Another Life Season 2 Release Date | From Premiere To Cast

another life season 2 release date

The mystery, the unknown, always draws us into the world of Science fiction, and hence, starts our Netflix sessions marred with all-nighters. However, the sci-fi series Another Life did not appeal to fans much! But, Netflix didn’t cease to surprise us! This online global streaming platform announced the renewal of Another Life even though the series did not have favorable views and wasn’t able to draw the attention of wider audiences! Nevertheless, for those who are wondering what Another Life Season 2 Release date is, well, you all should get ready for good news!

Another Life is returning to the TV screen with the answers to all the unsolved mysteries! Let’s see what season 2 will have for us!

After the conclusion of Another Life season 1, Netflix soon announced the renewal of the series! Although the release date of Another Life season 2 has not been revealed yet, Netflix Geeked has already given a thumbs up that it will come around the fall of 2021! So there’s no time left to wait! The series can come out any time now as the filming has already concluded!

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From who all will appear in Another Life Season 2 to what should we expect in the series, let’s find answers to all these questions!

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Another Life Season 2 Release Date

another life season 2 release date
Source: Decider

Another Life is an American Sci-Fi series that premiered on Netflix in July 2019. Created by Aaron Martin,  this series stars Katee Sackhoff popularly know for her role as Lieutenant Kara in Battlestar Galactica. Although being a Netflix Original series, this sci-fi series failed to impress the viewers and critics and thus, it earned very low ratings! The IMDb rating of the series is 5/10 while Rotten Tomatoes shows 6%. These ratings are too low but let’s see if season 2 will turn the tables or not!

It has been two years since the first season premiered, and since Netflix announced the renewal for season 2 of the series! However, till now, no exact date has been announced for the release of Another Life Season 2. All we know, as of now, is that the series will be released anytime in the fall of 2021 (Courtesy, Geeked).

Covid-19 added to the delays in filming which was the main cause for the delay in the release of the series. However, the filming of season 2 already ended in Dec. 2020! Hence, you can expect this sci-fi drama on your screens again in 2021!

So are you excited to know who all will appear in the series and how will it be? If not? Well, you should be!

Another Life Season 2 Plot

another life season 2 plot

This space opera series ended with lots of complexities that will obviously be solved in the upcoming next season! But first things first, let’s recapitulate season 1 before jumping onto the intricacies of season 2 to see what all we can expect! One thing is for sure, season 2 will surely exceed our expectations and make up for our disappointed hearts!

Another Life is at best, a space opera series with the perfect blend of humans and aliens! The first few episodes of the series will give off an impression of Arrival but not aptly so, as we move forward! This isn’t some human-alien peace story but the moment of crisis where aliens do nothing but look down on the human population! And the most absurd thing? Everyone is of the impression that they are “ALL” loving! Well, let’s see how!

Katee Sackhoff playing the role of Niko will lead a crew of astronauts on a very dangerous mission leading her to find some disturbing truths that will only endanger the whole of the human race! When an alien spaceship lands on earth called “Artifact”, Niko goes on a journey to find the possible source of this UFO and that’s where she gets to know the not-so-good side of aliens who want to control and eliminate the human race!

While the humans are living under a happy illusion on earth, Niko is up there fighting an uncertain war as she lost all possible connections with earth! Not only that, her ship’s AI (William) has possibly created a blunder that will only add to much of her worries! 

Aliens are planting microchips with humongous power in the brains of humans to make them their puppets, the same thing which controlled Salvare’s government representative (Sasha). Now Niko has to figure the way home and fight an uncertain war with this powerful enemy! And that’s what will become the plot of Afterlife Season 2!!

Thus, Afterlife Season 2 is marred with mystery and action! What are the plans of Achians (Aliens) for the earth dwellers? What is up with the AI William created? What will happen to Jana who has been diagnosed with Leukemia? What about Erik who is completely unaware of the ill intentions of the Achaians? There are many more questions whose answers we’ll get to know in season 2!

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Another Life Season 2 Cast

another life season 2 plot
Source: Den of Geek

No information about the Afterlife Season 2 has been divulged yet, but we do know that the series is not concluded yet! This only signifies that we will surely be seeing some of the old faces! 

The filming for season 2 has wrapped up and it has come to news that some new faces are also appearing in season 2, like- Tongayi Chirisa, Dillon Casey, Shannon Chankent, and Kurt Yaeger. We are sure some more faces can also be seen besides these 4 but as we are not sure yet, let’s wait a little more! 

We still do not know what role these new faces will appear in. But let’s be patient and wait till further news comes up! Here’s a list of the old cast that you would be seeing in the Afterlife season 2!

  • Katee Sackhoff as Niko Breckinridge
  • Justin Chatwin as Erik Wallace.
  • Samuel Anderson as William.
  • Blu Hunt as August Catawnee.
  • A.J. Rivera as Bernie Martinez.
  • Alex Ozerov as Oliver Sokolov.
  • JayR Tinaco as Zayn Petrossian.
  • Selma Blair as Harper Glass.
  • Elizabeth Ludlow as Cas Isakovic.
  • Tongayi Chirisa as Richard Ncube.
  • Dillon Casey as Seth Gage.
  • Shannon Chan-Kent as Iara.
  • Kurt Yaeger as Dillon Conner.
  • Carlena Britch as Paula Carbone.

Another Life Season 1 & Season 2 Episodes

another life episodes
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Another Life season 1 has a total of 10 episodes with a run time of approximately 37-61 minutes. Similarly, Another Life season 2 will have the same number of episodes! Here’s a full list of After Life season 1 and season 2 episodes with episode titles!

Another Life Season 1

EpisodesEpisode TitleRelease Date
1Across the UniverseJuly 25, 2019
2Through the Valley of ShadowsJuly 25, 2019
3Nervous BreakdownJuly 25, 2019
4Guilt TripJuly 25, 2019
5A Mind of its OwnJuly 25, 2019
6I Think We’re Alone NowJuly 25, 2019
7Living the DreamJuly 25, 2019
8How the Light Gets LostJuly 25, 2019
9Heart and SoulJuly 25, 2019
10HelloJuly 25, 2019

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Another Life Season 2

EpisodesEpisode Title Release Date(To Be Released)
1Live to Fight Another Day
2Smoke and Mirrors
3My Own Worst Enemy
4The Great Wheel
5A Better Earth
6Gift From the Gods
7Never Gonna Give You Up
8Just a Rat in a Cage
9What’s Brought/What’s Left Behind
10D Day

Another Life Season 1 Reviews

another life season 1 reviews
Source: Finance Rewind

Sci-fi series are like gambles that are marred with uncertainty! We never know whether the series will have favorable views or not and the same happened with Another life! Although Netflix tried super hard to make it one of the best sci-fi series, sadly it didn’t deliver the same results! Another Life received very low viewer ratings on IMDb (5/10) and Rotten (6%) Tomatoes! Even IGN released ratings only showed a meager 5/10!

Let’s hope season 2 helps in renewing the lost vigor of the sci-fi fans and tries to establish a steady footing in the entertainment world!


Another Life was not a hit series and thus, it got very few viewer ratings. Nonetheless, such tragedy can be averted! The story ended on a cliffhanger which is a good start as it creates curiosity among the watchers to come and look for old answers! The series is getting hyped up with an upcoming season 2, BUT no certain release date of it has been announced yet but one thing is sure, you all need to mark the calendar for fall!

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Is there a season 2 for Another Life?

Another Life is renewed for a season 2, the news of which was released just after the premiere of its first season. Pandemic delayed the shoot and release of the second season, but it is expected to appear on our screen by this year’s end!

How many episodes are there of Another Life?

Another Life season 1 has a total of 10 episodes! The upcoming season 2 of Another Life will also have 10 episodes with an approximate running time of 37-60 minutes!

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