18+ Best Easter Photoshoot Ideas – To Crash The Social Media

Easter is next month and there is so much we can do on Easter. Pick up your Phones or cameras and click some cool photographs of yours this easter. Here we present you the best easter photo shoot ideas that you must try this easter.

Easter is around the corner and Social media influencers are seeing it as the perfect time to click photographs. As the springs are here, there would be new colorful flowers, Green trees, and pleasant weather. A perfect time for a photoshoot. Read below the different Easter photoshoot ideas which you upload on Instagram and impress your Followers.

The Best Easter photoshoot ideas are Clicking with Environment such as Backyard, poarch, flower fields, Back drops, sunset, playing games and many more.

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Spring is the season of photoshoots. The arrival of Spring indicates the arrival of Easter. Here we present you different Easter photoshoot ideas for newborns, Kids, and Adults.

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Easter Photoshoot Ideas For Kids

If you are on an Easter photoshoot don’t forget to involve your toddler. Toddler’s photoshoot on  Easter would be a great idea. Given below are the various Easter Photoshoot ideas for kids.

Easter Eggs

Easter and Eggs can be related. Given below are the various Easter Photoshoot ideas with the Easter eggs for the kids.

Coloring Eggs

Easter Photoshoot- egg coloring
Source: Cool Mom Picks

A picture of kids coloring eggs will definitely steal the show. Ask your kids to decorate the eggs with paints and brushes and click a natural picture of them. Make sure to boil the egg before decorating to make it hard.

Egg Basket

Source: Chicago Parent

Get a basket full of colorful eggs, and make your kid sit next to it on the green grass with the blue sky. Click!!! That would be a perfect Shot.

Egg Hunt 

Easter Photoshoot- egg hunt
Source: BBC Good Food

The egg hunt is the favorite part of the easter celebration. Hide the eggs in the backyard and let your baby search for them. Click a picture of them searching and collecting the eggs.

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Easter Baby

Introduce your baby to your Instagram friends this easter with the photoshoot ideas given below

Egg Baby

Easter Photoshoot- egg hunt
Source: Etsy

Get an egg-shaped big Prop and make your baby sit in it. Click a picture and post it on the internet.

Bunny Outfit

Easter Photoshoot- bunny outfit
Source: Budget Fever

Dress your toddler in the bunny outfit. Sounding cute!! do it. This is the perfect Easter Photoshoot Idea.

Flower Pot

Easter Photoshoot- flower pot
Source: Pinterest

A baby inside a flower pot or the easter colorful eggs could also be tried.

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Easter Pets

Photoshoot with the pets won’t be a bad idea. Read below to find the best Easter photoshoot ideas with pets.

Chicks and Ducklings

Easter Photoshoot- chicks and ducklings
Source: Famalies Magazine

A photo of your young one with a small chick or duckling will steal the show on Easter eve. Try this out.

Baby and Rabbit

Easter Photoshoot- baby and rabbit
Source: Money Advice Service

Get your baby a pet rabbit this easter and click cute pictures of both playing in the backyard.

Easter Photoshoot Ideas For Adults

Easter season is on and the springs are approaching. The season is best for photoshoots. Given below are the best easter Photoshoot ideas for adults that would make your photo Easter perfect.


Spring is around and we have the new flowers, birds chirping, and greenery everywhere. This makes a perfect background for the Easter Photoshoot.


Source: Pixel Dreams Blog

Make sure your Backyard is properly trimmed and well dressed before the shoot. Use the sunset in the background with the red sky. The combination of red sky and the sun half above and half below the horizon makes it perfect for an Easter photoshoot.


Easter Photoshoot- porch
Source; Coastal Community Foundation

Living in an apartment and don’t have a backyard!! No worries we have a porch with beautiful flower pots, that will make the place perfect for an easter Photoshoot. You can use stairs to sit or stand on to make different poses.

Flower Fields

easter photoshoot- Flower field
Source: YouTube

Easter is the time when springs are approaching. You will have beautiful flowers in the flower fields. Go on an outing with your friend or family and have a great Easter photoshoot there. Use the colorful flowers and the sunset to enhance the beauty of your shoot.

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Botanical Gardens

easter photoshoot- botanical photoshoot
Source: Navdeep Soni Photography

A botanical garden is different from a flower field. You will have different plants and trees in the garden which will make a perfect Easter Photoshoot. You can hang on the trees or pose your way with the plants.


Easter is fun, Props are always the best to pose with. We can use props such as eggs and flowers in our photo to make our shoot look better. Given below are few props we can use in our Easter Photoshoot.


easter photoshoot- flowers
Source: Emma’s Edition

flowers are always the best props to display the spring easter Photoshoot. If you are shooting Indoors find a place and a vase to pose, be careful while handling the vase. If shooting outdoors you can pose with the flowers in the backyard or the flower garden.


easter photoshoot- ballons

Use Ballons to express the happiness in the shoot. You can use different ballons. Get the Colorful, heart-shaped balloons or the smiley balloons to pose with for the perfect easter Photoshoot. 

Easter Eggs

easter photoshoot- easter eggs
Source: Unsplash

Celebrating Easter and not even a single pic with the eggs. You can try different colored eggs for the shoot. If you are creative you can decorate eggs your own to pose with.


easter photoshoot- carrot
Source: FixThePhoto

Carrot makes the perfect prop for the spring or welcoming easter. You can pose while picking carrots from the garden or putting them in the basket. This will be a great easter Photoshoot idea.

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easter photoshoot- picnic
Source: Localgrapher

Going out for a Picnic would be fun for Easter. Get a picnic basket filled with all the Easter specials, which would make a perfect prop for the Easter Photoshoot.


Backdrops make a perfect background for the easter Photoshoot. Given below are a few ideas on how you can make good Backdrops for the Easter Photoshoots.

Paper Chain

easter photoshoot- paper chain
Source: Pinterest

Paper Chain is the perfect backdrop for the colored theme photoshoot. You can buy your favorite colored paper chain or can make them at home by using the colored paper strips.

Fabric Garland 

easter photoshoot- fabric garland
Source: Pinterest

The perfect way to get rid of any excessive crafting fabric you have around, or to pop by your local fabric shops and see if they have any excess hanging material. The Fabric Garland adds texture to your Photoshoot and is a perfect Easter PhotoShoot.

Easter Egg Backdrops

easter photoshoot- egg backdrops
Source: pinterest

Easter without eggs is incomplete and so is your easter Photoshoot. you can create beautiful Egg backdrops for your shoot. This will give your Photoshoot a vintage Easter look and your photo will be the perfect Easter Click.

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The ideas given above must have given you an overlook of the type of photographs you can click with your family and kids. Enjoy your Easter with your friends and family and do forget to comment down.

Featured Image Source: Depositphotos

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