10 Best Backyard Toys For Kids And Toddlers

Backyard Toys For Kids

Unlike the ’90s where kids used to gather around and play dumb charades and Hide and Seek, kids nowadays are busier with mobile phones. Whether it’s learning, playing, or getting bored, mobile phones are the ultimate solution for all their needs. Snatch the phone from your kids and watch their grouchy faces. Urgh!!! Mom, give me my phone back!!

Spring season is upon us, and parents are already looking up ways to get their child’s head out of the screens and get them into the fresh air. Keeping the quarantine in mind, where we can’t step out of our houses, some backyard fun activities can keep your kids engaged. To add extra fun to your kids’ playtime, you can go for various backyard toys for kids.

No doubt kids are missing the amusement parks and swaying on the swings. Why limit your kids to the screens only, when you can have fun doing a variety of quarantine spring break activities. Tent House, Skate scooter, Swimming pool, garden slides, Trampoline, Pogo stick are some of the best backyard toys for kids that you can get for your kids to make their summer more exciting.

In this post, you’ll find more of such backyard toys for kids, that are fun to play with. Also, these toys are portable enough to be set along your backyards.

10 Best Backyard Toys for Kids

Here are the 10 best backyard toys for kids to make their summer break or the quarantine break much more fun and active.

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Tent House for Kids

Backyard Toys For Kids: Tent House for Kids
Source: elo

The best way to engage your little ones is to set them free in their own tent house. A mini tent house or playhouse will give them space and they’ll not feel confined to just the four walls of the house. Kids will enjoy hanging out in the backyards. They might prefer having their meals and bedtime stories inside their mini tent house itself. So be ready!!

Foldable Baby Garden Slide

Backyard Toys For Kids; Foldable Baby Garden Slide
Source: Symths Toys

Taking your kids to nearby parks and letting them chill on the swings is no longer a safe thing to do. Ever thought of having an at-home amusement park? Well, a foldable baby garden slide will provide you that experience for sure. The plus point about this foldable slide is that it is suitable for indoor use also. In the backyard or inside the hall, wherever you wish to see your kids glide through the slide, you can do it with ease.

Metal Skate Scooter

Backyard Toys For Kids; Metal Skate Scooter
Source: Snapdeal

Ahh!! The best one.
It feels like yesterday when we saw our kids toddling and crawling on the floor and look now they are ready to have a ride on their skate scooter. A metal skate scooter is the best way to let your kids enjoy the speedy rides in the backyard and to get plenty of exercises too. Your child will learn to balance along with having fun.

Inflatable Swimming Pool/Bath Tub

Backyard Toys For Kids; Inflatable Swimming Pool/Bath Tub
Source: Tashi Cuisine

Splash!! Splash!!

It’s summertime. How can we forget about enjoying in the beaches? Since we can’t go out, here’s a mini beach idea for your backyard. An inflatable swimming pool can give your kids the best refreshing break. Isn’t it like having a mini beach for your kids at home? Fill the pool with water and have a wonderful afternoon chilling with your kids all at the ease of your backyards.

Outdoor Climbing Net for Kids

Backyard Toys For Kids; Outdoor Climbing Net for Kids
Source: Amazon.com

Having fun in your backyard is not that tough. Like with this toy. Set up an outdoor climbing net for kids and let them climb. This climbing net is made from high-strength polyester for fall protection. It’s very lightweight and durable. If you wish to climb along with your kid, it’s totally fine with this net as it is suitable for kids and adults too.

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Rock Climbing Holds for DIY Rock Wall

Backyard Toys For Kids; Rock Climbing Holds for DIY Rock Wall
Source: Storepaperoomates Shop

Using the climbing holds you can make your DIY rock wall at home. It’s pretty easy to set it up. Rock climbing is super motivating and it helps kids to exercise, improve their body balance, flexibility, endurance, agility, and strength. Plus, kids will have a lot of fun performing such outdoor activities.

Bounce House

Backyard Toys For Kids; Bounce House
The New York Times

Parents wish their kids to be active. We all love to see our kids cheerfully dancing around and playing. A bounce house is an ideal toy for your kid’s playtime. It’s small enough to fit indoors or can be used as a backyard toy. 

Kids Bowling Set

Backyard Toys For Kids; Kids Bowling Set
Source: Pottery Barn Kids

Play with your kids and watch them grow in front of you. Unlike the adult bowling set, the kids’ bowling set is made of plastic and soft rubber material. It’s a perfect way to engage your kids in something interesting. Arrange the bottles in the backyard and tell your kids to bowl. They’ll have fun playing this game.

Kids Mini Trampoline

Backyard Toys For Kids; Kids Mini Trampoline
Source: Bestforlives

A mini trampoline for your backyard is a nice idea. It is made of soft and safe materials with a hook and loop breakaway rim to protect it from damage. Trampolines are great for exercising on or just having fun.

Pogo Stick

Backyard Toys For Kids; Pogo Stick
Source: HearthSong

Let your little bunnies do hop-hop in the backyard!!
The pogo stick is an ideal toy for the young beginner. Kids are too lazy to leave their phones and their comfy space. Getting them something interesting like a pogo stick can really work. They’ll not just enjoy hopping all around the backyard but it will also help them to perform some physical activity, that they rarely do.

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Hope you found these backyard toys for kids helpful and interesting. Get your kids out in the fresh air and play along with them. It’s a tough phase right now and luckily when we can spend enough time with our families, why not make it worth exciting? Cook meals together, let your kids help you with baking, or do art and craft activities with them.

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