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We spent a lot of time on Instagram and Facebook scrolling and liking memes. But do you have any idea of the concept of memes and content sharing on the social platform first? No. Let me help you, it was the 4chan website. In the article below we see the best 4chan gifs of 2021 along with the various pros and cons of the site.

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4chan is an imageboard website that was started way back in 2003 by Christopher Poole. The website is made for anonymous users who come online to post threads about their feelings and communicate with people of similar interests through comments. Since no registration is required to sign in to 4chan, the identity of the person is never revealed. Today, we will discuss the merits and demerits of the 4chan website along with some of the best gifs from 4chan in 2021.

Some of the Best 4chan gifs and pictures posted in 2021 are about the 

  • Lol Cats
  • Dusty Cat
  • Advice Animals
  • Rage Comic
  • Rick Rolling 
  • Chocolate Rain

Well, this is the list of the best and good content posted on the site. But we have more for you. We know the darker side of 4chan as well, read below to know more.

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4chan: Everything You Wish To Know

Further in the article, you will find answers to every question regarding the 4chan website. We have also added a video of the funny 4chan gifs in the article below.

What Is 4chan 

4chan gifs - What is 4chan
Source: CNN

4Chan is one of the Chans from 2Chan, 4Chan, 8Chan and the most recent one is the 8Kun. It is the community of anonymous people who share dank memes and gifs without the audio on the website.

The identity of the people sharing the content is unknown to others and most people share about their experiences with racism and a particular religion in the funniest ways. The content shared on the website is sometimes offensive but it gives the freedom of speech to the person. 

The channel has continuously evolved itself and with the coming of every new channel, the memes and the gifs shared on the channel have gone more dank and offensive. Currently, 8Kun is the latest channel running by the Chans and is believed to be the most problematic to the radicals.

Who Uses 4chan Gifs

4chan gifs - Anonymous
Source: The Atlantic

According to a survey conducted by the 4chan website. It shows the statistics that most of the users of the 4chan website are young college-going men who have an interest in Japanese culture, video games, technology, and comics. Most of these men live in English-speaking countries like the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK. But the website also has got notable traffic from countries like France, Sweden, and Germany.

Another survey conducted in 2010 showed that most of the people who use the website, 4chan do not discuss it with the people offline, maybe because of the type of content on the site. Many said they will never let their child join the website ever. There is no specific way to find out who uses the 4chan website with certainty.

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Why Are 4chan Gifs So Popular

There are three main reasons behind the popularity of the 4chan website. Although they are not so positive, have a look at them.

  1. 4chan is the founder or we can say the incubator of the major attraction in the internet world, the memes. 
  2. 4chan is responsible for most of the cyberbullying cases and internet pranks from the last five years.
  3. Since the identity of the person on the 4chan website is anonymous. This is giving rise to various hacktivists and provoking people of the same interests to commit crimes such as rapes.

What Type Of Content Is Shared On 4chan

Not only the radical or bad content is shared on the website, but various users also share the content that is of no harm and sometimes helps people. Let us have a look at them below.

  • Lol Cats: This is the picture of the funny cat with the text embedded in the picture. The picture usually represents the cat in the first person.
  • Dusty The Cat: Well, this is the incident that goes in the favour of the 4chan animal lovers community. The incident is that a cat was brutally abused by a person in Oklahoma and the video was posted on YouTube. 4chan tracked down the cat’s owner and set his address details to the police.
  • Advice Animals: It is the stereotypical image embedded with the text.
  • Rage Comics: The website serves as the best platform for webcomic lovers. The website has a different section for Comics. You can find the characters from the memes in the comic.
  • Rick Rolling: Rick Rolling was the concept of sharing the link with someone from Rick Astley’s song “Never Gonna Give You Up”. The concept was started from the 4chan.
  • Chocolate Rain: The 4chan community helped Tay Zonday’s music video “Chocolate Rain” to stream at the first position on YouTube

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Best 4chan gifs in 2021

Here is the video of the best 4chan Gifs, compiled for you.

4chan Gifs Guide To Convert gifs To Webp

  • You need to use the command-line tool to convert 4chan gif to Webp. 
  • Download the Gif from: https://www.ffmpeg.org/download.html
  • Now in the command-line tool type: ffmpeg -your_gif.gif -c: v libvpx -crf 12 -b: v 500K output.webm

Limits For WebM Files In 4chan Gifs

Maximum Size: 3072 KB

Maximum Time: 120 Seconds

Maximum Resolution:2048 x 2048 Pixels

Audio Streaming: NO


This was all about the 4chan website that you need to know. We hope our guide on the 4chan website was helpful to you. We have tried to mention both the pros and cons of the site for your better understanding of the topic. If you have any doubt, the comments section is open for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 4chan safe to browse?

Yes, 4chan is a safe website to browse but you have to keep in mind that you do not click any other website that might have inserted its link on the platform.

What means B 4chan?

B stands for random. It is one of the first boards of the 4chan website that was created in 2003.

Whats does G mean?

G means Gangster or Gangsta.

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