Animal Kingdom Season 5 Detailed Review, Cast & YouTube Video

Family! Drama! Action! The long-awaited Family Crime Drama “Animal Kingdom” is finally up with Season 5. After a 2 year-long break, Animal Kingdom Season 5 premiered this Sunday on July 11, 2021. You can go and stream it right away on TNT or on various other sites available to watch your favorite TV shows for free. Here’s the Animal Kingdom Season 5 Detailed Review.

Animal Kingdom is a Crime thriller, family drama, and serial drama genre TV Series of American cinema. It’s the story of a criminal family involved in dark activities. Until now the series has 4 grand seasons having 13 episodes each(season1 has 10 episodes) and now accompanied by a brand new Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 1 aired last Sunday. 

We often tend to take our families for granted until they are no longer present to protect us from the odds. The same is the story in Animal Kingdom. Smurf, the head of the family who uses unethical means to protect her family is shot dead. Now his sons are fighting hard to survive the allies. Things get heated up when an outsider becomes the owner of Smurf’s property. Here’s a detailed Animal Kingdom Season 5 review to tell you what happens next when Smurf dies.

Bad deeds pay off sooner or later. Find out who gets to pay and who survives right here in this post. Will the Cody family manage to be together or will there be a crack in their relationships? Who becomes the new owner of the empire? 

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Animal Kingdom Season 5 Cast

Animal Kingdom Season 5; Animal Kingdom Season 5 Cast
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Here’s the cast and main characters of Animal Kingdom all seasons. Some are dead, some will reoccur in season 5.

  1. Ellen Barkin played Janine “Smurf” Cody. She’s portrayed as the toughest member of the Cody family. She’s the matriarch of her family, who protects and loves her family. In seasons 1 to 4, As she finds out that she’s suffering from cancer, she plans a heist to die along with Pope. But her plans fail miserably and she’s shot dead by J. (From seasons 1 to 4)
  1. Scott Speedman played Barry “Baz” Blackwell. Baz is Joshua’s estranged father and Smurf’s adopted son. He’s the mastermind behind Cody’s robberies. At last, Mia shoots him dead for framing Smurf.
  1. Ben Robson played Craig Cody. Craig is mischievous of them all. He’s the middle son of the Cody family who is involved in illegal activities and drugs.
  1. Shawn Hatosy played Andrew Cody “Pope”. Pope is the eldest son of the Cody family and the most suspicious member of the house. Despite his mentally disturbed state and suicidal thoughts, he keeps checking on everyone entering the Cody household. Oh, and yes, he’s infatuated with Baz’s girlfriend Catherine.
  1. Jake Weary played Deran Cody. Deran is the youngest son of the Cody family. Deran is a former competitive surfer who operates a side business of a bar. He’s gay and openly accepts it. Deran had a girlfriend Adrian, whom he left for his safety.
  1. Finn Cole played Joshua Cody, known as “J”. J is Smurf’s grandson who comes to live in Cody’s family after his mother Julia dies. J has a witty nature and wants to overtake Smurf’s power.
  1. Daniella Alonso played Catherine Blackwell. Catherine is Baz’s girlfriend whom we saw in season 1. She’s the mother of Lena, their daughter. Pope killed her on Smurf’s order in the very first season.
  1. Molly Gordon played Nicky Belmont. She’s seen in seasons 1 to 3 as J’s girlfriend who hooks up with Craig later on. 
  1. Carolina Guerra played Lucy. She’s Baz’s mistress from Mexico. Baz was involved romantically with her when Catherine disappeared from her life. 
  1. Leila George played Young Jannie Cody, “Smurf”. She’s the mastermind behind every criminal happening. She runs a ruthless gang of criminals and later on becomes the matriarch of the Cody family.
  1. Jon Beavers played Young Jake. He’s Craig’s father and a member of criminal Smurf’s gang.
  1. Rigo Sanchez played Young Manny. In season 5 he’s shown as the leader of Young Smurf’s gang.

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Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 1 Review

Animal Kingdom Season 5; Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 1 Review
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Season five is damn thrilling. From where season 4 ended with Smurf’s death and her boys taking over her empire, now it’s payback time.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 1 starts with Pope, Craig, Joshua, and Deran sitting together and planning their next move. Pope is now shown as the leader of the group. They found bags filled with gold worth millions and decided to give them back to their cousins. But Craig didn’t want to return the gold, instead, he wanted to keep it with him.

Craig is even ready to kill Odin to keep the gold but Pope being the eldest member of the clan stops him from doing so.

There’s a secret apartment owned by Smurf where she left her fake ID and passports.  Both the groups (Pope’s and Odin’s group) reach that place. 

Pope offers to give away all the gold and tells the other group to leave as soon as they get the gold. 

As the episode seems to be close to a conclusion, a new twist appears when Craig and Deran get to read ‘Smurf’s Will’. They are shocked to find out that almost everything on Smurf’s property is named after Pamela Johnson.

A sudden power cut makes the scene even more intense when Odin reaches that place with killers to kill the Cody boys. There’s a gunshot which Cody boys happen to outwit.

The entire episode of Season 5 is a clear indication of the carefree life of Cody when Smurf was alive and the scenario after she’s dead.

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Everything seems to get puzzled as Cody’s found out about Pam. Hatosy played a brilliant role. Amongst all these happenings, Pope’s flashbacks become more frequent than ever. This man seems to be more screwed than anyone else at this moment.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 List of Episodes.

Episode No.TitleRelease Date
1“Red Handed”July 11, 2021
2“What Remains”July 18, 2021
3“Freeride”July 21, 2021
5“Family Business”TBA
6“Home Sweet Home”TBA
9“Let It Ride”TBA
11“Trust The Process”TBA
12“Loose Ends”TBA

Animal Kingdom Season 5 YouTube Video Clip!

Whatever happens in the next episode, one thing is for sure that is there gonna be a lot of suspense and drama!! The makers have cleverly portrayed every character in this season.

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Does everything just seem to fit well in place only until the Cody sons find out who’s Pamela Johnson? How is she linked to Smurf? For that, you will have to wait out till the coming Sunday as the Animal Kingdom Season 5 series will be up with a new episode every Sunday.

Until then enjoy episode 1 with your friends and don’t forget to share this post with AK fans!!

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