5 Best Action Comedies on Amazon Prime!!

Best Action Comedies on Amazon Prime

Looking for some action and drama? Why don’t you check out these best action comedies on Amazon Prime given below and give your weekend an energetic start? Laugh your hearts out with thrilling action. You just need the Prime subscription, some snacks, your PC or smartphone, and get ready for the bang.

It’s hard to find the perfect combination of action and comedy in one movie. For this reason, we at deasilex did a lot of research work and came up with the list of best action comedies on Amazon Prime for you. Now you don’t have to search for thrill and comedy at different places when you are getting it all on one platform.

The Avengers, Deadpool 2, Jumanji, Baywatch, and Bad boys for life are few best action comedies on Amazon Prime that you should not miss. Want to know the storyline of these flicks, then keep reading the article and find out yourself.

A brief overview of all these best action comedies on Amazon Prime is given below. To find out the directors, the star cast, the story, and the reviews of these movies, have a read of the article.

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Best Action Comedies on Amazon prime

Starting from our favorite marvel shows to the exotic Bad boys for life, you will get all the details about these movies.

The Avengers

Best Action Comedies on Amazon Prime; The Avengers

If you are not able to come over from the Marvel shows and you keep watching them again and again, You can’t skip watching Avengers all over again. Whether it’s Avengers: Infinity Wars, or Avengers: Endgame the hipe is the same. You can’t get over the light-hearted comedy of hulk or Thor. The wickedness of Thanos or to a rib-tickling gig of Loki.

The whole star cast was so amazing that you never get satisfied enough of watching this compelling movie over and over again. And how can we forget our favorite Iron Man? This movie is a whole feel of goosebumps. And like they say it’s not just a movie, it’s an emotion. Stream now to Amazon prime and start watching.

Directors: Anthony Russo, Joss Whedon, Joe Russo

Release Date: May 4, 2012

Jumanji: The Next Level

Best Action Comedies on Amazon Prime; Jumanji: The Next Level
source-Den of Geek

This is the sequel of Jumanji’s Welcome to the jungle. This movie is given the video game version of an action sequence that makes it a top-action comedy. For all the Rock fans this movie is a must-watch. The main theme of this movie revolves around a game called Jumanji. In that life and death game, people had to survive with three lives only. They had to cross dangerous hurdles in their way. And if they lost all these three lives then they will die.

The first part was absolutely fun. The second part is also filled with stomach aching comedy scenes. If you know the back story of the characters, then you will this movie. Rory McCann, Morgan Turner, Ser’Darius Blain, and Smolder Bravestone are the main leads in the story and all justified their roles well.

Director: Jake Kasdan

Release Date: 13 December 2019(USA)

Bad Boys For Life

Best Action Comedies on Amazon Prime; Bad Boys For Life

This is the third part of Bad Boys. If you loved the last two parts then you will love this part too. The story plot of this movie is completely different from the first two parts. This movie is streaming on Amazon Prime from 21 June 2020. The talented villains in the movie are worth praising. The action sequence of Jackob is excellent. The small cameo in the movie should not be missed. The directing, screenplay, comedy everything is on point.

This is the best action-comedy movie on such a low budget. The comedy timing is perfect. The drama and plot of the movie are perfect. The suspense is well built in the movie. The mass audience will love this movie, even the critics are giving good reviews.

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Deadpool 2

Best Action Comedies on Amazon Prime; Deadpool 2

Played wonderfully as the Deadpool for 2 successful years, Wade Wilson when decides to have a perfect family with his girlfriend Venessa, an old enemy kills her. Wilson killed the man in revenge and then after six months bombarded himself attempting suicide considering himself the reason for his girlfriend’s death. But he is left alive. He joins X-Men in memory of Vanessa. Now the only memory he is left with is a token of Skee-Ball that Vanessa gave him on their anniversary.

Wade meets Russell, a young member of the orphanage. Many members are behind Russell, planning to kill him. Wade visions Vanessa, telling him to help Russell. Giving them all a tough fight Wade and Russell kill some of them after which they get arrested. Find out how the team made by Wade, called X-Force will help Russell to fight against all the odds.

Director: David Leitch 

Release Date: 18 May 2018 (USA)


Best Action Comedies on Amazon Prime; Baywatch

This movie is a complete package of action, comedy, and crime. If you were looking for something not so intense drama, then this one is a good choice. It’s the story of some trained lifeguards to protect the beaches and the people who love visiting there. Their duty is to protect the bay from all the disturbing forces.

As the title itself shows the storyline of the movie. In general, it is a nice movie with good reviews online. David Hasselhoff played Mitch Buchannon, Shawn Weatherly played Jill Riley and Parker played Craig.

Director: Seth Gordon

Release Date: 25 May 2017 (USA)

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All these above-mentioned movies are super appetizing and heartwarming. The unmatched action and comedy of all times can now and streamed on Amazon Prime. So what are you waiting for? Stream now to Amazon Prime and start the entertainment. We hope you found this article worthy. We would love to hear your views in the comments section below.

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