5 Best Action Comedy Movies on HBO To Watch in 2021!

Best Action comedy Movies on HBO

Ready for some action, drama, and fun? Stream now to the HBO network and enjoy the best ever fun series all at the comfort of your home. Want to know the best action comedy Movies on HBO? Okay, let’s not keep you waiting for long.

You must be thinking that there are so many platforms for streaming the best movies of all time like Netflix, amazon prime, HBO, etc. Then how to find out the best movie on any particular one. We, after doing a lot of research and calculations present a list of best action comedy Movies on HBO for you. Have a look.

Game Night, Spy, Deadpool, Thor, Spider-Man: Homecoming are some of the best action comedy movies on HBO that you can enjoy. Thor is my personal favorite among these. To get a thrilling experience along with the giggle bugs, you can watch these movies. These movies are the perfect watch for a friend’s night out.

To find out more specifications about these movies, read the article below. Find out the director, ratings, release date, and many more about these best action comedy movies on HBO.

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Best Action Comedy Movies on HBO

Get a detailed overview of the 5 best action-comedy movies on HBO with the story plot and have a joyful experience with your friends. So ready to know these best movies? Here you go.

Game Night

Best Action Comedy Movies on HBO ; Game Night
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Game night is an adventure, dark comedy movie. We all love playing games, whether online or offline. But think how will you react if a game you are playing turns into reality. Being unaware of the fact that your game is now a reality what will you do? And by the time you come to know about the happenings a lot has already happened. Would you still like to play that game again? Game night is a similar story.

The story in the movie begins with a game called Trivia Death Battle. In this game, each player has to answer some questions. While playing all teams lose except for two teams whose leaders are Annie and Max. Both are introduced through this game to each other. After spending some time together they both get married. But later on, they are put in a tense situation because they were unable to conceive a baby.

Max is not on good terms with his brother Brooks. Brooks once invite everyone to a game night at his house. From here the story takes a different turn. Brooks explains the game to everyone that among the present guests one guest will go missing in some time and all others have to find him/her. If they failed to do so, the missing person will die and if they found him, he will gift his expensive car to the winner. Brooks himself goes missing. Find out what happens next and who kidnapped Brooks by streaming to HBO.

Directors: John Francis Daley, Jonathan Goldstein

Release Date: February 23, 2018 (US)


Best Action Comedies on HBO; Deadpool
source-Screen Rant

Deadpool is the most powerful and dangerous superhero. This movie not only did well in comic roles but did full justice to the action scenes as well. Wade Wilson, the main character of the story born in Canada had suffered a lot in his childhood. After growing up an adult he joined the military. Although, Wade was a great soldier he was dismissed from his duty because he has rude and humiliating behavior towards everyone.

Wade gets into illegal murder activities. His life was going good but then he gets diagnosed with cancer spreading all over his body. Some people assured him to treat his cancer and puts him in a machine in which he has injected some serum making him survive cancer. But this shows some negative effects on his body too. His skin gets ugly.

Deadpool now becomes a mutant. He is funny as always but way more powerful and scary. He is shown as an anti-hero, who has good intentions but the way of helping is like villains. He is so powerful that he defeated Caption America. Watch your favorite superhero spreading smiles by performing some intense actions on screen.

Director: Tim Miller

Release Date: February 12, 2016 (US)

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Monster Hunter

Best Action Comedies on HBO; Monster Hunter
source-Red Bull

This is a family movie that you can enjoy with your family members. Kids will love this movie. If you have played the game Monster Hunter then you must be aware of the monster’s actions and the changing monster roles as shown in this movie.

If you have seen the trailers of this movie then you must have got a hint of the storyline of this movie. The main character of the story is Captain Natalie Artemis. This movie starts with showing Natalie and her military crew members who are in search of some lost military members. Searching for the lost ones, Natalie and her team also get lost. Find out how the journey of Natalie and her teammates goes in the new world where they have to face so many monsters.

Director: Paul W.S.Anderson

Release Date: December 18, 2020 (US)


Best Action Comedies on HBO; Spy

This suspenseful story is very interesting that how an American guy takes his friend out of China Jail without the help of the US govt. This whole story is based on this storyline. Tom Bishop dresses up as a doctor and visits jail along with his friends on a mission. Tom goes to jail to free someone from jail and for this, he makes a plan. He pretends as if he got an electric shock and acts dead.

Seeing this the main lights of the jail are switched off. Now in absence of security cameras, he is able to free that person whom he wanted to free. Tom tries to run from the jail but gets caught. Now the news that China jail has imprisoned Tom spreads in the US. Watch this action-comedy movie turning into political agenda on HBO.

Director: Paul Feig

Release Date: June 5, 2015 (US)

Thor: Ragnarock

Best Action Comedies on HBO; Thor: Ragnarock

This movie is very adventurous. Thor is in search of infinity stones, but he is unable to find them. It’s been two years now for the Sokovia’s fight and now thor is being trapped by some evil, Surtur. Thor kills Surtur and takes his crown to Asguard. Thor finds out that Loki has taken the place of Audin. Loki and Thor finally get to meet their father after long.

Audin dies, freeing Hella from captivity. Hella was Audin’s first child. But soon Audin realizes that Hella is a danger to the world and hence he captures her. Hella breaks Thor’s hammer. There are so many twists and turns in this movie. In short, this is an action-packed movie filled with comedy doses. Find out how Thor manages to save his country Asgard without his power hammer. Explore the full story on HBO, Amazon prime video, or Netflix.

Director: Taika Waititi

Release Date: 3 November 2017

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