Arby’s Restaurant Offer!! Classic Roast Beef Sandwich for $2

Arby's Restaurant

A beef Sandwich for just $2!!!! Yeah, you read it right a classic beef burger for just $2. A great deal to grab at Arby’s Classic. But you must be aware of the terms and conditions of the deal.

Arby’s Restaurant Classic Roast Beef is a food chain of the fast-food chain menu. The food chain announced the pandemic offer on 11 January 2021. The offer was getting 5 Burgers for just $10. 

The franchise best-known for the classic beef sandwich is offering the takeaway at just $10. The condition is you need to buy 5 sandwiches at once.

arby's restaurant- beef burger

5 Burgers for just $10 makes a burger $2. You can move out with your family and can enjoy at Arby’s restaurant for just $10.

The deal sounds great because the finely chopped beef stuffed in the sesame bun dressed with the Arby’s sauce generally costs $4 but now it is offered for just $2 that is 50 percent off.

Note: The Offer is a limited period offer and you need to buy at least 5 Arby’s Classic Beef Sandwiches from Arby’s restaurant to avail yourself with the offer.

If you buy individual sandwiches it will cost you the same rate. There are various other food items that you can buy when you are broke and there isn’t any offer by Arby’s.

Arby’s Restaurant Hour

Breakfast Hour 6 AM – 10:30 Am
Lunch Hour 2 PM – 5 PM
Dinner Hour 5 PM – 11 PM

Opening And Closing Hours of Arby’s Restaurant

Sunday 10.00 AM- 10.00 PM
Monday 10.00 AM- 10.00 PM
Tuesday 10.00 AM- 10.00 PM
Wednesday 10.00 AM- 10.00 PM
Friday 10.00 AM- 10.00 PM
Saturday 10.00 AM- 11.00 PM
Sunday 10.00 AM- 11.00 PM

A Menu Card Of Arby’s Special

Arby-Q Sandwich  $3.99
Beef n Cheddar sandwich $3.99
Roast Beef Classic $3.29
Junior Roast Beef Sandwich $1.59
Junior Bacon Cheddar Melt $2.09
Roast Beef & Cheese Slider $3.99
Jalapeno Roast Beef Slider $1.49
French Dip & Swiss $4.49
Angus Steak Sandwiches $4.49
Corned Beef $4.99


Arby’s is one of the biggest food chains in the world is always up with some or the other offers, stay in touch with deasilex to know more about these deals.

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