Aquarius And Scorpio Friendship Compatibility | The Love Of Air And Water!!

Aquarius and Scorpio friendship compatibility

Astrology is simply fascinating! It gives us all the answers we’re looking for. I’m sure for a fact that I’m not the only person who assesses people based on their zodiac signs. We all do that, especially if we have a Scorpio and Aquarius in our friend circle! Scorpions tend to be secretive and we’re drawn towards their mystery and not forgetting the mysterious aquarian here! So what happens when these two signs end up together? How much is the Aquarius and Scorpio friendship compatibility? Well! Let’s figure it all out!

There are a lot of questions that arise when we are dealing with these two water and air signs! We all have been at that stage in life where we couldn’t decipher a Scorpio’s sudden outburst or an Aquarius’s unexpected ghosting! The questions are endless and so are the answers!

Air and water signs simply don’t go well together, this is what we are prone to hearing right? Well, let’s break that bias here! Scorpios and Aquarius actually make good friends and partners! They balance out each other making the perfect half for each other! Don’t believe me? Check how compatible Aquarius and Scorpio can be!

Scorpios don’t open up to people too soon and the same is the case with an Aquarius! These two signs are very good at perceiving the intentions of other people and are easy to back off when they sense any red flags! So wouldn’t these two signs end up psychoanalyzing each other rather than having a one-on-one conversation with each other? Let’s find out! 

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What is Aquarius And Scorpio Friendship Compatibility? Companionship Of Air And Water Signs!!

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There are a total of twelve zodiac signs which are grouped into four categories of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. All these four categories have three signs assigned to each of them and people belonging to them have different personality traits! Every sign has different values and notions attached to them that define their zodiac personality traits! And here comes the usual biases and some credulous misperceptions!

A fire sign will always have an uninhibited sense of ego attached to it, whereas the air signs are usually more indecisive than other signs! Earth signs are considered more stubborn while water signs are seen as emotional and secretive! These are the commonly held beliefs that are associated with different sign groups! Based on these characteristics, it is assessed which signs go well with each other and which do not!

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The ideal matches for all these signs are their own signs! For example- Air+Air, Water+Water, Earth+Earth, and Fire+Fire! These are the ideal combinations that work splendidly together! But then there are biases of what some of the worst matches are!

Well! I know by now you might have seen multiple google pages showing you multiple reasons for why Air and Water signs are not good for each other or even toxic! And amidst the list, you might have surely found the name of these impossible matches- “Scorpio and an Aquarius!” but I’m going to break your bias here today! Scorpio and Aquarius can be each other’s best mates and friends! Let’s see how!

Before jumping on to check the compatibility of Scorpio and an Aquarius, let’s check the personality traits of these two first!

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Scorpio Personality Traits

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Scorpio is the eighth astrological sign and one of the three water signs! Pisces and Cancer are the remaining water signs. It is a fixed sign originating from the constellation, Scorpius! Although it has a scorpion in its name, there are two more animals that are associated with this sign, namely- eagle (phoenix) and snake! 

This sign is ruled by Pluto, the planet of destruction and transformation. People born between Oct 23 to Nov 22 have this sign.

Red, maroon, brown, and black are the commonly associated colors with this sign, and people who are born under it are said to have a deep personality! Let’s see what other personality traits a Scorpio has!

  • Intuitive: Scorpions are good at analyzing people and are very intuitive! They don’t need any substantial evidence to know something is wrong! They can guess it with their intuitive abilities!
  • Secretive: People with this sign do not like over-sharing their emotions and feelings with others because of a couple of reasons! They like to solve their own problems and seeking the help of others makes them look weak! They are also great secret keepers! They are the perfect example of- “to the grave!” any secret told to a Scorpion will stay a secret, REST ASSURED!
  • Passionate: Scorpions are very passionate about the things they like and also the people they are close with!
  • Craves Intimacy: Most scorpions are considered as real seductive signs that crave physical intimacy the most. But that’s not actually the case! Scorpions like their partners to be closer to them so they bond on a deeper level! They crave emotional intimacy the most!
  • Ambitious: People with this sign are very ambitious and like to be on top of the world. They work hard and smart for their dreams and like to work in a step-by-step manner!
  • Hard-working: With their ambitious nature, hard work comes complementary to them. They value hard work and like people around them to be the same! They absolutely despise the idea of luck and fate and believe in working hard for their dreams!
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  • Powerful: They are extremely powerful and exhibit a strong personality! They have a certain resilience attached to them that makes people drawn towards them!
  • Confident: Confidence is natural for a powerful and ambitious Scorpion! They work confidently and flawlessly towards achieving their set goals and targets!
  • Stubborn: They are naturally stubborn and don’t like to play by other’s rules! They will not back out of an argument they’re 100% sure about! Although they are stubborn, but not more than a Taurus!
  • Protective: Scorpions are naturally protective of their friends and family and will not leave anyone who hurt their close ones! It is better to never cross paths with an enraged Scorpion!

Aquarius Personality Traits

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Aquarius is the eleventh astrological sign and one of the three air signs! Gemini and Libra are the remaining air signs. This is a fixed sign originating from the constellation, Aquarius! Did you know Aquarius is a Latin word for  “water-carrier”? Well, now you do! No doubt the Aquarians were called the “water bearers!”

An Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and thus the people with this sign exhibit extraordinary attachment for something unique and alien! They are drawn by the unknown and are seekers of eternal truth!

Light-blue and silver colors are widely associated with an Aquarius who exhibits highly independent and unpredictable personality traits! Let’s look at some other personality traits of an Aquarius!

  • Innovative: As the sign is ruled by Uranus, it is the most innovative of the lot! Aquarians are very creative and try to seek answers to complex questions. Their hunger for knowledge makes them arrive at creative solutions that nobody has ever heard of! 
  • Independent: They are the most independent signs of all of the zodiac signs and don’t like when people try to dominate them! They value their alone time and do not like overbearing people who test their patience and space! 
  • Imaginative: Aquarians are extremely imaginative and like to seek the answers of the unknown! They are fascinated by complex theories and myths that might have no connection with reality! There’s a reason why they are called the aliens of the zodiac family! 
  • Compassionate: They are very caring and soft-hearted by nature. They simply don’t like people around them to be sad for any reason possible! Emotions of people around them affect them vastly! So make sure you stay happy around an Aquarian! 
  • Humanitarian: Aquarians are tender-hearted souls that look for wider human satisfaction! They want to fight for the issues around the world relating to hunger and the environment. Their empathetic nature helps them to connect to people easily bringing out their humanitarian traits! 
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  • Stubborn: Although soft-hearted, they are no less stubborn than a Scorpio! The reason for that is they are a fixed sign and despise any change to their usual Equilibrium! Any outside force that disrupts their balance is met with their strong resistance and hence brings out their stubborn traits! 
  • Aloof: This sign likes to be by themselves and like their environment to be peaceful! This trait of them makes them seem aloof and uncaring for the world! 
  • Alluring: Their love for privacy and independence makes them quite mysterious which is alluring in its own way! People are drawn towards their mysterious nature and thus are allured by their charm and intellect! 
  • Ambiverts: Opposite to what people might think, Aquarians are both extroverts and introverts! It all depends on their mood and in whose company they are! 

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Scorpio And Aquarius Friendship Compatibility 

Aquarius and Scorpio friendship compatibility
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People always regard Aquarius and Scorpio friendships as something that is next to impossible! But is it? Let’s find out about the Aquarius and Scorpio Friendship Compatibility!

A Scorpio and an Aquarius will make a good bond of friendship where they both value each other’s privacy! A Scorpio can always trust an Aquarius’s antique ways and thus they make a great pair of friends! A Scorpio will never get tired of analyzing what is going on in the heads of their alien friends! On the same side, an Aquarius will offer mind-blowing theories and knowledge to a Scorpio who is interested in listening to it! 

This pair of friends will never run out of topics and ideas to discuss and will always have something to talk about! These both signs can lift each other up with their different outlooks on life and can help each other achieve greater things! 

Aquarius And Scorpio Relationship Compatibility

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These two signs are vastly different in their emotions as well as expressions! But does this affect them in a relationship? Well! It all depends on how frequently they’re communicating! 

Where an Aquarius can sense a change in energy in their partner, a Scorpio will try to better analyze their partner. These two signs have their antique ways in a relationship which are although different but can complement each of their traits! 

An Aquarius can provide a peaceful home to a tired Scorpio and a Scorpio can teach Aquarius the way of the world! This relationship would be based on upliftment and making up for your partner’s shortcomings!

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We try to judge a book by its cover when we know we shouldn’t! The same is the case with air and water sign Compatibility! We try to focus on all the negativity and thus come to the conclusion of “Yeah! They’re not good for me!” but should we? Absolutely Not! A relationship and even a friendship are all about upliftment, and Scorpio and Aquarius can surely meet that criterion!

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