Best Baby Blue Nail Ideas | The Serenity Of Blues!!

baby blue nail ideas

We all search for peace even when we know where it dwells! It dwells within and thus, we need to find ways to bring that out in the open! Is it a psychology lesson going on? Obviously not! I’m just helping you decide your colors! Colors that are peaceful for your canvas! As it’s a grooming session, I’ll help you paint this tranquil baby blue on your nails that will give you the serenity that you’ve been looking for! As I’m talking about tranquility, what’s more, peaceful than the graceful baby blue! Add this color to your life and I’ll help you in the process by giving you some of the best Baby Blue Nail Ideas!

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Baby blue is a delicate color bringing out the feeling of calmness, peace, and serenity! It pacifies our anger and other negative emotions and in this day and age when we meet with a plethora of people, serenity becomes a luxury and peace of mind, a necessity! Even though I can not give you a definite answer on how to deal with your piled-up stress,  I can surely give you some ideas that will help ease your worries!

What’s best than doing what we want? Right? To a certain extent, pursuing our desires gives us a moment of serenity and I think that’s enough on the darkest of the days! Painting leaves me in tranquil and I hope it does that to you too! So, today’s grooming session on Baby Blue Nails Ideas will be full of calming designs that will give you a trip to heaven! You can add other humble colors like white and yellow with beautiful graphics and gold to make your baby blue nails appear humble yet elegant!

Baby Blue color is a variation of azure with three variations of its own! As it belongs to the pastel family of colors, it is natural that it brings out soothing effects! So let’s get your nails painted with serenity today in the hues of baby blue!

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Baby Blue Nail Ideas

baby blue nail ideas
Source: Hairs.London

Maerz and Paul’s A Dictionary of Color tells us briefly about this beautiful pastel color, commonly known as “Baby Blue”. According to this dictionary, the first recorded use of the baby blue color was done back in 1892!

Before getting into the richness of baby blue nail art, let’s recapitulate basic facts about this color! First of all, the baby blue color is associated with baby boys in the western culture, unlike the baby pink color which is used for baby girls! 

Also, there are three shades of baby blue color, namely- beau blue, little boy blue, and baby blue eyes! The tones of baby blue color in all these shades vary where some of them are darker while others are not!

I think this much information is enough about the baby blue color! So let us finally move on to some of the best and serene baby blue nail ideas! Hope you like them! 

The Epitome Of Peace: Baby Blue With White

Paint the humble baby blue color on your nails with the most calming neutral color ever, white! Try to paint a gentle coat of baby blue nail color and then smudge out the edges with pure white color! This nail design is so simple yet elegant that it will surely become one of your most frequented baby blue nail art designs! 

Beauty Meets Grace: Baby Blue With Pink

Pink is a beautiful color and there’s no denying in that fact! The various shades of pink go well with pastel colors like baby blue and hence, try forming a beautiful pattern of baby blue nail color with any shade of pink. I would advise using the lighter or pastel shades of pink color as it will bring out a calming effect and not forgetting, Magical!

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baby blye nails
Source: Appointfix

Sunrise: Pink, Orange, And Blue

There’s nothing as beautiful and as calming as the rising sun! So why not bring that magical blend of colors on your baby blue nails! Try out the shades of orange and pink with your baby blue nail color and form a graceful pattern on your nails! You can do this combination of colors for all of your nails or you can simply restrict it to only one! Either way, the blend of these three magical colors is too fascinating to look away from! 

A Rainy Or A Snowy Blue Sky: White, Baby Blue And Some Rhinestones

Paint a beautiful rainy or snowy sky on your baby blue nails by adding droplets of white signifying water or snow! It’s a simple symbolism so don’t get too much into details by questioning “how is water or rain, white?” So keeping all the unnecessary details out, paint a beautiful sky, and don’t forget to add some beautiful clouds too! You can also add rhinestones to add shine to the rain you’ve painted on your nails! 

Graphics And Magic: Baby Blue With Any Other Color

Add graphics to your baby blue nails and you can use any nail color for that! We all love graphical patterns and designs and I’m sure you’ll like it too on your humble baby blue nails! You can paint waves, lines, or other patterns! Either way, the result is only going to be fascinating and regal! For a beautiful touch, try adding 3D shapes like gems or even small pink flowers to make your graphics pop! 

baby blue nail ideas
Source: Pinterest

Metallic Baby Blue Nails With Rhinestones

Although I said that this nail art was going to be humble and peaceful, shiny chromatic nails don’t make us any less graceful, do they? So why not add shine to your simplicity by painting these baby blue Metallic nails that are the epitome of class and beauty! Try adding some rhinestones on the ends to make your baby blue chromatic nails more regal! 

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Wrapping Up

We painted some humble baby blue nails today with great calmness and serenity! I hope you liked the ideas! I personally liked the “sunrise” baby blue nail art as it brings out the real beauty of nature in its raw form! 

You can make beautiful combinations of baby blue with some other neutral colors! The result is only going to be amazing! If you want beautiful dark and light patterns, try combining darker shades of blue with baby blue color! The result is truly going to amaze you! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are some of the best baby blue nail designs?

Some of the best baby blue nail designs are:

  • The Epitome Of Peace: Baby Blue With White
  • Beauty Meets Grace: Baby Blue With Pink
  • A Sunrise: Pink, Orange, And Blue
  • A Rainy Or A Snowy Blue Sky: White, Baby Blue And Some Rhinestones
  • Graphics And Magic: Baby Blue Any Other Color
  • Metallic Baby Blue Nails With Rhinestones
  • Baby Blue With Beautiful Flowers
  • Baby blue With Sequins
  • Ocean With Baby Blue Nail Art
  • Gradient Nail Art With Baby Blue

What is the nail paint for blue nails? 

Sally Hansen’s Crystal Blue nail paint is a beautiful shade of blue which you should definitely try!

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