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Are Tom Cruise Stunts Real? Watch Here 5 Best Life Taking Stunts

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Let’s start the article with the question. Name an action superstar who is believed to perform his stunts by himself? Here is mine and I bet 95 percent of you have the same answer “TOM CRUISE”. But are Tom Cruise Stunts Real?

We are the generation of not believing what anyone tells us. We want full proof of research on the topic before jumping to any of the conclusions. So, here is my research on the topic “Are Tom Cruise Stunts Real” and I found out Yes the stunts are real but in my research, I also found out some interesting facts and incidents related to the stunts performed by Tom Cruise. Given below is the list of the stunts performed by Tom Cruise by Himself.

The five unbelievable stunts that Tom Cruise did all by himself are 

  1. The Burj Khalifa Scene – Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol
  2. Tom Cruise And The Aeroplane Scene – Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
  3. Underwater Vault Diving – Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
  4. Tom Cruise Flying Helicopter – Mission Impossible: Fallout
  5. Almost Decapitated By Sword – The Last Samurai

Further, when we move to answer the question “Are Tom Cruise Stunts Real”. You will find the description of the stunts along with the various interesting incidents and facts that you must be aware of if you are a Tom Cruise Fan. 

Are Tom Cruise Stunts Real?

Mentioned below are the stunts performed by the action superstar, Tom Cruise. Not only the stunts there are also various interesting facts related to the stunts given below. Let’s start with Mission Impossible first.

The Burj Khalifa Scene – Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol

Tom Cruise Stunts – YouTube

Burj Khalifa as we all know is the tallest building standing on the earth. You might say “Are you joking” if I say “I am going to scale Burj Khalifa”.
The same was the reaction of the insurance company of the action superstar Tom Cruise and they forbade him from the stunt. You will be surprised to know what happened next.

The actor fired his insurance company and found his own company that insures him with the gadgets like ropes and helmet and most importantly doesn’t infare in the stunts matter.

Although the actor was availed with all types of necessary equipment like wires and suction cups. But, it takes a whole lot of daring to do it. The actor did the scaling at the height of 2700 feet and marked his name in the history of Bollywood.

Tom Cruise And The Aeroplane Scene – Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Tom Cruise Stunts – YouTube

The stunt that the actor admits scared him as well. The scene is from Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation where Ethan Hunt is trying to get into the plane before it could take off.

Have you seen the scene?

If yes then let me tell you that the stunt was done without the body double and on the original Cargo Plane. All of it was really shot, Tom Cruise running on the plane winds, his legs and shoes up in the air and the stunt man (Tom Cruise Himself) hanging on the plane’s door.

Under Water Vault Diving – Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Tom Cruise Stunts – YouTube

The stunt not only shows the courage that Tom Cruise has but also the actor’s dedication towards its work. 

We all remember the scene from the Rogue nation, where Ethan Hunt jumped directly into the underwater funnel. Yeah, the one after which Ethan was unconscious and almost drowned. 

Tom could have actually drowned in the water containment if he would have not gone under the rigorous training for holding his breath underwater. The actor took training like the professional divers and could hold his breath for 6 minutes. Shocking!! Professional divers can hold their breath for almost 4-7 minutes.

It was Tom’s dedication and training that he was able to hold himself for the full scene.

Tom Cruise Flying Helicopter – Mission Impossible: Fallout

Tom Cruise Stunts – YouTube

The whole helicopter sequence in Mission Impossible: Fallout was incredibly good. You might be thinking if we have mentioned the stunt here then the part where Ethan climbed up the helicopter using the rope is actually done by Tom Cruise, then it’s true. But, there is more to the stunt.

Yeah, the actor himself flew the chopper. Surprised!! So, was I. Then after the research we found out that the actor himself went under training for six weeks to get the aviation certificate. Usually, the training is for three months but Tom Cruise worked for the two different crews and dedicated 16 hours a day to the training and hence got the certificate in just six weeks.

Almost Decapitated By Sword – The Last Samurai

Tom Cruise Stunts – YouTube

Do you know while shooting for The Last Samurai the co-actor Hiroyuki Sanada almost chopped off Tom Cruise’s head?

Well, the incident is from 2003, the actors were to fight with swords sitting on the horse. The scene was Tom will come on the horse, the horse will stop and the actors will fight with the sword. But, unfortunately, the horse didn’t stop and Sanada swung the sword towards Tom. It was only a few inches away from Cruise’s neck that Hiroyuki realized that the horse malfunctioned and he stopped his sword.


You may call Tom Cruise the madman but it is his craze of doing all the stunts by himself that make him the most famous action superstar of all time. This was the list of the most dangerous stunts performed by Tom Cruise himself. If you feel you know a stunt more dangerous and we haven’t mentioned it in our list. Do write to us in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Question

Does Tom Cruise Have a Stunt Man?

No, Tom Cruise does not have a stunt man. He is believed to do all his stunts on his own.

Did Tom Cruise do the Burj Khalifa Stunt?

Yes, Tom Cruise did the Burj khalifa Stunt on his own.

How long could Tom Cruise Hold his breath?

Six minutes, the actor took training like professional divers and could hold his breath for 6 minutes.

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