.

We have also got the various Torrent sites to Download Animal Kingdom Season 5 For free. You can visit them by clicking on this link.

Note: We at Deasilex Do not promote any kind of Piracy. We always recommend that you watch the TV series from a legal source. But, if you wish to download it from the torrent then make sure to know the piracy rules of your country. This might get you in trouble.

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Well, that was all you need to know before you watch Animal Kingdom Season 5. Episode 1 was released on 11 July 2021. We have also mentioned the websites and apps that will help you to watch all episodes for Season 5 both in the paid as well as free mode. But, be careful of what you choose. 

Now, what are you waiting for? Go start watching the tv series.

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