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Ashton Kutcher Investments

Ashton Kutcher or popularly known as “Aplusk” on Instagram is the hot topic of the town. Be it his charm, his goofy cult comedy, his acting, or Ashton Kutcher Investments, this young man has all that you desire. You must have heard, “Don’t chase money, love or success. Become the best version of yourself and those things will chase you!”  Well, that fits just right for Ashton Kutcher.

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What makes Ashton Kutcher the most experienced tech investor in Hollywood is his consistency in his work. He’s not just a charming face, he’s a multi-talented 42-year guy, who is admired worldwide for his success. Not just confined to acting, he is also an entrepreneur, a producer, and a philanthropist. Unlike many others who keep their success secret to themselves, this man opens up to the world telling how to be successful by investing your time and money in the right direction. That’s what made Ashton Kutcher Investments worth great heights.

Don’t settle for what life gives you; make life better and build something”, that is what Ashton Kutcher always believes and tells other people to do as well. Ashton was not born with a silver spoon. His life was a lot messier than how glamorous it seems now. This man had faced some true shit in life and worked hard to survive those circumstances. And like they say hard work always pays off. Here he is, the world’s richest investor with a net worth of over 100 million. 

Wish to know the success story of Ashton Kutcher Investments? Keep reading and find out how he turned a $30 million fund into a crackling $250 million deal within 6 years. Here’s what this dashing and most active Silicon Valley investor has to say!! 

Ashton Kutcher Investments

Keeping track of his hard life since childhood, Kutcher had a firm investment mindset from a very young age. Unlike other kids who plan their vacations and birthday parties with friends, Ashton Kutcher was busy juggling multiple jobs like janitorial, washing dishes, and lawn mowing. 

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We have watched Ashton in many great movies like No strings Attached, Two and a Half Men, and many others. But he had no plans for modeling or acting in the beginning. It was only after he scouted as a model while studying at Iowa University that he got his first break as an actor. 

According to Business Insider, Kutcher is the owner of multiple startups with an investment of more than US $3 billion. This is what makes him one of the most active Hollywood Angels in Silicon Valley. 

How Did Ashton Kutcher Start Investing? 

Ashton Kutcher Investments; How Did Ashton Kutcher Start Investing
Source: Business Insider

As we know that Ashton has always worked to uplift the youth with the best possible ideas to use the technology and earn. The reason why Kutcher came into this investment world was his intention to help people find the solution for every day-to-day problem they face. So he wanted to reach out to more and more solution-oriented projects that could actually help him. 

The idea behind finding like-minded people was to work with them in the long run to execute his plans. Ashton said in an interview that it was not possible for him to run all the projects on his own, so he hired some like-minded people and invested in them so that they could help him grow his projects and offer help to people. 

In an interview with Forbes, Kutcher shared his story about building relationships in Silicon Valley. He said that in 2000 when he started his production company Katalyst, that is what made him earn some of the greatest connections in Silicon Valley. 

In 2009, Kutcher invested the US $1 million on Skype at the request of Marc Andreessen. This investment paved off almost four times the value he invested after Microsoft bought the company. 

Guidance From The Best Mentors

Ashton Kutcher Investments; Guidance From The Best Mentors

Ashton Kutcher reveals that he learned the art of investment and the right skills to do so from Ron Conway, one of the popular Silicon Valley Angel Investors. That’s when his career shifted towards success. 

For Ashton, Ron Conway was like a Godfather. He describes him as one of his greatest mentors as he shared all his business strategies and skills and guided him rightfully. 

After learning the right skill set, Ashton co-founded A-Grade Investments along with other businessmen like Ron Burkle, and talent manager Guy Oseary. This was a major rise in Ashton’s investments and career. Within six years of founding this venture, he was able to turn US $30 million fundraise into a grand turn out of US $250 million. 

A-Grade Investments was focused on problem-solving and providing solutions to early-stage startups. Many big businessmen had invested in A-Grade investments, from which Ashton poured his own $1 million. 

Not all his attempts were major winning projects. Some went flop too like BlackJet, Fab. Com. A-Grade, on the other hand, has led to many successful businesses like Uber, Airbnb, Spotify, Warby Parker, Houzz, and many other million-dollar companies. 

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In 2015, Oseary and Kutcher once again invested in a media venture and co-founded Sound Ventures with an investment of US $100 million from Liberty Media. 

One thing is noted from all their major investments is that instead of putting on their own money, they were using other’s money to invest and were bringing great results out of them.

From Sound Ventures, Kutcher was a shareholder of 20 % of the profits, 2% of cash invested, and the additional bonuses. 

Ashton Kutcher Net Worth

1. Name Christopher Ashton Kutcher
2. Born OnFebruary 7, 1978
3. OccupationActor, model, entrepreneur, producer.
4. StatusMarried
5.Age43 years
7.WifeMila Kunis
8.Net Worth$140 million

Ashton Kutcher’s Three Rules For Investing

Ashton Kutcher Investments; Ashton Kutcher's Three Rules For Investing
Source: Celebrity Net Worth

When sharing his success recipe with others, Kutcher tells about these three major rules that every investor should be well aware of. These three rules by Kutcher are:

  1. Know your product and the industry in which you want to invest. Have a bold personality and be ready to face setbacks and challenges on the way. 
  2. No doubt you must have the best business idea and the best domain expertise along with the right skills to implement that idea. But those who wish to achieve greatness in life have to be open to failures, obstacles, and downfalls too. Just be strong enough to overcome them. 
  3. You should be good enough to sell your idea and get along well with other entrepreneurs on the run. 

If you master these three rules, you can be as successful as any other billionaire in the world. Kutcher always says to invest in things that you know. Be so good at that thing that you know every possible thing about that one particular topic of interest. That’s how you hit success. 

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To Sum Up

Here’s a beautiful quote said by Ashton Kutcher that says, “Everything around us that we call life, was made up by people that are no smarter than you.” In short, what he wanted to say was, everyone has the ability to do great and to achieve great heights. It’s just how you plan to do things that matter at the end.

Hope now you know about Ashton Kutcher’s investments and the right tips to start your own business. Do share this post with your loved ones. For more celebrity updates, stay tuned!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Ashton Kutcher investments:

How many companies have Ashton Kutcher invested in?

Over a decade, Kutcher has been investing both as a founding partner and as an angel investor in technology. His major investments are Sound Ventures and A-Grade Investments. The fund portfolio he runs includes Uber, Brex, Airtable, Airbnb, Flexport, Robinhood, Bird, and Affirm among others.

Is Ashton Kutcher a billionaire?

Ashton is not probably a billionaire yet, but he owns businesses worth many millions. According to Forbes, his net worth ranges around $250 million.

How many businesses does Ashton Kutcher own at present?

Ashton Kutcher has invested in 12 successful and grand companies which include, Uber, Spotify, Uber, Airbnb, and many others.

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