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Attack On Titan Season 4 Spoilers

So, are you ready for the Attack of Titans Season 4 Spoilers? If yes, then we are here with the detailed research from the Manga and the possible outcomes. We have found some interesting facts and spoilers that we are going to share with you today.

Attack on Titans Season 4 can be called the Game Of Thrones of the Anime world when it comes to suspense and thrill. What makes Attack Of Titan different from the other Animes is the creative way of its writing and the improvisations that writers do with the content on Manga. Every small detail and difference matter in this Anime and here we are with the Attack on Titan season 4 spoilers that will surely shock you.

Here we have clubbed all the spoilers from the Attack on Titans Season 4 part 1 and Part 2. From the beginning scene of Falco’s dream to how the Attack on Titan series will end. We have categorized them into the following categories.

  1. Falco Had A Dream
  2. What Does Falco’s Dream mean
  3. Will Falco eat Eren
  4. Eren Will Die
  5. Eren Will Never get Freedom
  6. Eren Knows It All

The points mentioned above are explained in detail below, with the proofs. So, let’s not waste much of the time and jump to the article.

Attack On Titan Season 4 Spoilers

This article on Attack on Titan Season 4 spoilers will start giving you spoilers from the very first scene when Falco had a dream to the last scene when Eren will die. Oops!! I just gave you one. 

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Falco Had A Dream

Attack On Titan Season 4 Spoilers - Falco's Dream
Source: YouTube

Well, before starting with Falco’s dream that he had in the middle of the battlefield. I would like to tell you why Falco is called Falco? Here comes the first spoiler, What is the design of Falco’s Titan? Doesn’t it look like a bird? A Falcon, yes there you go. His name is derived from the bird Falcon.

Now, moving on to the dream that Falco had on the battlefield. Although the dream has not been visually shown to the viewers still, it is of great importance.

How come a dream that has not been visually shown be of that importance?

Well, in the beginning, I also thought the dream is JUST a dream but then I thought it was Attack on Titans, nothing can happen without purpose on the show. I went through the Manga and found that the scene has been improvised in the series and is not originally written in Manga.

What Does Falco’s Dream Mean

Attack On Titan Season 4 Spoilers - Survey Corps
Source: Swish And Slash

After Falco was reduced from the middle of the Battlefield, he explained his dream by saying “Wasn’t I flying around with a sword just now? Like, whoosh! And there were Titans that I–” Everybody thought that Falco was just acting weird but as I just said nothing happens for no reason in Attack of Titans.

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If nothing happens for no reason then what does his dream mean?

Some people are saying that Falco is about to become a Flying Titan. So, there is a possibility that the dream of flying around is foreshadowing him. But, if this was the possibility then Falco would not have mentioned the “Swords”. Well, then what is it? 

The only people that fly with swords are Survey Corps from Paradis Island. But, Falco has never seen them. 

Will Falco Eat Eren

Attack On Titan Season 4 Spoilers - Falco And Eren
Source: Comic Book

Continuing with the dream that Falco had. If you think that the dream Falco had was not his but the memory of somebody else then you are wrong. You are wrong because the memories can be transferred only from the past inheritors to the future inheritors. Except for the one, Attack Titan.

The attack Titan can see the future. Remember the scene when Eren was small and he had a dream that titans would invade and conquer the world. There are possibilities that Falcon had the dream about the future as well. So, the chances of Falco eating Eren and becoming the Attack Titan are high.

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Eren Will Die 

Attack On Titan Season 4 Spoilers - Eren will die
Source: DevianArt

One thing is for sure that the Attack on Titan will end on a tragic note and there are high chances that Eren will die at the end of the series. 

We all have seen that Eren is on a Suicidal mission now, there are chances that all the Titans Combine and Falco will inherit them. 

Another possibility of Eren’s death is suicide. If you observe the Attack of Titan pattern closely you will find that Suicides are the common fashion of death. Whatever may be the reason, the end will leave an everlasting impression on the hearts of fans.

Does Eren deserve to die?

If you ask me honestly, I do think Eren should die because he has taken several innocent lives and it was his will that let evil take over his body.

Eren Will Never Get Freedom

Attack On Titan Season 4 Spoilers - Eren will never get freedom
Source: CBR

What would be more heartbreaking than seeing that Eren will never get freedom? Freedom was the thing he was fighting for since his childhood but this is how Attack of Titan moves. If you don’t believe me then I would remind you of a few incidents from the series.

Remember Reiner, did he get death? Did Erwin get his dreams? So, how can you expect that Eren will ever get freedom?

No matter what happens to Eren, He will get freedom for his people, friends, and loved ones.

Eren Knows It All

Attack On Titan Season 4 Spoilers - Eren Knows It All
Source: Attack On Titan Wiki – Fandom

Eren is certainly the most powerful personality in the whole cast of the Attack of Titans. But, here comes another spoiler, Everything that is happening in the series or is about to happen is with the will of Eren. 

Falco becoming the flying Titan is a will of Eren and when the time comes he will give away his life too.

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Well, we hope that these were enough Attack on Titan Season 4 Spoilers. Now that you know these things, watching the final season would be easy and less tragic for you. If you liked the spoilers then don’t forget to share these with your friends. And do write to us in the comments section.

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