Are Inner Lip Tattoos Dangerous? Know This Before Getting Inked

Are Inner Lip Tattoos Dangerous

People love experimenting with their bodies. They even bear the pain happily like by piercing and Or getting their body parts inked. Lately, all the limelights are on the lip tattoos. How do people gather the courage to get the most sensitive part of their body (lips) inked? Well, some do it out of passion and some just follow the celebrities out there. Kendall Jenner, Miley Cyrus, Meghan Rienks, Alison Green and so many famous personalities in the US have tattoos inked on their inner lips. Crazy, right? But before you plan to get a tattoo it’s important to look for details like Are inner lip tattoos dangerous? Are there any side effects of doing so? 

You won’t feel surprised to know that many people even try permanent makeup treatments on their faces to accentuate looks. Celebrities like Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Madonna, and many others have enhanced their looks by permanent makeup tattooed on their faces. As long as it’s safe for the body, it’s completely fine to try such experiments. But you just can’t ignore the harm tattoos cause to the body

In this article, we have disclosed minor details you need to know before getting inked. Have a look at:

  • Types of Lip Tattoos
  • Are Inner Lip Tattoos Dangerous?
  • Side Effects Of Getting an Inner Lip Tattoo
  • How Long Does A Lip Tattoo last?

Are you planning for a permanent tattoo or a temporary one? Have you shortlisted the designs yet? What type of tattoo have you decided to get inked? Before reaching any decision, go through this post once.

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Types of Lip Tattoos

Are Inner Lip Tattoos Dangerous; Types of Lip Tattoos
Source: Daily Mail

Lip Tattoos are either inked at the inner part of the lower lip or the outer portions of lips. These tattoos are usually tiny images or words or emoticons inked into the flesh of the inner lip. 

There are some other lip tattoos too. Some people get their lips with permanent makeup like lipstick or lip liners. These tattoos are called cosmetic tattooing. Now you know why some celebrities have glossy pink lips even without putting on makeup? It’s because they might have tried the permanent makeup treatments on their lips. 

The lip liner tattoos make your lips look fuller and much more elegant. The lipstick tattoos can spare you from applying lipstick now and then. Even when you are not wearing any lipstick, still it feels like you are wearing it.

Whether you get a temporary tattoo or a permanent one on either side of your lips (inner or outer), let’s face this clear that it’s going to be painful and easy to catch an infection. 

Are Inner Lip Tattoos Dangerous? – Side Effects Of Getting a Lip Tattoo

Last night everyone praised you for the new tattoo you recently got inked? Felt great, right/ But do your friends know what you are going through despite the beautiful outer design they can see on your body? Do they even know you got allergic reactions after getting an inner lip tattoo?

No, right. We are too busy showing off our tattoos that we tend to ignore the side effects that come along with this experimentation. Here’s a list of symptoms and after-effects that you might face after getting an inner lip tattoo.

Skin Swelling

Are Inner Lip Tattoos Dangerous; Skin Swelling
Source: HealthSpectra

Needles!! Ouch!!

Needles are anyhow very scary and getting a tattoo on the lip with that needle, God!! When a needle pricks any part of the body it leaves micro-injuries in the skin. The same is the case with lip tattooing too. It’s a common reaction to needle insertion in the body that the area will swell. 

Although the swelling should get eased within a few days. Applying cold packs can soothe the pain and swelling. But if the problem persists, there are chances of infection.


Are Inner Lip Tattoos Dangerous; Infections
Source: H2Ocean

How well hygienic equipment was used for tattooing? Was the needle fresh? There are so many factors that can lead to mouth infections after you get an inner lip tattoo. 

Plus, our mouth has acidic tendencies that add to the risk of catching these infections easily. Like saliva, chewing food, consuming hot or cold drinks, etc.

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Because of the bacteria and moisture inside the mouth, inner lip tattoos are most susceptible to infections. If tattooing goes wrong, you might get ulcers.

Scarring & Allergic Reactions

Are Inner Lip Tattoos Dangerous; Scarring & Allergic Reactions
Source: LongMakeup

Healing for any injury is very important. If your tattooed area does not heal properly, there is the possibility of getting a scar. 

Also, the tattooed areas are prone to infections and allergic reactions if not taken care of. Especially if you already have a history of skin allergies. You should talk to your tattoo artist about it before getting inked. Some common after-symptoms might include rashes, itchiness, and hives.


Are Inner Lip Tattoos Dangerous; Anaphylaxis
Source: BeBeautiful

Anaphylaxis is majorly reported in some people after they get inked. This severe allergic reaction may cause swelling around your cheeks and neck after you get a lip tattoo done.

Anaphylaxis should not be taken lightly. It might even lead to bearing issues, if that happens immediately consult the doctor.

Blood-Borne Illnesses

Are Inner Lip Tattoos Dangerous; Blood-Borne Illnesses
Source: DentistryIQ

Depending upon the type of needles used for tattooing, there is a high chance of catching blood-borne illnesses such as HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, etc. if sterilized needles are not used.

How Long Does A Lip Tattoo Last?

As we already mentioned this thing earlier that our mouth is acidic. The constant release of saliva, chewing acidic food, and drinks produce many reactions inside our mouths. Due to this, the tattoos inked inside the mouth fade the quickest.

If you don’t want your inner lip tattoos to fade so early, for that, you need a touch-up after a few months of getting inked. This will keep the tattoo stay for longer.

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It’s important to be aware of the long-term and short-term effects of doing so. If done with proper precautions and safety, getting inked is not that harmful.

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