Another meteor lands in Norway

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There’s been more unusual noise and strong light in the night sky, this time around Trondheim when another meteor landed northeast of the city on Thursday evening. One local astronomer said it followed a typical pattern of “flying in at great speed” and then lighting up.

It’s the second meteor to land in Norway since New Year, after one believed to be smaller hit the ground within a 20-kilometer radius of Løten in the southeastern portion of the country. That launched a hunt for the meteorite, or portions of it, on the ground.

Now meteorite enthusiasts may try searching for the latest to land, probably somewhere between Steinkjer, Snåsa and Grong in northern Trøndelag County. It had what Stein O. Wasbø of the Trondheim Astronomical Association called “a very typical course. They come flying in at great speed, meet the atmosphere and became very warm upon meeting friction from the air. Then they light up.”

He told state broadcaster NRK that he thinks it was a meteor of considerable size, according to sightings as it flew over Trondheim. The Norwegian Meteor Network placed its meteorites in northern Trøndelag, but reported they may not be very large after the meteor broke up on impact. staff

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