14 Best Disco Makeup Looks Back In Trend!! Timeless Best 70’s Disco Makeup And Hairdos!!

12+ Best Disco Makeup Looks Back In Trend!! Crazy Disco Makeup Styles And Hairdos!!

The Roses are red!! Violets are blue!! I am going to rock the disco tonight, What about you?? Aren’t disco nights the best carefree “forget the world for a while” nights? Yeah, they indeed are!! What’s tonight’s plan? A Disco night? Well, if you’re reading this post right now, you will be stealing the show tonight!! Confused how? It’s simple! Style yourself with the below-mentioned exotic best disco makeup looks and be the heartthrob!!

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Who cares about the world when you can carry your crown with you. Rainbows and stars, glitter and color bars, there are endless options to experiment with for a stunning disco-themed makeup look. Oooo!! Rock that shiny disco outfit, glittery nails with a twiggy vibe, or play it safe with some rainbow colors! 

The best Disco parties call for the best disco makeup too!! Some of the trending makeup designs mentioned below include jewed tone 70’s disco makeup, Moonlight disco makeup, golden lashes, and peachy lips and the list goes on and on…

I know you are getting impatient to find out what’s more in there for you. So, let’s not keep you waiting further and jump straight to the dazzling list!!

Trending Disco Makeup Styles To Flaunt Your Inner Party Animal

You can be gorgeous at thirty! And charming at forty! And irresistible for the rest of your life!

Craving for a perfect makeup look is never a wrong choice. After all, makeup is not about hiding your flaws; it’s about flaunting them confidently!

The night is young, and so are you! Why stress when you can glow! Check out these fantastic best 70’s disco makeup looks and be the heartthrob!!

1. Moonlight Disco Makeup – Modern Disco Makeup Look

Best Disco Makeup; Moonlight Disco Makeup

Disco night and everything bright!! Take the moon and stars along wearing this dazzling Moonlight Disco Makeup and be the heart of the party!!

This disco-themed makeup look is easy to create, just a glittery mush, and you’re all good to rock the party. Apply the glitter shadow upward on your eyelids and fill it with some stones to give a dazzling stary look.

Damn!!! You look hot, GIRLL!!!!!

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2. Jewed-Tone Disco Makeup

Best Disco Makeup; Jewed-Tone Disco Makeup

Ah!!! This makeup look has all my heart!!! It’s time to take a break from those dull casual colors and switch to something bold and crazy like this one. Create this fantastic Jewel-toned disco makeup look with intriguing shades like teal and olive green.

Fill the inner corners of the eyes with glitter and flaunt it out loud. Go for a glossy lip lint and you are done

Damn!! You look sexyyyy!!!

3. Total Twiggy Vibes

Best Disco Makeup; Total Twiggy Vibes

Ah, Damn!!!! You have to try this dapper Twiggy disco look!!

Glittery eyelids, bold lashes, and gems will add the perfect disco vibes to this makeup look. Inner rim covered with rhinestones set the whole blaze. 

You can experiment with colors if you like. Hey!!! Don’t forget to wing out that cat liner!!

4. Diamonds At The Disco

Best Disco Makeup; Diamonds At The Disco

Here’s a euphoric look for an ecstatic disco night!! This disco look will steal many hearts, so be ready for the shower of compliments!!

The look has been inspired by royalty and disco mood with rich shades of blue and nudes. 

Wing it out using a blueliner pencil, covering the rest of the lid with a nude beige shade.

Don’t forget to place the diamonds aligned on the upper corner of the eyes just under the brow. Rock the disco with this fantastic look!!

5. Golden Lashes And Peachy Lips

Best Disco Makeup; Golden Lashes And Peachy Lips

A stunning disco makeup is incomplete without a hint of gold in it. Agree??

It’s time to flaunt this dashing golden lashes look with glossy peachy lips that’ll make you stand out in the crowd.

You can easily curate this look. Yeah! It’s pretty simple! 

All you need is fake lashes. Stick them nicely and fill the lashes with golden glitter. 

Contour your cheek area with a lovely peachy shade just like your lips, and you are good to rock with a dewy disco look!

6. Dazzling Disco Eyes – Best Disco Eye Makeup

14 Best Disco Makeup Looks Back In Trend!! Timeless Best 70’s Disco Makeup And Hairdos!!

Girls, be ready to bring out those cool bitchy vibes wearing this dazzling disco eye makeup look!!

It’s time to experiment with some holographic decals! Lots of shimmers and even more mascara, with a holographic eye coverage. Ahh!!! This makeup looks crazy!!

You’ll be obsessed with the look! Flaunt out this bold look and relive the youthful life!!

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7. Glittery Tears Take Out The Fear

Glittery Tears Take Out The Fear

Ah, this one is my favorite!!

Forget your sorrows and dip into a carefree disco light flaunting your glittery tears. Everything looks better with a bit of glitter on it.

Re-create this look and walk like a badass goddess!! Any color combination can go well to create the effect of glittery tears.

Damn!! You got that dapper look!

Timeless Best 70’s Disco Makeup Ideas!!

Wasn’t the 70’s the era of love, beauty, purity, and a lot of sensational disco parties? People celebrated, signed, danced together in their best shimmery outfits for this obsessing Disco night! How can we forget the timeless best 70’s disco makeup?

Oh, God!! 70’s disco makeup is so damn hit even at the present time where everyone wants to be up to date! Feels like wearing the whole classic 70’s vibe altogether! To relive those beautiful and soulful days, here are the best 70’s disco makeup ideas that you should try today!!

8. 24/7 Disco Party Makeup –  Best 70’s Disco Makeup

Best 70's Disco Makeup; 24/7 Disco Party Makeup

Flaunt the colorful mush with this 24/7 disco makeup look!

Disco nights are all about bright colors, dazzling lights, and everything highlighted and voluminous, just like this most dazzling disco makeup look. So, it’s time that you play with bright and bold shades of blue, green, and violet to create this rainbow effect. Paint your lips with a dark purple hue. 

Want more? 

Well, you can add more volume to this look by embedding rhinestones on the outer edges of your eyelids. 

9. Rainbow Vibes And Everything Nice – Adorable 70’s Disco Eye Makeup

best 70's disco makeup ideas: Rainbow Vibes And Everything Nice

It’s disco night!!! Bring out the rainbow vibes!!!

Go neutral yet elegant wearing these super awesome rainbow vibes and everything nice makeup looks! Follow up with a no-makeup makeup look with a dewy touch. 

Adding the rainbow colors to your eyelids gives you all the boost to flaunt this exotic rainbow disco look!

Wear any short dress, and this look completes your outfit!!

Wuhu!! Girl, you are on fire!!

10. Iridescent Disco With A Shimmery Touch – Gorgeous 70’s Inspired Disco Makeup

 Iridescent Disco With A Shimmery Touch

Bold red shades are never out of trend. Check out this sassy 70’s inspired disco makeup look!! When in doubt, paint it red!!

Turn out your DJ night into an exotic carefree night, flaunting this beautiful icy toned shimmery look with bold red lips. Keep your makeup neutral so that your glittery eyes get all the stares. You can even go for a rich pink shade if you want.

Make some way. Our queen is out for the hunt tonight!!

11. 70’s Mermaid Disco Makeup For Cruise Party

best 70's disco makeup: Mermaid Disco Makeup For Cruise Party

Are you going out for a cruise party? Step out like an ocean mermaid and be the heartful soul of your pool parties!!

Since it’s a mermaid disco makeup look, you’ll need a mix of blue shades to replicate the ocean vibes. Create the look with blue liner, underliner, and dark black lashes curled finely.

Give a light ocean touch by placing blue and glitter rhinestones at your eyes’ inner and outer edges.

WOW!! Look how beautiful this mermaid look turns out to be!!!

12. Colorblock Disco Makeup – 70’s Movies Inspired Look

best 70's disco makeup ideas: Colorblock Disco Makeup

Colorblock themes are so popular these days, be it nail color, eyeshadows, clothing, hair dye, or even for a disco makeup look too!!

The best part about this makeup look is the liberty it gives to experiment with your favorite shades. 

Chunky glittery eyes in a shade of pink and blue are the classy combo to curate this look. You will surely give a competition to the disco balls wearing this cool makeup look.

Be ready to heat the dance floor your way!!

13. 70’s Disco Chic Makeup

Disco Chic Makeup

You surely can’t refuse a classy 70’s chic disco makeup look like this one!!

Girls, it’s time to recreate your smokey eye look with some sparkle and gems. Use a black liner to wing it out loud, creating a smokey eye effect.

To modify the look, use small gemstones at the inner crease of the eyes. Not just it adds a dazzling effect, but it also highlights the dramatic chic look you desire!

All eyes on you, Girlll!!!!

14. The Dark Bold 70’s Disco Eye Makeup Look

The Dark Bold 70's Disco Eye Makeup Look

Black mascara, black eyeliner, and shimmer eye shadows make the eyes very dramatic.

During the late ’70s, softer looks become more fashionable and replace powders with soft foundations that provide sheer coverage. The eyes are kept neutral for daytime with mascara used on the top and bottom lashes.

Popular Disco Hairstyles

Popular Disco Hairstyles; Popular Disco Hairstyles
Source: Byrdie

Talking about disco hairstyles, voluminous puffy hair has always been in trend be it 90’s or now. 

To give you a quick idea about the most popular disco hair, here’s a list of the best disco hairstyles. 

  1. The Afro
  2. Featured
  3. Straight and parted
  4. Bob with flicked edges
  5. Flicked edges
  6. Big glamour waves
  7. Mid-length shaggy curls
  8. Modern textured pageboy 70’s cut
  9. Bouncy curls
  10. Lash grazing bangs
  11. Bob with a thick fringe
  12. Stack Perm
  13. Choppy pageboy
  14. Cher’s waist-length mane
  15. Brushed out disco curls
  16. Rocket shags with bangs
  17. Edgy mullet
  18. Beaded braids
  19. Gypsy cut
  20. Pink Mohawk
  21. Piled high updo hairstyle

70’s Disco Makeup Tutorial

Want to replicate all these gorgeous and best 70’s disco makeup looks at the home? Well have a look at these 70’s disco makeup tutorials and get the perfect look with ease!!

Do you have oily skin? Then don’t forget to check Best Setting Spray For Oily Skin To Set Your Makeup Right!

To Sum Up:

Beauty comes in all shades! 

This post aimed to provide you with some of the jaw-dropping options for making the best disco makeup looks inspired by the latest fashion trends.

I hope you loved exploring these cute makeup looks. I love the Moonlight Disco Look the most!! Do comment down your favorite makeup face in the comments section below.

For more makeup updates, please keep visiting our site, as we post trending stuff daily. Until then, stay beautiful!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Best Disco Makeup:

Q. What was so special about disco makeup in the 70’s?

The 70’s disco makeup is back in trend. During the ’70s, the disco makeup looks usually included a black eyeliner with black mascara and shimmery eyes were very much rocking the show. 

Q. Which lipstick is best suitable for disco makeup?

1. Pretty pink with glitter
2. Disco cherry rainbow shade
3. Satin Sparkle Lipsticks
4. Red lipstick
5. Metallic shades

Featured Image Credits: Byrdie

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