Benefits of E-Scooters Outlined in a New Study

E-scooters are a great way to get around. But are you aware of how beneficial they can be? Scooters are not only great for helping you be more active but also great for the environment. 

In recent years, people have looked at electric scooters to learn more about how beneficial they are. The point of this article is to take a look at these benefits and a closer look at a recent study about these benefits.

Benefits of E-Scooters

5 Reasons Why You Should Get an Ele...
5 Reasons Why You Should Get an Electric Scooter

While you already know about the physical benefits of riding an e-scooter, you likely don’t know all about the environmental benefits. 

One of the first things to know is that the electric motors in e-scooters are far more efficient than combustion engines. According to this study, e-scooters are around 1,000% more efficient than combustion vehicles when compared per mile. 

In the past, e-scooters wouldn’t have a long lifespan. They weren’t very efficient or durable. In some cases, they would only last a couple of months before they broke down. This led to needing replacement parts or just getting a new option, both of which have an environmental impact that people should be concerned with. Manufacturers realized that making these scooters more durable would reduce the emissions of scooters when compared to the disposal or recycling of older models.

E-scooters are also replacing other means of getting around, including walking. This means that people are able to get around easier thanks to e-scooters. This added mobility can be essential in allowing users to travel to further locations, without driving a car. From an environmental standpoint, this is great news because e-scooters create fewer emissions when compared to combustion engines especially those on cars.

A final point is that e-scooters can be a more effective way to get around a city than any other alternative. This can alleviate the traffic issues often seen in cities, as well as offer a more environmentally friendly way to get around the city.

What a New Study Said About Scooters

The research that is covered in this section comes from the joint efforts of Ujet and SustainAbility. Ujet, a global tech company, and SustainAbility, a think tank, came together to show cities just how beneficial investing in e-scooters could be. This research focused on how while the economic sectors have started to do their part in reducing emissions, there hasn’t really been a reduction in mobility emissions. 

It is estimated that mobility emissions are responsible for about 23% of the global CO2 emissions. These CO2 emissions are a major contributor to the air pollution seen in cities across Europe. A major focus has been on electric vehicles, but e-scooters are starting to attract attention for their eco-friendliness.

It is believed that replacing nearly 80% of vehicles on the road with some electric mode of transportation by 2050, could cut NOx, PM, and S02 emissions by over 80%. 

This same study also points out that people can no longer remain stagnant over their responsibilities to the environment. Air pollution can potentially be linked with thousands of early deaths every year. In addition to the deaths potentially caused by pollution, there is a lot of congestion in the major cities of Europe. This congestion can cost this economy over 1% of GDP. 

These are all reasons why there has been a focus on electric modes of transportation. This is particularly true when it comes to e-scooters. E-scooters offer spatial benefits, which include storage requirements and minimal infrastructure. These are things that make e-scooters an easily scalable and eco-friendly mobility option. 

So, what makes e-scooters so great when it comes to solving the congestion issues?

For one thing, you could fit around 10 e-scooters in a single parking spot versus the one vehicle that can fit in the same space. 

Another important fact to note is that even a small 10% switch from combustible engine vehicles to e-scooters can reduce congestion by 40%. This can make a significant difference in a major source of air pollution.

Ujet points out in this study that the urban mobility solutions currently being used are insufficient. They cannot keep up with how fast cities are growing, nor do they address the challenges currently being faced due to the increase in pollution and congestion.

This organization argues that solving urban transport issues through focusing on electric vehicles, can improve the sustainability of these cities. 

SustainAbility also points out that as a result of the rapid urbanization caused by the boost in growth, there will be more strain on the environment. But this think tank also notes that the conversation of improved mobility in urban environments is focused primarily on electric vehicles, which may not be the only or even best solution.

In fact, their research argues that e-scooters can be a highly effective and scalable solution. E-scooters can be an excellent answer to the challenges of congestion and pollution that currently plague urban settings. 

The goal is to continue to perform more research on this topic, particularly on just how beneficial e-scooters can be for cities. According to early research, e-scooters offer optimal environmental and social benefits to urban settings. This is when compared to electric cars and conventional scooters. To achieve the goal of eco-friendly transportation, it’s important to consider all of the electric transportation options. 


Choosing the right e-scooter can make a difference in your riding experience. E-scooters can be a great investment into yourself and the environment. We understand that you want the perfect scooter. Using a guide helps this process, aiding in finding the scooter you are going to love.

Ultimately, the goal is to ease some of the congestion and pollution that cities are dealing with due to rapid population growth. E-scooters are an overlooked solution that can really offer a lot of benefits to urban environments. Rather than focusing on electric vehicles, options like e-scooters and e-bikes can be a great alternative to consider.

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