Beats Studio Buds May Be The Best Apple Headphones for Android

Beats Studio Buds May Be The Best Apple Headphones for Android

Do you know Apple, who bought the company Beats of Dre for $3.2 Billion and make the beats studio buds that may be the best headphones for Android? If it is right then this was the most critical mystery of Apple. The rumors have always been there multiple times before their release on June 14.

Now, Apple has a great hold on the music company also, the strategies team are using to make Apple the great brand. The exciting thing is that Apple knows how to fascinate its customers and make them believe that they are the best. The beats studio buds cost $149.99 (₹10,982) were available at Amazon and best buy on June 24 that had numerous mesmerizing features.

If Apple made beats studio buds for Android and iOS as well, then maybe Apple did this stunt for attracting more customers. Beats Studio buds are in three colors red, white, and black, and have the most important noise canceling feature. Beats Studio buds are lightweight as they weigh 5.1 grams. The buds have a very mesmerizing physical appearance and the buttons on each bud run very smoothly on a touch. 

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What do you think? Is it true that Apple’s beat studio buds are the best headphones for Android also? Let us find out in this article about the rumors and, we will discuss the features of the buds.

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Beats Studio Buds the Best Headphones for Android

Beats Studio Buds May Be The Best Apple Headphones for Android
Source- Engadget

Apple is following a different approach after taking steps outside of its world. As you know, about the chip W1 which is used in Apple’s first-generation AirPods then the upgraded H1 chip is introduced. The H1 chip helps in bringing connectivity improvements that support Bluetooth 5.0 in the second generation of AirPods.

Now, there is something different. Apple introduced a beat chip. Rather than coming up with the H1 headphone chip, they used a proprietary Beats chip that enables one-touch pairing with IOS devices as well as Android devices

Yes, it is true you can pair your beat studio buds with your android phone but you may miss some features like switching between devices automatically and the gift to listen from a single earbud.

Features of Beats Studio Buds

Beats Studio Buds May Be The Best Apple Headphones for Android
Source- Ars Technica

The case where you put the buds is also designed to keep in mind the Android as well as IOS users.

  • The case has USB c charging instead of lightning charging 
  • It has one quick touch feature for both Android and IOS as well
  • Beats app supports you to check battery life.
  • It is the first product that supports find my on IOS and find mine on Android which shows the last location of the buds. 
  • The buds make a chirping sound if they are close by and you cannot see them.
  • The buds are light in weight.
  • You feel comfortable while using it.
  • The colors make the buds more mesmerizing.
  • It has a noise-canceling feature.

Are Beats Studio Buds Cheaper than Apple Airpods?

You are going to be crazy after listening to the answer. Yes, the beats studio buds are cheaper than the Apple Airpods. The cost of Beats Studio Buds is $149.99 which is far cheaper than the Apple headphones which cost $227.55.

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Are Beats Studio Buds Waterproof?

Beats Studio Buds May Be The Best Apple Headphones for Android
source- iMore

The thing you should know before going out with your buds in the rain is that your Beats studio buds are not waterproof and sweatproof but the buds are sweat-resistant and water-resistant. If your beat studio buds somehow come in contact with sweat while doing the workout, then wipe them down with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth. 


The Strange approach is performed by Apple, in making the beats Studio buds for both Android and IOS. Also, This helps Apple to attract Android users. Android users seem very happy after listening to this exciting news. The features and the cost of the beat studio buds are worth it for the iOS user as well as the android user. If you really want to enjoy the sound quality and noise cancelation quality as well as other features of the beat studio buds. Go to amazon, best buy, and choose your favorite color at a satisfactory price.

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