Arifureta: Yue and Hajime’s Relationship From Beginning

Yue and Hajime's Relationship

Arifureta is a total package for Anime lovers. From Action to romance, from supernatural thrill to pain you can find everything in this Anime. In this article, we will be focusing on the romantic aspect of the Arifureta Anime, especially highlighting Yue and Hajime’s Relationship. 

To start with let us start with the introduction of both the characters. Yue is a 17 years Vampire queen who is sealed for 300 years. She has got some special magical powers that make her the most powerful lady vampire. Talking about Hajime, he is an Okatu who has got special abilities to transform himself. In this article, we will be reading about Yue and Hajime’s Relationship, which makes them my favorite couple of the series.

In the article on “Yue and Hajime’s Relationship”, we have disclosed how Yue and Hajime met each other in the Labyrinth. They both were lonely so started offering each other favors of mutual interests. They both fight the monsters and finally become free.

Well, given above was just an essence of what you are going to find about Yue and Hajime’s relationship below. We have explained every incident in great detail below.

Arifureta: Yue and Hajime’s Relationship

Well, talking about all the relationships Hajime had, my favorite is Yue and Hajime’s relationship. We have explained all the incidents from the time they both met and the incidents that brought them together in the article below. So, let us start from the beginning.

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Yue’s Past

Yue and Hajime's Realtionship - Yue's Past
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Starting with Yue’s past first that lead Yue to meet Hajime. It started when Yue returned to her Ancestors 300 years ago and gained the strongest powers to become the rightful vampire queen. As we know vampires have nothing to do with the aging factor. Yue takes the Vampire Queen’s throne at the age of 17. 

But, Yue’s uncle felt crushed and wanted to crown himself as King. So, he started a campaign with his followers that Yue is a monster and is very ambitious. The believers tried to kill Yue because they did not want to be ruled by a Monster queen but Yue survived due to her ability to “Autoplay”.

Although Yue survived a deadly attack on her. But she was sealed on the 50th floor of “Orks Great Labyrinth” for the next 300 years. 

Hajime’s Fate To Meet Yue

Yue and Hajime's Realtionship - Hajime meets Yue
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Every Arifureta fan knows Hajime. Hajime who appeared to be a weak Otaku at the beginning of the series soon becomes the center of attraction in the school. Hajime was given the Lost Vocation of Tortoise which made him despised by everyone in the school.

Daisuke Hiyama, the leader of the evil group of the school, felt Hajime was the biggest stone in his way. He conspires and drops Hajime into the abyss of the Labyrinth. Hajime found himself to be alone and spent many days there in loneliness and despair. Hajime was unaware of the fact that Yue is also sealed in the Labyrinth for 300 years. 

It was Yue who met Hajime first at the bottom of the Labyrinth. She told Hajime about her near encounter with death, how she survived it and it all ended up in something even worse than her death. After that Hajime told Yue about his past and told her that he is as lonely as she is. 

Now, both of them were alone in the lonely Labyrinth. They started developing mutual feelings for each other and developed a relationship of Mutual favor.

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Arifureta: Yue and Hajime’s Relationship Strengthened By Scorpion Attack

Yue and Hajime's Realtionship - Hajime Fight
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Soon after the Yue’s seal was broken, a huge scorpion attacked the lovers. To describe the scorpion, it was huge, almost like a giant monster, the body of the scorpion is covered with heavy metal. Making the monster almost Invincible.

Hajime moved forward and attacked the scorpion but unfortunately, Hajime was unable to defeat him. Yue uses her powers and provides Hajime physical power by ingesting Hajime’s Blood.

Now, Yue’s seal was broken and she can easily move out but seeing Hajime’s love for her she decided to stay. Both of them decided to move to the last floor, the 100th floor to get themself free.

Fight On the 100th Floor

Yue and Hajime's Realtionship - Hajime Lost His Eye
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As we told you above, both of them decided to move to the 100th floor to set themselves free. They met Hydra, the strongest monster in the Labyrinth. Hydra was waiting for them. Defeating Hydra was not an easy task to be accomplished. Both of them fought together against Hydra but were unable to defeat him.

Yue used all her magic and finally, they were able to defeat the last monster in the Labyrinth. But, unfortunately in the battle against Hydra Hajime had to sacrifice his right eye. Both of them captured the “Orks Great Labyrinth” on a sunny day.

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Yue and Hajime’s relationship was the most admired and pure relation out of all the relationships Hajime had. Yes, Hajime will have other relationships too but further you will see that both of them have never forgotten each other. Whatever it is, now let’s just focus on the pure love in Yue and Hajime’s relationship. Don’t forget to share this article with the die heart Arifureta fan.

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